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Legacy Plumbing has received 5 out of 5 stars (A-rating) based on 490 customer surveys conducted by Best Pick Reports.
3rd year as a Best Pick Call
"We feel so honored and grateful that our loyal customers allow us to serve them. We'll always keep our promise to homeowners to deliver quality craftsmanship along with respect and integrity. Our continuous goal is to provide the highest-quality residential plumbing service."

Theron Young | Owner & President
Company Information
Services Offered
Legacy Plumbing offers drain and sewer cleaning services for residential customers as well as video drain inspections and sewer line repairs. The company specializes in locating sewer leaks below the foundation.
Services Not Offered
Legacy does not repair appliances; install bathtubs or undermount sinks; or work on jetted tubs, septic systems, or propane gas systems.
Legacy offers warranties ranging from 30 days to 12 years, depending on the service provided.
Company History
The family-owned-and-operated company was founded in 2006.
Legacy received the Best of Readers' Choice award from Living Magazine in 2016 as well as several Best of Business awards from Frisco STYLE Magazine in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. Legacy was named the 2011 Small Business of the Year by the Frisco Chamber of Commerce.
Areas Served
Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Plano, The Colony, Dallas, Irving, Carrollton, Coppell, Irving, Richardson, Colleyville, Euless, Grapevine, Keller, North Richland Hills, Southlake, Flower Mound, Highland Village, Lake Dallas, Lewisville

“I had a great experience. They were very helpful. They have a policy where they want to leave the job site better than when they got here. He cleaned up everything, made sure I was satisfied, addressed all of my concerns, very professional, very courteous, very nice. They unclogged a drain, and he actually reset some drain pipes in a bathroom vanity. Everything's working wonderful. I'd give them an A+.”

“They were on time, they were very neat, and they did everything they said they would do. This last time I had a plugged sewer line, but they've been here before. This is not the first we've used them. I would grade the overall experience as at least an A. They were excellent. They were very thorough, they were here, and very prompt and they did a good job. I would highly recommend them.”

“Legacy Plumbing were very helpful. The technicians were knowledgeable, and they fixed the problem very quickly. The problem was a burst pipe inside the wall that was leaking out through the outside wall. It was a pipe for an external faucet. Everything is working up to expectations. It started working immediately after they repaired it, and I haven't had any problems since them. I would grade the overall experience as an A. They were great. They were perfect. I would very likely recommend them.”

“Every time we've used them, it's been awesome. They're honest. I like their customer service, their quality of work. They're always there on time. I mean, there's just never an issue. The first time they did a tub faucet replacement and a drain, I believe. And the second time, I'm not sure exactly what they did, but it was a lot of work to our water heater. I think they re-piped it or whatever, or they drained it, cleaned it, re-piped it. Something like that; I don't know exactly what it was, but I know they did quite a bit of stuff. I'd give them an A+ overall.”

“They were very professional, and they were nice guys. There were two of them. They did drainage for me. They were excellent, whatever excellent is so an A+. I would use them again in a heartbeat.”

“It was absolutely positive. They were very good with their communication. I felt like they were very professional. They did a very good job. They replaced a water line. Everything is working up to expectations. I'd give them an A for excellent work.”

“Legacy Plumbing were very professional. They arrived on time. They were very conscientious of, you know, cleaning up—keeping a good work environment, taking care of the issue, communicating what it is that they found and what that represented, and really, I really felt that they knew what they were doing. They were addressing the issue. The issue was a toilet backup. Everything is working up to expectations now. I would give them a grade of an A for overall experience. I would recommend them.”

“He knew what he was doing and then he just fixed the issue, like really, really quickly. We had a clogged drain, or not a drain, but like a pipe I guess. And he had to repair it from the outside and stuff. Everything's been working fine. I'd give them an A overall. I would definitely recommend them.”

“They were responsive. They were here when they were supposed to. They did what they needed to do. I'll give them an A overall. I'd recommend them.”

“Very courteous and very informational. They replaced a disposal, and they cleared some drainage lines. I would grade them with an A for overall experience. I would recommend them to others.”

