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We've built our reputation on expert knowledge and outstanding customer service while consistently offering our clients the benefit of eco-friendly treatment solutions focused on the welfare of our precious environment.

Pestex Inc. provides pest management services for all structural and outdoor pests, including ants, bedbugs, termites, clothing moths, mosquitoes, and ticks, as well as rodent control.
1st year as a Best Pick
Best Pick Guaranteed Licensed Insured Workers' Comp
Established in 1984, Trutech Wildlife Service has 40 years of experience and has become one of the largest wildlife removal companies. While providing quality solutions, we protect our customers from hazards of wildlife in their homes and businesses while ensuring animals are removed in a humane and ethical manner.

About Boston Pest and Termite Control Companies

When pests invade the home, it’s not just a hassle—it can also be potentially hazardous. To rectify the situation, homeowners should consider Best Pick companies. They are experts in their field, they have in-depth knowledge on pests commonly found in Boston residences, and their services can prevent damage to homes.

Termites are some of the most quietly destructive pests in a home. To get rid of them, most companies offer termite treatments—repellent barriers and baiting systems—as well as termite warranties to protect the home from future termite attacks. For other insects, pest and termite control services can apply pesticides to the exterior and/or the interior of a home. Pest control services usually offer a variety of service contracts so that homeowners can chose the right options for their home. When it comes to wildlife, pests such as squirrels, mice, and rats can gnaw and destroy the structure of the home. Pest and termite control contractors will set traps, dispose of the pests, and seal up their entry points.

To be sure that a pest problem is being handled correctly and safely, it’s important to consult an expert. For more tips and advice, be sure to contact a Best Pick pest control contractor.