The divide-and-conquer strategy works in a number of situations, including heating the rooms in your house.

Instead of attempting to heat the house as a whole, try these quick fixes for heating one room at a time. You’ll use less energy, and warmth will be just around the corner no matter which room you choose to spend time in.

Bundling Up in the Bedroom

When it comes to keeping your bedroom warm, there are several options. Installing blinds and curtains will help keep the cold air out and the warm air in at night, but during the day, don’t hesitate to open them.

Even though it’s cold outside, the sun will still put off enough heat to make a difference in your bedroom temperature if you let it stream in through the windows.

Lighting a candle or two will also make a positive contribution to your warmth in addition to offering a pleasant aroma. If you’re a cold person by nature, consider using a space heater. Just don’t let it run for too long, or you might be at risk for a fire.

Warming Up the Living Room

small living room with warm lights and rugFlip the switch on your ceiling fan to make the blades turn clockwise. This rotation will push warm air down instead of up, keeping warmth circulating throughout the room.

Your living room decor can also help warm you up. If you have uncarpeted floors, an area rug will be more comfortable to walk on than the bare floor, and warm accent colors will create a mental perception of warmth. 

Although cool lights may appear brighter, warm lights will make your living room feel cozier.

Keeping the Home Office Productive

Since the office is usually a smaller room, just shutting the door overnight will make it warmer in the morning, and the rest of the heat in your home will be directed to more frequently used rooms and hallways. 

Your fingers won’t get too numb to type, and you’ll get more done when you aren’t worrying about how cold you are.

Using Convection in the Kitchen

woman reaching for muffins in the ovenYou need to warm up your kitchen, and you need to eat. Why not accomplish both at the same time and use the heat of the kitchen to your advantage? 

Cooking something in your oven will heat up your house, and when you’re done, you’ll have something delicious to eat (assuming your cooking skills are up to par). Cooking in the kitchen is almost as good as a fire, and it comes without the hassles of ash and cutting firewood.

Heating the entire house at one time takes a while, but you don’t have to wait too long to get warm. 

These room-by-room tricks will have you nice and toasty sooner rather than later. Whether you use the sun to your benefit, cook dinner a little early, or strategically arrange your living room you’ll be warm wherever you go.