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"Our approach to each project is to first identify the source of any problems with the property, and then design a solution that's proven to solve the problem. We're unique because we were founded by a licensed Professional Engineer and a landscape designer."

Mark J. Lane | Owner
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Drainage & Erosion Solutions specializes in landscape design that offers water management solutions, including foundation waterproofing, French drains, downspout and sump pump pipe extensions, wall and footing drainage systems, and regrading to promote positive drainage. The company also provides stream stabilization and slope stability solutions. Drainage & Erosion Solutions specializes in analysis, design, and installation of drainage and waterproofing systems to solve wet basements, wet yards, soil erosion, and stream stabilization issues.
Drainage & Erosion Solutions offers a five-year warranty on all drainage systems and a ten-year warranty on foundation waterproofing.
Company History
The company was founded in 2003.
Areas Served
Prince William, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Arlington County
A selection of 272 homeowner reviews:
“They were absolutely fabulous, extremely clean, and polite. They put in natural stone pavers on either side of the house, buried and extended downspouts, and put in drainage rain barrels and buried them in the ground. It was just great. Drainage & Erosion Solutions did a phenomenal job.”
“I thought they were wonderful; they did a great job. They put in drainage and downspouts to drain water away from the house. I would grade them an A+. They were very nice and on time. They did the work when they said they would do it, and it was done neatly and cleanly.”
“There was more than one visit. One was the installation of the drainage system, and the second was an addition to the initial work. I would give them an A+. The punctuality was good, too. They were fantastic.”
“Drainage & Erosion Solutions are terrific. I would grade them an A. On the community part, they had a guy that was a little difficult, but I think they were technically excellent.”
“It was very good. I had them install a four-inch PVC drain from my back patio, underground, out to a curb core, which also hooks up with the drain from the front of the house. I had two pipes going out and hooking up to curb core. It was very nice. I would grade them an A. The quality of work was excellent. It was very good.”
“I'm very satisfied with the drainage system they put in, and when the supervisor came out and inspected the work, he mentioned that he was going to have some of the workers come back and take some of the excess rocks and place them on the left hand side of the house. I would grade them an A.”
“Drainage & Erosion Solutions were great. They did drainage work for me. I would grade them an A+.”
“They installed a French drain and extended underground down spouts away from the house. I would grade them an A+”
“They did some kind of drainage work on a property that I own. I would grade them an A+.”
“Drainage & Erosion Solutions installed some pipes in our backyard, built a trench, and installed some pipes that drained water out to the curb. I would grade them an A. The only reason why I wouldn't grade them an A+ is that it was a little hard to get ahold of them. But once I was able to get a hold of them, they were able to get the work done right and quickly.”
“They helped us solve a drainage problem in our backyard. We have a small lot, a tenth of an acre, but, in a heavy rainstorm, we would get a great puddling effect in one part of the lawn that was killing the grass. They put in a drainage pipe in the fountain that popped up in another part of the yard and it has worked well. I would grade them an A+.”
“Drainage & Erosion Solutions did work for me a year ago. They did all the drainage in my backyard. I would grade them an A+. They were very comprehensive with that they did, and they were very thorough. They really did a great job in dealing with a very large problem.”
“We had an erosion problem in our backyard and they solved it. They put in a drainage swell and some underground drain pipes. I would grade them an A.”
“I had a drainage problem in my backyard. And he installed a pipe to improve the drainage as well as a fiber line. It was just drainage. A+.”
“Everything was great. They put drainage away from the house.”
“I would grade them an A. They left a couple of screws out of the drain covers, but that was about the only downside of the job. There is a good chance that I would recommend them.”
“They did good. They installed drains all around the house, for runoff, and some retaining walls. I would grade them an A.”
“They installed some French drains from the back of the house to the street. I would grade them an A. They did everything right. I have already recommended them.”
“Drainage & Erosion Solutions did some drainage work in the backyard. I would grade them an A-. We had them do work twice. The only problem was that there were a few items that needed to be put back into place.”
“They put in a drain and re-sodded. I would grade them an A. I definitely would recommend this company.”
“Someone had to come over and explain why there was standing water. Apparently, it was the design of the drainage system that they used. I would grade them an A-. It's been OK.”
“They were very nice. We didn't have the type of outcome that we would've hoped, but it wasn't their fault. They did exactly what they said they would do.”
“They laid new sod. I would grade them an A.”
“They did creek repair. I would grade them an A.”
“They did drainage work for me. I would grade them an A. I have recommended them.”
“They did a new patio, drainage remediation, French drain installation, and some grading. I would grade them an A.”
“They did drainage work and installed a few down spouts. I would grade them A-.”
“They did some retaining wall work for me. I would grade them A-.”
“They helped me with downspout extensions on the ground. The customer service was excellent. They get an A from me.”
“They were responsive and knowledgeable. They redesigned a water system for my basement. They seemed to best understand not just how to install a system, but how to design it like an architect. This was a drainage system, but it wasn't cookie cutter like others tend to be. I would give them an A.”
