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Hydroscapes offers a wide range of irrigation and landscape services to residential and commercial customers, including solutions for drainage issues. We also install sump pumps, water harvesting systems, and outdoor lighting. In addition to performing services on an as-needed basis, we also offer seasonal service agreements that start at the beginning of each season. Company owner and operator Rob Kratz, who earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology, designs our water movement solutions himself.

About Philadelphia Sprinkler System Companies

For a more efficient irrigation system that conserves water, consider installing a sprinkler system. They are an essential part of lawn care, and with automated features, your sprinkler system will know when your lawn needs to be watered and even when it’s going to rain. With the help of a professional contractor, you will get a sprinkler system designed to meet your lawn’s needs.

Zoning and timing are important factors in sprinkler system installation. A sprinkler system contractor will analyze the slope and composition of the yard, strategically placing the sprinklers in a series of zones. The zones will ensure that water isn’t wasted. Once the sprinkler system design has been established, the contractors will set the timers. Though most lawn watering occurs between four and six in the morning, the zones will operate at different times to meet the yard’s watering needs.

Once designed and installed, the sprinkler system will require regular attention. Sprinkler system maintenance usually includes making adjustments, winterizing the system by turning off the main valves, and restarting the sprinklers in the spring. Contact the contractors listed below for irrigation installation or seasonal maintenance.