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For over two decades, Affordable Tuckpointing Pros has made quality work as well as customer service and satisfaction our primary goals. We provide protection, prevention, and peace of mind to property owners, which allows their investments to look better, last longer, and increase in value.

Affordable Tuckpointing Pros provides masonry restoration, chimney repair, and tuck-pointing for residential and commercial customers.
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Our masonry restoration team will help you make the best decision for your specific property. In fact, we will often provide good, better, and best scenarios for your project. You want your project completed and out of your hair in as little time as possible, so your estimate will be sent to you digitally within 48 hours of meeting with us.

North Shore Brickwork & Window provides tuck-pointing; chimney rebuilding and repair; water sealant application; limestone installation and repair; lintel restoration and replacement; terra cotta repairs; parapet wall rebuilding and repair; caulking; interior stonework; and window infills and openings for residential and commercial customers.
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Always there when you need us!' has been our motto since our inception. It's not just a promise of timeliness, but a commitment to be the most exemplary contractor. Simply pleasant, honest professionals with a keen sense for pinpointing and solving problems and a thorough understanding of construction fundamentals.

Marecki Masonry is a full-service masonry company offering chimney and fireplace repair and rebuilding; damper and smoke chamber repair and rebuilding; liner repair; brick and stone matching, replacement, column repair, and construction; tuck-pointing; custom limestone installation; hardscape repair and construction; flagstone and bluestone installation; address stone installation; stucco installation, repair, and resurfacing; lintel replacement; window caulking; and leak detection and repair.

About Metro-Chicago Brick & Stone Masonry Companies

Whether for fireplaces, patios, veneers, walkways, or retaining and freestanding walls, when you need work that calls for laying brick and stone, you need an expert. For brick and stone installation and masonry repair, Chicago homeowners can find information about local contractors they can trust with Best Pick Reports.

Best Pick Reports is an independent research company. Our Best Pick companies are chosen based on strict criteria, including number of satisfied customers and good reviews. In order for you to find the best masonry contractors Chicago has to offer, we reveal choice candidates based on skills, experience, and reputation.

No company can buy a good rating as a Chicago Best Pick. Our information and resources are available at no cost to homeowners and can help reduce the frustration, time, and cost of finding a reputable company or contractor to provide a service for their homes.

While masonry materials like brick, block, and stone are fairly low-maintenance, they may require some occasional cleaning, and, despite their durability, can be damaged. In a well-made masonry structure, damage may never occur. However, things beyond human control can damage the work of the best masons. Cracks, broken bricks, crumbling mortar joints, and chipped or broken concrete are often caused by Chicago's freeze-thaw cycles, shifting earth, and impacts. A pro can help you identify the cause and make necessary masonry repairs that should withstand all but the unforeseen forces of nature or sudden impacts.

Choosing a Best Pick Chicago masonry contractor is choosing a professional with a greater chance of giving you a satisfactory outcome.

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Best Pick Reports serves the Chicagoland metropolitan area across several counties including Cook County, Dupage County, Lake County, and Will County. Best Pick contractors serve many localities within this region including Chicago city proper, Naperville, Bolingbrook, Milton, Hanover, Maine, Skokie, Evanston, Arlington Heights, and Highland Park. To find the best listings for your home, enter your ZIP code in the prompt above the company listings.

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