“They put in a drainage system around our house. Their customer service was excellent—I would rate them as excellent.”
“They pretty much did drainage. They took care of the drainage in the backyard and through the front yard. Their customer service was fantastic. I would rate them an A. I would recommend them—in fact, I have given their name out.”
“They did it quickly and efficiently, and they cleaned up their mess. They did a great job and solved our problem. We had a drainage problem in the front yard, so they put two French drains in. I'd give them an A+.”
“They were prompt, and the work was good. They extended the downspout drainage. I chose them because I liked the person who came out. I would give them an A.”
“They were prompt, they delivered what they said they were going to deliver, and they were very professional. Everything about it was top of the line. They installed drainage systems and a patio. I went with them because of their presentation and their bidding process. I would give them an A.”
“We had a drainage problem in our backyard, and they fixed it. It was a French drain. I've actually used them twice, and they just seem to know what they're doing when they fix things—they've fixed two problems for us. I'll give them an A.”
“They did what they said they were going to do, they did it quickly, and it worked. We had an area that was kind of a walk-in basement landing below ground level, and when it would rain, it would fill up with water. Then, the water would run under the sliding glass door and under the basement floor. They were able to put in a very large drain to solve that problem, which we had lived with for about 11 years, and their solution worked quite well. We were selling the house and we had to solve the problem. I'd give them an A.”
“They did great work on my yard. Their customer service was great—they were responsive, listened to what I wanted to do, and explained what they were going to do. I'd rate them an A.”
“They did a good job. They did the work on time and as advertised. They did a patio and drainage landscaping. I would give them an A.”
“They did a fine job. They put in a French drain at the top of the basement steps. Their customer service was very good. I'd give them an A.”
“They did a real nice job. They did a retaining wall and then a drainage pipe through the backyard. Their customer service was real good. I saw the retaining wall that he'd done, and I was like, 'OK.' It's an A. It looks real nice. It was in bad shape, and it really saved it—it was actually leaning.”
“I've used Drainage & Erosion Solutions several times, and they do a fantastic job. Everything has been done well and on time, and it works perfectly. They have done several dry riverbeds in my front yard to fix some drainage problems, and when we put a batting cage in our backyard, they did all the drainage around that. I'd give them the highest grade—A+.”
“We had a large tree removed years ago, and over time, the ground settled in the space that was left. Drainage & Erosion Solutions remedied that problem and took care of a drainage problem, so I am quite pleased with them. The customer service was great. They earned an A+. They did a fantastic job; it turned out just the way I wanted it.”
“They put in a French drain and buried some downspouts, and their customer service was excellent. I would rate them as an A.”
“They installed a drainage system, and we thought they did a great job. I'd rate Drainage & Erosion Solutions as an A+.”
“They solved our flooding problem—they had to reroute our downspouts. I would recommend them to someone else, and I would give them the highest rating.”
“We had water gathering in the yard because we have several downspouts in the same area and because our air conditioning water runs out in that area. After a few years, water had gathered there, so we had Drainage & Erosion Solutions come in. They resolved the problem by connecting the gutter to where the air conditioning drains out, and they ran them through a pipe all the way down to the street underground. They dug down about ten inches or so; it was sort of like a French drain. We did not have any more problems once they did the work—it works great. They came up with a better plan than another company we had spoken with, and they actually told me that the other company would not have done the work because of the type of soil we have—it's clay. The man from the other company had proposed putting in a big underground hole and letting the water go into that. He said that eventually, it would seep out underground, but the people from Drainage & Erosion Solutions said, 'That's not going to work because your soil is clay. It's not porous, so that water would just sit there until it backed up.' We were very pleased with Drainage & Erosion Solutions and would give them an A+. They did a great job, and they were very fast. They were able to come out within a few days because it was a small job. They did a good cleanup, too.”
“Somebody in the community hired Drainage & Erosion Solutions and gave us a recommendation. They did four jobs for me, and every one of them turned out all right. We had water leaks in some basements, and they repaired those and put some drainage around the properties. They did that at two different places. Then, there was a place that was built on a hill, so there was water running down in people's backyards. They put in drainage systems so the water wouldn't ruin in their yards. Some of the work was landscaping, too, like putting in dirt and such. In one case, he put in a retainer wall as well. They did all of that work, and I'd give them an A.”
“We had drainage problems, and Drainage & Erosion Solutions fixed them. The drainage is now wonderful; there are no problems. They put PVC pipe at all four corners of the house and connected it. They were courteous and very good. On a scale from one to ten, I would give them a ten.”
“Drainage & Erosion Solutions installed an outdoor sump pump, and it's been OK. The workers were good.”
“Drainage & Erosion Solutions did drainage work. The quality of the work was good, and the technicians were knowledgeable and respectful of the home.”
