Photo credit: Gehman Design Remodeling

Remodeling your home is a big investment, but the increased value of a well-remodeled home can be worth the risk. An exterior home improvement project can not only increase curb appeal but also leave you with the satisfaction of living in the beautiful home you’ve always imagined.

Stuck for inspiration? Check out these beautiful before-and-after photos from Philadelphia remodeling expert Gehman Design Remodeling.

Plan a Portico

before and after new white portico over doorA portico can add an elegant, stately aesthetic to a previously unremarkable front doorway.

  • The sheltered area underneath a portico can also give you a place to display flowers, artwork, or seasonal decorations.
  • A portico can protect your guests from the elements when they come to visit by providing them with some respite from the rain or snow.
  • Last but not least, porticos provide the perfect cover for outdoor lighting, a simple but effective exterior upgrade that can make an otherwise dark home seem warm and inviting.

Switch to Stone

before and after new stone stuccoIf you suspect your plain stucco exterior isn’t really winning your home any admirers, consider replacing it with stone. The striking appearance of stone can turn an ordinary home into a work of art—and a valuable piece of real estate.

  • Stone can lend your home a classic look that will help catch the eye of even the most discerning buyer.
  • While stone be costly up front, potential buyers will be happy to know that their home’s exterior is durable enough to be worth the investment—and so should you.

Build a Balcony

before and after new second floor balcony and stuccoStylish and classic, a new balcony will be sure to draw in potential buyers and turn heads throughout your neighborhood. Balconies don’t have to be opulent or expansive; even a small landing outside your upstairs bedroom or hallway will add a touch of class to a bare exterior.

  • Buyers will appreciate the view of their landscape from the comfort of a balcony.
  • A balcony will add extra living space to your home, offering functionality as well as style.
  • Green thumb? Natural chef? A balcony will provide ample room for you—and your buyers—to grow potted plants and herbs in the sun.

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