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"We specialize in helping you fall in love with your home again. At Servant Remodeling, we know how to bring your dream kitchen and bathroom to life. We love to see happy customers and strive to bring you the best service by diligently walking you through our design process, because there is truly no place like home."

Rob Jackson | President
Company Information
Services Offered
Servant Remodeling specializes in bathroom and kitchen design and remodeling. The company provides showroom tours by appointment.
Workmanship is warranted for five years.
Company History
Servant Remodeling has been serving the Dallas metroplex since 1987.
Rob Jackson, founder and current company president, is a National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) Master Certified Remodeler and Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler. The company has won numerous national and local Contractor of the Year Awards from NARI, including Residential Exterior Under $100,000 (2011); Residential Kitchen Remodel $40,000-$80,000 (2010); Residential Interior Under $100,000 (2009); Residential Kitchen $30,000-$60,000 (2007-2009); and Residential Bathroom $30,000-$60,000 (2008). The company is also an EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm.
Areas Served
Plano/Frisco/Allen/McKinney, Greater Dallas, North Dallas
A selection of 57 homeowner reviews:
“They really do high-quality work. They were excellent with their follow-up and customer service. They did a complete kitchen remodel. They were responsive and always professional—A.”
“We really like them. I used them for the kitchen. The design was awesome. They are a very good company. They're A+.”
“They're doing great. They did bathroom remodeling for me, and they're doing an excellent job. I'd recommend them.”
“I've used them probably six times. We redid our bathroom completely—the tub, toilet, cabinets. They put in wood floors and hanging light switches. Their customer service is great. I would give them an A+.”
“Servant was really great. We used them for bathroom and bedroom remodeling. They're honest and do great work—A+.”
“It was very good. They just remodeled the kitchen. They are always there, and they are pretty prompt. They pretty much got it done when they said they would. I had a couple of problems, but they came back and took care of them. I would grade them an A. The only issue was just a minor latch messing up. Everything was fine. Their customer service was good. We've already recommended them a few times.”
“It was a very positive. We used them for bathroom, kitchen and dining room. If they said they were going to be there, they were there on time. And if you had an issue, they were very responsive to make sure you were happy. I would give them an A ranking. All the way up—from the guy that would come out, then their foreman to the owner, he even answered his phone. I recommended them to my co-worker, and we're even thinking about having them finish up some other stuff.”
“They took a wall down in my kitchen. It was very professionally done, and they cleaned up behind themselves. As far as the time quoted to get the work done, it went about a week over. But I can understand that because he had to get all the inspections done. But other than that they did a great job. I had a washer and dryer in my kitchen that I absolutely hated and we couldn't figure out what to do. He came up with a solution that I had not ever thought of, and it was great. I would grade them an A. I have already recommended them for other jobs.”
“We've had them now on three different projects with complete 100 percent satisfaction. We'll probably have them again on a couple others that my wife is looking at. The project turned out beyond our expectations. I'd give them an A. The quality of work was great. Where they excel is in their customer service and follow-up. I would definitely recommend them.”
“It was excellent. They listened to what we wanted, and they did it. And if there were any adjustments, they made them. They did a complete tear-out and remodel in our bathroom. We chose them because of their credentials and their ratings and because the owner of the company had been the president of the local chapter of the home remodelers. They get the best grade—an A.”
“They were very good. They were thorough. They kept track of the project very well. They were on top of any issues that we had. They did kitchen remodeling, so they replaced all the cabinets and did some woodworking. We wanted a custom look to our refrigerator, so they did all of that. I would give them an A.”
“They completed the work in a timely manner. They were clean. They kept the work site clean, and they were there when promised. They were on time. They did bathroom remodeling. They were the first ones that got back to me. They deserve an A.”
“The work was very good. They did it in a timely manner. I chose whatever I wanted, and they didn't give me any complications. Whatever I wanted, that's what I got. They did kitchen remodeling for me. The way they designed it looked pretty good. I just called them and tried them out. I would give them an A.”
“They helped me get done what I needed to do, and they helped me put options together and stay in my budget. They did kitchen remodeling. We got the North Dallas Best Pick Reports book, and they were in there. I'm going to give them an A because every time I called Rob, he responded to me and my needs or explained things.”
“I liked their expertise. They remodeled a bathroom and did it very well. I would recommend them. I'd say they're an A.”
“The work was pretty good. I had to deal with a couple of issues, but it was taken care of by the owner or the guy in charge. He was very good about following up and stuff like that. They did my kitchen remodel. They refinished my floors and my cabinets. They took off the microwave, put in a vent for it, and changed the appliances. They put an opening for the microwave. Mostly, it's painting, refinishing, and some molding. I had a cabinet taken off above the microwave and stuff.”
“Servant Remodeling does awesome, awesome work. The biggest project I had them do was a complete kitchen redo at an older place, and they've redone bathrooms for me. If you want to get quality work done on time and within budget, they're the company you want to call. I'd give them an A++. I believe it always starts with the leadership, and Rob Jackson is a prime example in regards to customer service—he's a great guy.”
“I liked that Rob was really patient; he worked with me on the design, and there was no pressure. The work was very professional. They gutted the kitchen, and then we started over. They get an A+, and I plan on using them again. They did a great job.”
“Servant Remodeling did a full kitchen remodel, and they also did one of my bathrooms. They came highly recommended, and their work was excellent—no complaints.”
“I think Servant Remodeling is a great company. I like their attention to detail, their knowledge, and their ability to carry out the work they're contracted to do. They redid a bathroom and my TV room, and they deserve an A+ grade.”
“The owner, Rob, is very attentive to detail. The design he came up with was impressive. It was a big project—a major remodeling of the kitchen and master bath. I'd give them an A.”
“I like their workmanship. They installed a steam shower, a tub, and flooring. I'd give Servant Remodeling an A+ grade.”
“They're very professional, on time, and very honest. They do very solid, quality work. They did my kitchen, my bathroom, and some repair work in the living area throughout the house. I found them and just kept using them. They deserve an A+.”
“We've had Servant Remodeling do a lot of work, including installing granite kitchen countertops and moving some closets. The work has held up, and everything looks good. They show up when they say they're going to show up, and they do what they say they're going to do. The work is very professional and high quality. They deserve an A+.”
“Servant Remodeling remodeled our master bathroom and kitchen, extended the back deck, and did some more work on the top floor. They were very attentive and listened to what we wanted, and the construction plan was high quality. They're A+.”
“Servant Remodeling did a complete home remodel for us. Rob Jackson is very knowledgeable about everything, so I felt that the project was going to be done correctly and with high-quality materials.”
“I liked the quality of work. They remodeled two bathrooms and addressed the leaking problem we've been having for a really long time. The customer service was great. I haven't had to call them back because something has gone wrong. I'd give them an A.”
“They did the kitchen and one side of our house. The people that worked on the house cooperated just fine, all the way from Rob on down. They got our ideas and ran with it. It'd be an A for them.”

