Spring has sprung, and that means that your home’s décor may need some updating. But don’t worry—you don’t have to do an entire makeover to transition your space from season to season. Try using some of these transitional decorating ideas to take your décor into the warm spring months.

  1. Throw In Some Color
  2. closeup of bright colored accent pillows on a black couchBrighten up your rooms by switching out neutral or dark throw blankets and pillows with more colorful options. Pillows and blankets in pretty accent colors and florals will instantly bring some of the spirit of the new season indoors without any heavy lifting.

    If the idea of trying to choose one color to center your décor around is challenging, start with Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year—Greenery. More than just a color, green can be symbolic of serenity, wealth, and rebirth—the very essence of spring. This color can go on your walls for a big impact, or you can incorporate it into something less permanent, like pillows or throws.

    Since green is an additive color, it lends itself to plenty of accent colors like pinks, yellows, and blues—pastel hues or highly saturated shades. Plus, it goes with all your more neutral greys, blacks, creams, and browns that probably make up the color palette of your furniture.

    If you’re still unsure about exactly what colors will go with your new green, a local painting company can advise you on those options.

  3. Rethink Your Wreath
  4. If you love the natural look an evergreen wreath adds to your home, you don’t have to resign yourself to a bare door at the end of the holiday season. Switch the wintery version with a grapevine or wicker option for a more enduring accent piece. Add spring blooms for a pop of color.

    Wreaths are a perfect complement if you decide to go with a Greenery color scheme. Most flowers will have green components and colorful accent blooms. For a longer-lasting finished piece, succulents can also be used to create wreaths.

    variety of potted succulents on wooden tableTypes of succulents to consider include:

    • Sedum (also known as stonecrop)
    • Graptopetalum
    • Echeveria
    • Agave
    • Aloe

    Agave and aloe plants are particularly great if you’re looking to add sharp elements without using pointy cacti, while more rounded succulents are better for a softer look.

  5. Bring the Beach Home
  6. Spring Break is just a small taste of the warmer weather to come. Swap out your typical mantel decoration pieces with seashells, starfish, and beachy bits from your family trip to infuse your home with a nautical vibe that’ll make every day feel like a getaway. 

  7. Set Your Sights on Nature
  8. interior of a modern home with couch facing large windowsBring nature a little closer by changing the focal point of your rooms. Turn the furniture away from the fireplace and toward a window.

    If you don’t feel like moving your furniture, temporarily repurpose your fireplace area as a nature-inspired focal point. Incorporate small potted plants (real or fake, if you want to avoid any potential messes) on the mantel, and employ the hearth as a shelf for books or magazines for your guests to read.

  9. Feel Floral
  10. If flowers are your fancy, spring is probably your favorite season. Now is the time to bring in fresh blooms to use as centerpieces in your décor.

    Now that it’s finally getting warm enough to plant some flowers, make plans to grow your own flowers for a weekly swap after they bloom. Flowers that do well when planted in March include wildflower mixtures, sweet peas, Californian poppies, clarkia, and corn flowers.

    If the sun is taking its sweet time really warming up the ground, make space in your home for potted flowers for permanent placement or eventual transplant. Either way, you’ll give yourself some great options sprucing up any room or table setting.

    A local landscaping company can help you figure out which flowers will be easy to transplant from a pot to in the ground.

  11. Go Green—Literally
  12. potted green indoor plant against white backgroundIf you loved the greenery your Christmas tree provided last season, keep the theme going by adding a ficus, small palm tree, or fiddle leaf fig to your décor. Bring the best of the outdoors in while staying seasonally appropriate.

    English Ivy and Golden Pothos are great indoor plants and easy to take care of. They add some greenery, and to top it off, they help purify the air. How much greener can it get?

    Decorate for Spring Without Spending Too Much Green

    Whether you switch out the dark fabrics for lighter colors, or bring greenery inside, small additions can make a big impact. Just because you add a lot of green doesn’t mean you should spend your life’s savings.

    You don’t have to overhaul your interior at the change of every season. Instead, you can keep an enduring sense of style going all year round and use small, creative accents to keep your design scheme fresh and relevant. Transitional decorating is all about making small steps so that your home changes as organically as the seasons do.