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Established in 1977, family-owned-and-operated A.J. Rose Carpets and Flooring installs flooring for residential and commercial customers. We install a variety of flooring types, including laminate, carpet, hardwood, bamboo, vinyl, and cork. We are a member of the National Floorcovering Alliance, and we have won awards for our from both Boston magazine and Northshore magazine. We guarantee our customers complete satisfaction.

About Boston Flooring Companies

It can be easy to forget, but in addition to the walls and ceiling, the floor is your home’s largest, most visible element; so, its aesthetic impact on your living spaces can’t be underestimated. Nevertheless, how your floor looks is matched in importance by how it functions for your household and lifestyle. The type of flooring you choose and how your floors are installed and maintained are the keys to its functionality. That’s where EBSCO Research comes in. After calling thousands of Bostonians just like you and asking thousands more questions, we’ve found the flooring companies good enough to earn the title Best Pick™. You can be confident when using a Best Pick™ Boston flooring contractor that the selection, installation, and refurbishing of your flooring is backed by years of expertise and proven customer satisfaction.

Room usage is the big factor when selecting the type of flooring that will be most advantageous for a particular space. Wood floors, whether real or laminate, impart a warm, elegant look to rooms and blend easily with numerous decorative styles; hardwoods will need extra protection if used in areas where they could get wet, like kitchens and bathrooms. Soft, comfortable carpet can be placed anywhere, but it is most often selected for the “barefoot” areas of home: bedrooms and family gathering spaces. Carpet is also desirable for homeowners who have a strict budget, since every price point contains a range of possible styles. Tile is a durable, all-purpose flooring commonly chosen for high-traffic areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways. However, the wide variety of colors and patterns available has made tile an increasingly popular option in other areas of the home, too. Hard surface flooring like linoleum and bamboo can be used anywhere a low-maintenance floor is desired—and with an enormous array of styles, colors, and visual effects, hard surface flooring is in fact growing in popularity as a modern, often “greener” alternative to traditional flooring options for living spaces.

When shopping for floors, a little pre-planning can save you time and frustration. First of all, carefully measure each area for which you are selecting flooring, and plot out the dimensions on a piece of graph paper. Be sure to mark any room features like recessed areas or floor vents, as they might affect the installation process. It may also be helpful to note the color schemes and traffic patterns of the room. Harmonizing the new flooring with the current design of the room is important, and when faced with a mountain of carpet or hardwood samples at a store, it can be difficult to recall something like the exact shade of blue on the living room wall; bring as many swatches as possible of your current color schemes.

Whatever kind of floor you choose, it’s important to have the best flooring installation professionals at your service. As most people know, though, it can be difficult to weed through all the companies out there and even harder to decide which one to trust. Know that choosing a Best Pick™ Boston flooring company means choosing peace of mind when it comes to your flooring investment. With the guidance and proven expertise of a Best Pick™ floor company on your side, you’ll be enjoying your floors for years to come.