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Serving South Florida customers since 1974, Sherlock Tree Company, Inc., has decades of experience in tree care. In addition to services aimed at preserving tree health, we also remove deadwood; plant, prune, and trim trees; grind stumps; and fertilize trees. We are proud to be designated as a certified Broward County Tree Trimmer and a Tree Care Industry Association member. The owner of our company is certified as an arborist by the International Society of Arboriculture.

About South Florida Tree Services Companies

Having trees in your yard can offer a multitude of benefits: shade from summer heat, reduced energy bills, protection from soil erosion, and fresher, cleaner air. Tree service companies provide homeowners with all the tools and assistance needed to ensure their trees live long, safe, and healthy lives.

Trees can suffer from a number of issues that require the attention of a tree care company, including disease, decay, insect infestation, and even old age. Many of these conditions can be identified through visual inspection, but a trained professional should be consulted for a proper diagnosis and remedy. Tree care companies often employ certified arborists who can accurately assess the health of trees and shrubs as well as make recommendations regarding pruning, treatment, or removal.

Even perfectly healthy trees and shrubs will need to have their growth managed, and the danger involved in climbing and pruning trees means that it’s a job best left to trained, insured professionals. In emergency situations—like when a tree falls on your property or home—many tree care companies offer round-the-clock emergency tree service.

In order to properly care for your trees, consult a Best Pick tree service company today.