“They did a very good job. I would use them again. They took their time. They knew what they were doing when most of them, all they worry about is the bottom line, the dollar. I had a sink in the kitchen that was stopping up. I just had a bunch of problems with it, and he totally took it apart, went outside, cleared it, and said, 'It's really not that stocked up, but it's probably from grease.' He put it all back. Then, I had a shower in the bathroom that was—it was a new one, but my husband had put it up there and he didn't get it tight enough, and that was all that was wrong with it. I said, 'What do I owe you for that?' He said, 'Not a problem.' He said, 'I didn't do nothing.' I mean, most of them, it's five hundred dollars when they walk in the door. I was satisfied with the work that's been done, and everything's working up to expectations. I'd say A. I've already recommended them to some other people, and they've been happy with them. They were careful with everything, and I'm a very picky housewife.”

“They were amazing. They were on time, professional, and knowledgeable. The work was perfect—A+.”

“Daniel Zukowski and the whole team from Legacy Plumbing did a great job replacing my sewer line. I also had gas risers and my old hot water heater replaced. I was 100 percent happy with all of it. Best of all, Daniel communicated with me every step of the way so there were no surprises. Awesome job.”

“Throughout our long job of replacing the sewer pipes under the house, everyone at Legacy Plumbing was unfailingly polite and helpful. Daniel's enthusiasm for his job and for doing his job well was fun to watch. I can't believe he made it almost fun to have sewer pipes replaced—A+.”

“They were awesome. Professional, quick, and a pleasure to be around. I look forward to working with them in the future.”

“Great work!”

“Doug is great!”

“The heater and air conditioning were both trying to work at the same time. They came right out and discovered the thermostat was faulty. Someone from the company immediately came out to deliver the kind of thermostat I wanted while the initial man was working. It was quickly back in working order thanks to them.”

“Courteous and friendly.”

“Punctual, knowledgeable, clear on what they were doing and experienced. Great service.”

“Very professional and knowledgeable in addressing the problem. Took the time to explain the scope of work, cost estimate and time required. The work was completed on time and cost as quoted. The equipment from the vehicle to tools used was clean and well maintained. Very professional company. Recommend this company to my friends and neighbors.”

“Great group of people, they really know their stuff!”

“Always pleased with Legacy's skill and service.”

“They were on time and keep us informed.”

“Very helpful, great customer service and went above and beyond!”


“Daniel is the Master Plumber with Legacy who did our work. He was very thorough in setting expectations for the scope of work and keeping me informed along the way. We had all of our sewer pipes replaced and all of the work was completed well and on time! The only snag we ran into was with the sub-contractor who dug the trenches and Daniel and the Legacy team went above and beyond to make sure things turned out how we expected. Would definitely recommend this team!”

“Legacy Plumbing has done a couple things for us, and everything they've done has been exceptional. They are knowledgeable and timely, and their customer service is very good. I would rate them as an A.”

“They solved the initial problem, identified another problem that I was unaware of, and rectified that as well. I had a drain that was clogged; they took the steps to unclog it, and they provided a way for me to maintain it in the future. They get an A grade.”

“Legacy Plumbing is awesome. I would give them an A. We use them at our rental and personal properties, and they're great.”

“Legacy Plumbing cleaned out a couple drains, and they did a good job. They told me what was wrong and got them working again, and that was exactly what I expected. I'd give them an A, and I would refer them.”

“They were very professional and quick. I would recommend them to a friend or family member, and I would give them the highest rating.”

“They are nice guys, they're friendly, and they tell me what's going on. I would recommend them to a friend or family member. I'd probably grade them an A.”

“They did a good job and their service is on time. They do the plumbing work. I'd give them an A.”

“They did a really good job.”

“They completed the job, did it quickly, and explained everything they did. I would use them again for sure. They came out to unstop a drain. I'd give them an A.”

“I liked the workmanship and the customer service was good. I would refer them to a friend or family member, and I'd give them an A.”

“They've actually been out several times. Most recently, they repaired some piping. They came out last week, and in April, they prepared an extra line. The customer service was good, no problem. They're an A.”

“A little bit of everything made it positive. The technician that came was really good. He worked out in the rain and it was a pretty hard job; under bad working conditions, he did a great job. I'd grade them an A.”

“It was very good. They were timely, friendly, and knowledgeable. I'd give them an A. I recommend them to family and friends all the time.”

“They were informative, clean, neat, fast, and thorough. I would refer them to a friend or family member. I'd give them an A.”