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Drainage & Erosion Solutions, LLC, provides homeowners with solutions for wet basements, wet yards, and soil erosion. We install French drains, downspouts, and sump pump pipe extensions while offering a variety of waterproofing services. We also offer warranties on all drainage systems and foundation waterproofing work.

About Virginia Drainage System Companies

If you have large puddles of water in your yard that won’t seem to go away, it may be time to contact a Northern Virginia drainage contractor. Standing water is a prime incubator for bugs like annoying (and potentially disease-carrying) mosquitoes, and the constant moisture can damage the health of your lawn.

However, not all signs of poor drainage are as obvious as large puddles to dodge as you make your way across the lawn. Unhealthy plants, grass, and trees as well as damp basements are lesser-known signs that you need to contact a drainage solutions company sooner rather than later.

Another issue associated with lawn drainage problems in the Northern Virginia area is frost heave, which can damage your home’s foundation when excess water in the ground freezes and expands. A properly designed yard drainage system will route water away from the foundation to prevent this problem.

Drainage System Companies

Depending on your lawn’s specific drainage problem, you can expect your drainage system contractor to present you with a few possible solutions. A popular fix is the French drain, which involves a trench and buried, perforated pipe that routes water away from your home’s foundation.

Surface drains and catch basins are other common options. Surface drains and catch basins are typically installed in low spots in the yard to collect water and then disperse it gradually into a storm drain.

Your contractor may also encourage you to consider a combination of swales and berms. A swale is a gentle dip in the ground, and a berm is an area of higher ground; when used together, they can route water away from your home.

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