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Your overhead garage door is an important part of your home's architecture. With the largest and most diverse selection in New England, we have the garage door to make your home distinctive and unique. Our priority is helping you select the best garage door to satisfy your specific needs.

Door Systems Garage Door Group offers garage door and garage door opener sales, repair, service, and installation.

About Boston Garage Door Companies

Pretty much anyone would agree that well-functioning garage doors and automatic door openers are a great convenience. Not having to struggle with temperamental doors or get out of your car to open up your garage on an icy, rainy day is worth its weight in gold. So, when you’re in need of an installation or repair for a garage door or opener, call the experts. Best Pick™ Boston garage door companies are at your service.

Regular maintenance by a garage door professional should occur every two years, but you may wish to schedule maintenance as often as every year. During your maintenance visit, a professional technician will check and adjust as needed the balance of your doors’ springs. Note that you should never work on your garage door springs yourself; if not handled correctly, a spring’s force can be deadly as well as a significant threat to your vehicle and anything else in your garage. It’s also important for a garage door professional to check the force adjustment on the opener’s motor. The force adjustment allows the garage door to spring back up when there is something underneath it, and if this mechanism isn’t working, household members, pets, or your vehicle could come into harm’s way.

Professional Boston garage door repair companies can also remedy a cable jump, which occurs when the garage door cable comes off the drum, the spool-shaped object it’s wrapped around. A jump can happen when the door encounters a foreign object, such as a car bumper or toy, causing one side of the door to drop down further than the other side. If the door is not hanging level across the bottom when halfway down, then you know that a cable jump has occurred. You may also notice loose pulleys or cables along the rails of the door.

Installing a new door? Call one of our Best Pick™ garage door companies—these professionals are tops in their field when it comes to quality garage door and opener installations as well as consistent customer satisfaction. You can be confident in the service you’ll receive. You’ll probably also be surprised at the current choice of door colors and styles available. In fact, a well-chosen door can significantly improve the appearance of your home’s exterior.

How did EBSCO Research figure out which companies are the ones to hire? We called homeowners just like you in the Boston area and talked to them about their experiences with local home service providers, asking what grades they would give the companies they’ve used. That way, you can be sure you’ll get the best in Boston when you hire a Best Pick™ garage door installation and repair company.