“They provided a French drain alongside our house near the garage area. The workers were on time and knowledgeable, and they cleaned up after themselves. They earned an A grade.”
“We really couldn't be happier with Drainage & Erosion. They took care of a drainage issue for us. Their crew was very professional, and they left the place better than it was when they came. I have had no issues whatsoever—they're an A+ company.”
“I liked Drainage & Erosion Solutions' quality of work and attention to detail. They replaced several retaining walls and a walkway. I was satisfied with the crew; they were always very nice and respectful, and their communication was very good. They were just very professional, and it was a good experience.”
“Drainage & Erosion Solutions did work for us at a church. They did a very clean job for us, and it looked a lot better when it was done. They performed up to expectations. We had one little, necessary follow-up that they took care of right away—they landscaped after they did the drainage work, and they had put down shredded mulch that was being washed around and blocking one of the drains, so we had them come back and replace it with river gravel. That worked fine because it doesn't migrate around. They took care of that right away, so I'd give them an A.”
“They put in a French drain, and they did an excellent job. And the sales rep was excellent, so it was a very positive experience. I would absolutely call them back. Their cleanup was perfect, too. I would give them an A+.”
“They did two French drains. They were excellent. This was my first time using the company, and this is the type of company I would use in the future. Hopefully, I won't need them. Everything they did for me is holding up fine, and we recommended them to a couple of other neighbors. They also did good work with them. It's an A+.”
“Drainage & Erosion Solutions installed underground drainage around our whole property and regraded it. They were very responsive, they explained what they were doing, and they communicated any time I had questions. The workers were very respectful of our property. Their estimate was true, and they completed the work on time. I would consider using them again. I'd give them an A-. The only issue we had was that when they did one of the final parts of the project, they seeded the lawn, but I don't think it was their specialty. It was an add-on, and we didn't have good results with it. I don't feel like they fully explained what we were getting for our money. We take responsibility for it not being perfect, as well.”
“Drainage & Erosion Solutions came out and built a retaining wall, and they did an excellent job. This was the first time I have used them, but they've actually done work for our homeowners' association. They did an excellent job, and they cleaned up. They did everything they were supposed to. It was great—A+.”
“They fixed our yard so that the drainage went away from the house, and they also buried downspouts and applied fabric and rock on an area so that it would stop eroding. They came back to make sure it was all really good, and the cleanup was good. I originally heard about them from a real estate agent. I would give them an A+.”
“Drainage & Erosion Solutions fixed our drainage problem in the backyard. Everything turned out great, and the cleanup was good. The workers were very professional. I would give them an A+.”
“They showed up in a timely manner, did exactly what they said they would, and got the job done faster than I expected them to. They buried all the downspouts in my backyard and ran them off to a common drain. So, it basically got rid of the mud and the water that was pouring in my backyard. I would give them an A+.”
“They did what I asked them to do in fixing up the drainage away from the house. They showed up on time, and they did it in a very workmanlike way. They fixed up the area that they messed up before they left, and it went well. It is an A.”
“I think that they very carefully planned out the drainage system that needed to be installed, and they put it in very quickly. It was done all in, like, a day and a half, and they even came back later and corrected something that wasn't done correctly the first time. They did a good job. I'd give them an A.”
“They did a lot of drainage and erosion work for me—I've used them a bunch of times. It was overall very good, and I'll give them a very positive rating. They get an A.”
“They did some drainage work—a French drain and landscaping. I liked the end result. Seven workers came out for the job. I would grade them an A.”
“They fixed a stump dump. That's where your builders dump wood in your yard when they build the house and then cover it up, and then after a number of years, a hole develops. So it becomes like a sinkhole and it's very difficult to figure out what it is. They took care of my problem, and everything went fine from start to finish. Hopefully, I won't ever have to, but I would use them again, and I would recommend them to somebody else if they needed it. They get an A.”
“Drainage & Erosion Solutions did a great job. I'm a member of an association, and they've done some work for us here. The last time they were here, they did some estimating work for us. The time before that, they did some great work putting in a swale and landscape. I was 100% satisfied with the quality, and they did the work in a timely fashion. I would give them an A.”
“Drainage & Erosion Solutions rebuilt our dirt road up a hill. They finished the work on time, and they did a very good job. They came on time to do a good job.”
“They just did a great job—they did what they said they were going to do, and basically, that was it. They took all my downspouts and diverted them underground. Then, they also seeded and laid straw, and the grass grew very nice—you can't even tell. They did a great job. It's an A.”
“Drainage & Erosion Solutions fixed the problem with the basement flooding. It was a lot of work that they got done quickly and efficiently. I'd give them an A.”
“The young fellow I dealt with was very knowledgeable, and Drainage & Erosion Solutions did a very nice job. They put in a new French drain behind my house. The time frame in which they finished the work was adequate. He quoted the price and did the job as he quoted it, so I was fine with it. Their cleanup was very good. For them, I'll give an A.”

