Winter can be a detrimental season for the outside of your house. Make these repairs to bring your house back to life.

  1. Damage from Ice Dams on Your Roof and Gutters
  2. ice dams hanging on roofs and gutters of housesIce might look pretty hanging from your gutters, but the damage it can cause will last longer than the glittering icicles.


    In areas that regularly get a lot of snow, ice dams are a serious concern. Snow that melts and then refreezes creates a blockage in the gutters that might result in separation from the house, and it can also loosen the shingles on your roof.


    If your house suffered from an ice dam in the past, add insulation to prevent another occurrence, and take other protective measures like using heated cords or installing roof and soffit vents. Heating cords will prevent water from refreezing. Roof and soffit vents will improve circulation in and around the roof.

    Trying to take care of snow when it’s still on the roof yourself can be dangerous, so call a local Best Pick company to ensure safety for all parties, including your roof.

  3. Siding Snow Damage
  4. Your siding is a layer of protection for your home in addition to serving as a decorative aspect, so it’s important to treat it well.


    Some signs of damaged siding include warping, peeling interior or exterior paint, mold, mildew, and dry rot.


    If you’re lucky, all your siding might need is a fresh coat of paint to brighten up the colors dulled by the winter weather. If you aren’t so lucky, you might have to replace it.

    Investing in quality siding at the time of installation or replacement will result in a healthier interior as well as a happy exterior.

    For an expert opinion on the condition of your siding, call one of your area’s Best Pick companies

  5. Salt and Wear-and-Tear in the Garage
  6. The garage is just as susceptible to winter damage as the rest of your house, and it should be treated that way.


    Frequent use of the garage door wears out the weather stripping, and old weather stripping can allow warm air to leak out. If your car brings in salt from treated roads, you might want to consider remedying that problem as well.


    Luckily, replacing weather stripping is a pretty quick DIY fix. This repair should help keep heat in the garage so you don’t lose energy or money.

    Damaged floors will need refinishing. You can get all the materials you need at your local hardware store. At a minimum, these items include resurfacing material, a pressure washer, and concrete cleaner, as well as other basic tools you probably already have at home.

    If you don’t feel like you’re up for this task, a garage flooring Best Pick will be happy to help you out.

  7. Spring Repairs to the Walkway and Driveway
  8. person sweeping out algae from between the walkway stonesSpring repairs for your walkway will vary depending on the material. If the winter was mild, a good pressure wash will do the trick. If the season was not so kind, your repairs may be more extensive.


    Ice can create cracks in concrete or asphalt driveways, and salt can wear down these materials. This will result in eroded surfaces and places for water to refreeze in later as well as breeding grounds for moss and algae.


    If you have a gravel walkway, you may simply need to add some more sand underneath it. A hole or crack in a concrete or asphalt driveway will require refilling and removal of any moss or algae that has started to form.

    Not sure what to do? Ask a local Best Pick for their help or advice.

  9. Ice Damage on the Deck
  10. Ice on the deck is a hazard when it comes to tripping or falling, but the effects of ice can be detrimental even after it melts.


    Snow and ice damage to your deck may come in the form of mildew, warping, and splitting.


    You can avoid most of those symptoms if you promptly remove snow and ice from the surface of your deck.

    If you still end up with residual moisture, you can make a mildew removal solution for wooden decks. Afterwards, apply some new paint and a sealant for water protection, and your deck will be as good as new.

    When you only want to trust your favorite entertaining space to the professionals, a deck building and maintenance Best Pick should be your first call.


Exterior repairs might not be at the top of your fun list, but they will correct the damage from the past few months and prepare you for the next time cold weather rolls around (Blackberry winter, anyone?).

Maintaining your roof, gutters, siding, and garage will keep your house warm and properly insulated, and taking care of your walkways and deck will provide safe places for entertaining guests.