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MCP Chimney & Masonry, established in 1994, orchestrates a variety of masonry projects for residential and commercial customers. In addition to the design, renovation, and repair of masonry structures, we also construct outdoor living features and work on chimneys. We employ staff members who have earned the title of Certified Chimney Sweep from the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

About Maryland Brick and Stone Masonry Companies

Beautiful and durable, masonry work is a worthy investment for any home. It’s an ideal housing material for areas that experience strong winds and high heat. It can last for hundreds of years with proper care and maintenance. And it can also add an element of elegance to outdoor living spaces, from water features to outdoor fireplaces. Whether it’s brickwork or stonemasonry, a professional mason will ensure that the completed work stands the test of time. 

Between stonework and brickwork, bricks are the most common masonry material, as they are more cost efficient. Modern bricks are mostly made from clay and sand as well as small amounts of other materials such as lime and iron oxide. Bricks come in a variety of colors and styles, which allows homeowners to customize the look for their home. Stone, on the other hand, is a much more durable material than brick. Working with stone will give the structure an older, more natural appearance. And usually stone is locally sourced, with most masons getting their materials from regional quarries.

Masonry is a vast industry, and not every mason has the experience or expertise to complete every project. Finding a professional with the appropriate skills for your home is important for a well-completed job. For professional advice, contact one of the masonry companies listed below.