Drainage & Erosion Solutions was perfect. The technician was very knowledgeable. We bought a house that was having overflow problems in the downspouts, and he diagnosed why the problem existed and fixed it. They installed PVC pipes, and it's started drying out—it's great. I'd give them an A+.

Drainage & Erosion Solutions has done a great job. We've used them twice, and we were very happy with the outcome. They placed our downspouts underground to improve our drainage, and they rerouted some things to keep our window well from leaking. They did a great job—that's why we keep using them.

Drainage & Erosion Solutions solved our problem. It was a big job. We had flooding in the back of the house because of a slope, so they installed a drainage system to keep it from happening. They were easy to work with, so I would recommend them.

I get Best Pick Reports; that's why I called Drainage & Erosion Solutions. They did some work for me, and they did a good job. I called the company to finish a job, because the previous people couldn't figure out that when you make a drain, you take it all the way out to the street—you don't build it part way. It went under a parking area, and they knew the kind of piping to put in there, so I was very pleased. I was totally frustrated, and when that book came, I called immediately. They told me, right off, that it was going to be a wait, but that was OK. I waited, and they were good at advising me of when they could do it. They did what should have been done to begin with. I was very, very happy with the company that finished the job.

They did some work for me outside, and I was happy with what they did. I'll probably have to wait for the next hurricane to see how it holds up, but they did a good job, and I was happy.

It was good service. They re-graded our landscaping in order to prevent water from flooding our basement. We'd had basement floods previously. They finished the work in a reasonable amount of time. I'd give them an A.

The work was very well done. I was starting to get a little bit of a sinkhole on the side of the house, so they went and put concrete in. Then they put in dirt, too. So they did a very good job, and they had very good customer service. They earned an A.

Drainage & Erosion Solutions, I felt good about that company. They installed some drainage where I had standing water. I don't have any standing water anymore. I haven't had any problems other than one time when I called them up, and they corrected an issue immediately. The quality of the work is fine. It's all in the ground, so I can't see it, but I guess it's good. I'd recommend them. We'll give them an A.

I'd give Drainage & Erosion Solutions a good rating. They did a good job on the work. They basically did a French drain for me. I had a problem with water in the backyard, so they did a long French drain that comes out to the front yard. Their workers were decent, and the quality of their work was very good. They finished the job in a good time frame for me, too. I'd give them an A on the work.

Drainage & Erosion Solutions came out on time to give me an estimate. When they showed up to do the work, they realized that they could do it for less money than what they had quoted me, so that was good news. I had a problem with water standing in my backyard and the side of my house, and after they completed the project, I had no issues at all. They came on time, they finished on time, and they did it for less money—it was an all-around good experience. They should get an A grade.

They installed a channel drain. They were fine. The quality of the company's work was very good. The most important thing was that they did the work properly and that it fixed our drainage problem. I would give them an A.

We had some work done with Drainage & Erosion Solutions. They did two things. First, they did a survey of the drainage in our backyard and made some recommendations, because we were interested in filling in our pool and taking it out. After that was done, they did the paving and they did the wall; there was a low wall around the planters that they did, and they put down pavers in the backyard. They did a very nice job. I think they deserve an A.

