Selling your home can be a tiresome process, and the last thing any homeowner needs is to deter potential buyers with the wrong paint job. To get an idea of which paint colors might hinder your home sale more than they’ll help, read on for a few pointers.


  • Stay away from bold colors like red, bright yellow, or black. Buyers will have stronger opinions about these than about neutral colors, and they will be less likely to buy a home that they’ll have to repaint.

  • Be mindful of how the paint looks relative to its surroundings. The colors of nearby furniture and other walls can alter the way a potential buyer will perceive the room.

  • While it’s fine to use different shades of the same palette, don’t paint every room a wildly different color—it might give your home a disjointed and chaotic feel that could repel buyers.


  • Avoid striking colors like bright pink or yellow. Remember, your buyers will already be newcomers to the neighborhood, and they may not appreciate drawing further attention by moving into the brightest house on the street.

  • Be careful not to use a shade that will clash with the color of your roof or accents.

  • As with interior shades, take nearby colors into account so that your paint job won’t look jarring in comparison. Keep in mind the colors of neighboring homes and the surrounding landscape.

Don’t sabotage your home sale by using colors that might drive away the buyers you’ve been working to attract. It’s a good idea to get in touch with a knowledgeable Best Pick contractor for more advice on how to select the paint job best suited for your home.

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