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Pioneer Basement provides foundation repair services in addition to fixing foundation cracks and encapsulating crawl spaces. We also install waterproofing systems in basements. Our company maintains membership in the Basement Health Association. We use products by Grate Products, a product line that was designed by company president Steve Andras.

About Boston Foundation Repair Companies

The signs of foundation problems are typically subtle at first—sticking doors, windows that are difficult to open, or cracks in the mortar between bricks—but these issues must be investigated promptly to determine their cause. Foundation problems that are not corrected in a timely manner only get worse and more expensive to fix. 

Foundation repair services begin with a thorough inspection to determine the extent of the damage. Beyond a visual inspection, the inspector may look at the home’s original architectural plans or perform an elevation survey to see how much movement has occurred. Depending on these findings, the contractor will decide which of the available foundation repair methods will work best. Steel helical or push piers are common methods of repair, and they can be installed quickly and with minimal damage to the home’s yard and landscaping. More for information, contact one of the Best Pick foundation repair contractors listed below.