I would give Drainage & Erosion Solutions an A+. They did a pretty good job of fixing the sinkhole—as best they could with trying to match up a pre-existing driveway and everything. They fixed the hole. So far, so good. And they cleaned up after they were finished; they did an outstanding job of that. They dug everything up, and you could hardly even tell they had been there. Their customer service was excellent as well, and I was able to get a hold of the owner through email and via phone whenever I needed. They did a really good job.

We thought Drainage & Erosion Solutions was great. Working with them was a great experience. They put some drainage in our yard to get rid of some sitting water. They did what they said they were going to do when they said they were going to do it, and it turned out the way they said it was going to turn out. They're an A+ company. They're good.

Drainage & Erosion Solutions did a great job. They did some grading and buried downspouts. They had the downspouts from the gutters running out to the street—making the little pathways for those and burying them, putting gravel in certain places, and so on. They did a good job. I felt the quality of work was very high. I'd say they get an A+.

We had some drainage issues from a neighbor's yard. Drainage & Erosion Solutions was able to correct that for me. They did a great job, and they were quick. Communication was key; they kept in contact with me and talked about everything they were doing and would possibly be doing.

We had an erosion issue where, basically, the ground had eroded out from under the stairs that came up from our basement. Drainage & Erosion Solutions took care of the issue when they came out. We got them out of Best Pick Reports. We tried them out, and we were very pleased. They showed up on time for their appointment with me, and their customer service was great. We had scheduled a time for them to come, and they had to reschedule due to the weather. They took care of notifying me that they would not be there on the day that we had originally scheduled, and they rescheduled me. They said, 'We're going to do it on this date. Please let us know if there's an issue.' So then they showed up on time on the rescheduled date and took care of the work. At the end, they left the site immaculate. They took care of an extra, small issue—resetting a fence post—which was not in their scope of work. That was not difficult for them to accomplish, and they took care of it for us without any worries.

I'm very happy with their service. They put in a water prevention system, and they did a great job. Based on the service and my experience with the company, I'd call on them again if I had a need.

I would give Drainage & Erosion top ratings. They did some work in my backyard, and they did a very clean, excellent job. They dug a ditch and installed drainage from the back of the house to the front. I would give this company the highest scores.

Drainage & Erosion Solutions did some work for us over the last year, and it was absolutely excellent. It was a very good experience. They created a French drain in my backyard, and they did an excellent job. After they were done, the crew laid sod on the places that were dug up. You could hardly tell that we had work done. I would definitely give them an A.

Drainage & Erosion was excellent. They addressed a very thorny engineering problem very well. They constructed a wall and reconfigured a hill for us. We’re very happy with them.

They just came out and resolved a swamp-like situation in the backyard....We had Drainage & Erosion Solutions come out and make a drainage system under our yard to carry the water. They did a great job. They resolved the issue. They were pleasant, and they were prompt. We were just totally happy.

I had some problems with moisture and drainage, so I called Drainage & Erosion Solutions. They readjusted downspouts and buried drain pipes to redirect the flow of water. They were very good to work with—very professional and smart guys.

They excavated and put in a liner to waterproof our basement. Honestly, I think that out of all the work we've had done on our house, they were the best. They did the best job of cleaning up of anyone. They were in and out and were very polite. When they were done, it was almost like they hadn't been there. It was incredible.

I had some work done with Drainage & Erosion Solutions. They solved the problem of seepage into my basement office. They were outstanding.

They did a bunch of things. They put a diversion trench on the hill in my front yard to divert water into the woods. They buried the downspouts on all of my gutters and extended those out into the yard. They also created a rock line, almost like a creek bed, on the side of my yard to basically funnel the water down the hill....I thought everything was fantastic.

They're great. The last time they came, it was to repair damage to the drainage system that was done by a truck that went through our yard or something. It wasn't their work that they were repairing. They identified the problem and solved the problem.

I used Drainage & Erosion Solutions. They were good. We had some water issues. They dug out under the ground and put a push-out for the water to spread in the yard. We're actually going to use them again, because we had some other issues. The water issues have been mitigated by what they did on that side of the house. Everything is doing what it should be doing. There were no communication problems along the way. I would recommend them to others. They did a good job. They've done some other work in our neighborhood, too. I forget the owner's name, but he did a good job.