Looking to add some variety to your Valentine’s Day? Whether roses are too expensive, the ones at the store don’t look the best, or you’re just feeling unique, consider these other flowers in lieu of the traditional bouquet of roses.


Field of cream tulipsTulips are a great alternative to roses and are slightly less expensive. They come in a variety of colors, including red, cream, and pink—signifying true love, eternal love, or affection.


Pink orchids in gardenOrchids are a bit more expensive than roses, but they last longer. Like tulips, different-colored orchids signify different expressions of affection. A pink orchid is a great choice if you happen to be celebrating your 14th or 28th anniversary around this time of year too.


Sunflowers in wooden planterThe vibrancy of sunflowers will break up the gloomy winter as well as give you the opportunity to write a cheesy love note to your sweetheart to go along with them. Bonus points if you put the flowers in a planter so you and your sweetheart can watch them grow.


Pink carnation bouquet on white backgroundIf you’re looking for a flower that communicates light-hearted affections, such as those that come with a new relationship, choose any color carnation except for yellow or striped. Those colors express disappointment, rejection, and regret. Purple may be a gamble, too, since it expresses capriciousness.

Gerbera Daisies

Bouquet of orange, red, and white Gerbera daisiesA bouquet of gerbera daisies is perfect for expressing happiness. As such, daises can also make a great gift for a daughter, granddaughter, or other family members.

Roses aren’t the only option for your valentine. In fact, he or she will appreciate that you took the time to put a little extra thought into your flower choice this year. From the kind of flower to the color, say exactly what you mean with your Valentine’s Day bouquet.