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Foundation Support Specialists is Texas homeowners' long-trusted partner in foundation repair, concrete lifting, and crawl space repair. We offer long-term solutions for your home and restore your peace of mind, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Foundation Support Specialists offers concrete lifting, leveling, and repair for concrete driveways, patios, steps, sidewalks, and pool decks.

About Concrete Leveling & Raising Companies in Austin

Cracked and uneven concrete around your house isn’t just an aesthetically displeasing nuisance—it also poses a serious safety hazard. A sunken area in a sidewalk, front walkway, or driveway is a trip hazard for anyone who spends time at your house, so prioritize getting these problems fixed.

Sinking concrete is often a sign of underlying issues with grading, soil erosion, and water drainage in your yard. These types of problems are difficult to diagnose on your own, however, so it’s always best to bring in the professionals to expertly assess the situation.

Austin Concrete Leveling Services

Signs of sunken concrete

Sunken, cracked, and unlevel concrete isn’t hard to identify, but try to be proactive in looking for these areas around your house. Take a walk around your property after a storm or heavy rain, and check for evidence of soil erosion around the driveway, front walkway, patio and any other concrete structures, such as steps or a porch.

Drought conditions are frequent in the Austin area, especially during Texas' hot and humid summers; be sure to repeat your erosion check during these times since dry soil is also subject to severe erosion. Unsupported concrete doesn’t improve on its own, and the earlier any problematic areas are caught, the easier (and cheaper) they are to fix.

Causes of sunken concrete

The primary cause of cracking and sinking concrete is loss of supporting soil. Erosion and soil washout occur most often as a result of loose or improperly prepared dirt beneath a concrete slab.

Heavy rains can cause water to run through your yard and around the concrete near your home; if this drainage isn’t routed correctly, it can take large amounts of soil with it. On the other extreme, long periods of dry weather can cause certain soil types to shrink as they dry, creating voids underneath concrete slabs.

Concrete slabs are strong, but they must be supported by a solid soil base to withstand years of use and inclement weather.

Repairing sunken concrete

Mudjacking and concrete leveling companies in Austin typically raise concrete slabs using either a synthetic or mortar-based material. Your contractor will drill holes in the concrete and use a hose inserted in these holes to fill the empty space beneath the slab with the leveling material.

As the void is filled, the sunken area will be lifted to the level of the surrounding concrete. The contractor will patch the injection holes once this process is complete, and the repaired slab will cure to its final hardness over the course of a few days.

The Best Picks for Austin Concrete Repair and Lifting Companies

Cracked and sunken concrete is a safety hazard, so don’t put off having it fixed. To ensure that the job is done correctly the first time, hire an experienced, professional Austin concrete repair company.

Good contractors can be hard to find, especially in Austin’s crowded home improvement marketplace, and that’s why the survey team at Best Pick Reports reaches out to area homeowners each year to find the very best concrete leveling and mudjacking companies near you.

All Best Pick companies are fully vetted on an annual basis to ensure that they continue to provide high-quality work and stellar customer service. We verify all state-required licenses and insurance every year, too. Our rigorous company qualification process means that you can trust that the companies we recommend are indeed the best of the best. We’re proud to present our survey findings in an accessible, easy-to-navigate format.

Give yourself peace of mind by hiring a Best Pick Austin concrete leveling and lifting company. You’ll have a great experience from beginning to end—we guarantee it.