Servant Remodeling was very professional. The work was wonderfully done, and the kitchen is absolutely beautiful. They did our old kitchen in our first house, and then they redid our new kitchen when we moved. They were an A+.

“They were very reliable. They finished very close to on time, which is always iffy. It worked out very well. When there were minor issues, they addressed them promptly. They remodeled the bathroom, and everything is still perfect. I'd give them an A.”

Servant Remodeling has been doing work for me for 20 years. I like the guy that owns the company; he gives me personal attention and knows what he's doing. They're very effective. On everything that they've done for me, they've done a first-class job.

I liked their responsiveness to our needs. They completely redid one bath and partially redesigned another. They deserve an A.

It worked out very well with Servant Remodeling. They remodeled our bathroom—took out the existing shower and sinks; put in new countertops, new sinks, and new storage units; and redid the shower and tub. They did what they promised, and they did good work. We’re happy with it.

Servant Remodeling was very professional and very nice. I particularly like the owner. They put new appliances in our kitchen and repainted. Then, they put tile in the bathroom floor, retiled the shower, and repainted. They took care of things and worked out great.

Perfect. I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever.

Servant Remodeling totally remodeled a bathroom. The workers were responsive, and the quality of work was good. They had good customer service. I’d use them again.

Servant Remodeling did both my bathrooms. I kind of like them; they're good. They gutted the entire bathroom—everything. Everything involved with the bathroom was changed.

When we had our bathroom remodeled, everyone was as nice as can be. I would use Servant again on another project.

They did an excellent job. I recommended them to two of my neighbors.

We installed a grab bar some time back, and it was a positive experience. They finished in a reasonable amount of time, they cleaned up afterward, and the grab bar is still sturdy. An A grade would do for them.

“They were friendly, and they were up front about all the costs involved. We had some custom shelving made with a moveable library ladder. We had to reschedule some things and move the time frame a little, and we were always kept informed about things. Even if something was delayed from the morning to the afternoon, they told us why. They kept us very in the loop. We got their name out of Best Pick Reports. They were rated the best. Servant Remodeling deserves an A+.”

They remodeled a bathroom. They were excellent. I couldn’t ask for better people to work with. We’re very satisfied with the project. They were wonderful to work with. I highly recommend them.

I think they’re fantastic. They’re just great. He was willing to listen to our individual needs. We had an unusual situation where we didn’t have a lot of space to work with, but he was able to make the most out of what we had.

I think very highly of them. They totally demolished an old bathroom and built a new bathroom for us. They did an excellent job throughout the whole process and took a lot of care to make sure that the dust in the construction work was contained nicely. It was very professional and very well done, so I would definitely use them again.

Excellent. I've used them before. They just took care of business. If there was problem, they took care of it. There never was a problem, though. We trust them—they're honest and take care of things.

They planned their timing well, got finished on time, and we're extraordinarily pleased.

They did a really good job on our kitchen. I was very appreciative of the quality of the work. The craftsmanship was excellent, they did it on time, and they did a good job at keeping the rest of the house clean while they were doing it; so, I was very satisfied all the way around.

They did an excellent job. The main carpenter that he hired had real good carpentry skills and understood what it was I wanted done when he was there.

I think very highly of them. They did a great job, and we love the bathroom. It was a complete tear out and remodel. I thought they worked really well with bringing our ideas to fruition, and I liked the workers that they sent over. It was a really good experience.

They did an excellent job when they remodeled the bathroom. We love them. They do good, quality work, and they make sure it’s correct, so I’m just impressed with it. We’ve done several projects with them.