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"For over 20 years, we have been committed to superior service by always providing our clients with the best technicians, products, and technology. Our dedicated team will take great care of your home and follow up with you after the job is complete to ensure you are completely satisfied every time."

Randy & Erika Herman | President & Vice President
Company Information
Services Offered
Cornerstone Chem-Dry provides cleaning services for carpets, area rugs, upholstery, leather, tile, and grout. The company also offers carpet repair, pet deodorization, and mold remediation as well as 24-hour water, smoke, and fire damage restoration.
Minimum Job
The minimum job requirement is $99.
The company offers a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.
Company History
Cornerstone Chem-Dry has served the Dallas/Fort Worth area since 1994.
In addition to Franchise of the Year in 2013, Cornerstone has won many awards from the Chem-Dry national franchise. The company is a member of the Garland Chamber of Commerce and the Dallas Executives Association.
Additional Information
Cornerstone uses The Natural, Chem-Dry's green and nontoxic cleaning solution.
Areas Served
Plano/Frisco/Allen/McKinney, Greater Dallas, North Dallas, Southlake/Grapevine/Colleyville, Flower Mound/Lewisville/Highland Village
A selection of 284 homeowner reviews:
“The gentleman that came out to our home was incredible. The work he did was extremely thorough and professional. I recommend Cornerstone Chem-Dry highly.”
“This company provides excellent service, and if there is a problem, they work with you to solve it quickly.”
“Everything was great. They showed up on time and did a great job.”
“Great communication. Wouldn't choose anyone else.”
“They have cleaned my carpets several times. Very pleased with each visit. I would recommend them to everyone.”
“A very good company to work with, and I will definitely work with them again.”
“Great job. Brought our rugs back to life.”
“They did a great job.”
“Great service.”
“Excellent work.”
“Professionally done in a timely manner.”
“Very professional, courteous, and friendly.”
“Excellent work—I'm very happy with it.”
“Very Professional. Great service.”
“They cleaned four rooms of carpet, and I think this is the third or fourth time I've had them back and have been satisfied. My daughter spilled some water-based paint on my carpet, and they got all of it out. I would grade them as an A+—the highest.”
“They did carpet cleaning. I've been using them for about four years now, and they do a good job. I'd give them an A+.”
“Cornerstone Chem-Dry cleaned the couch and steam cleaned the carpets. I would give them an A+ rating.”
“We use them every time, and I have them on my calendar to use next month. They've done carpet cleaning, and in times past, they've done a complete tile cleaning over our living and dining area. We've been using them since 2006 in two different homes. They're an A.”
“We've used them on a number of properties, and if we have any complaints, they come back and fix it. They do carpet cleaning for us. I chose them because I liked the system that they did. They get an A.”
“They did my carpets. They have a guy—his name is Tony—and I've never had a guy with that type of customer service show up at my house before. I would give them a good grade—they're an A.”
“They've done carpets and furniture. I chose them because of the type of the product they use. It's organic, and it's cleaner—less chemicals and less water in the carpet. I would give them an A; they did a great job.”
“Cornerstone Chem-Dry just did my carpet, and it was fine. I would grade them an A.”
“They were fine. They cleaned carpet and upholstery. They were greener, so that's why I chose them.”
“They were very professional and friendly. I would recommend them to anyone. I didn't encounter any problems with them.”
“They cleaned my carpet downstairs and up in the bedroom and main room. Great service from technician—very thorough and friendly.”
“They cleaned the carpets that had overspray and mud all over them. Very nice and professional people.”
“They removed pet stains from a complex oriental rug. This was about 96 percent effective. It took several weeks, but they were very conscientious. They did not charge for pickup and delivery.”
“They cleaned my carpet and removed pet and coffee stains—professional and courteous behavior with excellent work.”
“They did basic carpet cleaning. Tony did a great job.”
“We had a couch cleaned. The staffer accidently left a mark on a side table; they were extremely concerned and took care to have the table fixed. Their office manager was very thorough and focused on customer service.”
“They cleaned tile, carpet, and area rugs. From the visit to give me an estimate to the person showing up to do the work, it was a great experience. All of my questions were answered correctly, and the work was amazing.”
“I have used Cornerstone Chem-Dry on two occasions to clean and sanitize two area rugs in my home. Both rugs were damaged by pet stains, and I was unsure that they could actually be salvaged because the stains were so significant. In each case, they were able to lift the stain and completely clean and sanitize the rug. The pickup and delivery were quick and efficient, and the service professionals were friendly and helpful.”
“They did carpet cleaning for three rooms in a rental house. They did a good job and got the stains out.”
“They came out to remove and clean out molded areas in my duplex. They showed up the day that they said they would, and they finished when they said they would. Payment was simple as well.”
“They cleaned my carpet and vinyl floors. The technician was professional and knowledgeable—he seemed educated.”
“They did removal of pet urine stains and odors. They were able to remove all of the stains and 95 percent of the pet urine smell.”
“They cleaned carpets in all of my rooms, hallways, and closets. They also cleaned chairs. Professional care—they explained what was done and made sure I was happy.”
“I have used Cornerstone Chem-Dry on two occasions. Both rugs were damaged by pet stains, and I was unsure that they could actually be salvaged because the stains were so significant. In each case, they were able to lift the stain and completely clean and sanitize the rug. The pickup and delivery were quick and efficient, and the service professionals were friendly and helpful.”
“They have given baths to my Oriental rugs. They're friendly, thorough, and take pride in their work. They did an excellent job on my rugs—even the little one.”
“They cleaned an expensive hand-knotted area rug. It was cleaned well, they delivered on time, and they were careful in laying it down in my new house.”
“They did carpet cleaning—four rooms. The attendant was fast, efficient, very courteous, and on time.”
“I like Cornerstone Chem-Dry because they use chemicals, and as soon as it's dry, you're on it—it doesn't take very long. I don't like steam because it takes the curls out of the yarn. I also like the fact that they are very eager to do whatever you want done. They will even do just one area. They do the best they can do. They haven't done any tile or grout cleaning, but I'm looking forward to having that done. Their customer service has always been excellent. They're definitely an A+ company.”
“Cornerstone Chem-Dry has cleaned the carpets in most of the rooms for me. I have never had any problems except that the stains come back, but if it isn't perfect, I call, and they come back. The customer service is very good. Overall, I'd say they deserve an A grade.”
“There's one man that I ask for all the time because he always goes above and beyond. The other people would just come in, clean, leave, and that would be it, but Tony moves furniture when he doesn't have to. I'm old, so he will do all these things for me, and I really appreciate it. He does an excellent job on my carpeting, too. I even wrote to Chem-Dry and told them how great he was. I would give them an A.”
“They have cleaned carpets for me. The technician had a good attitude, and he tried his very best. I also liked that when I asked him to do something special, he had a good attitude about that, too. I have been using the company for a long time, and I have never had any issues or had to call them back for anything. I would recommend them. I'd sum up the overall experience as an A-.”
“We had an issue with some household flooding, and Cornerstone Chem-Dry helped us with the cleanup. The company is very straightforward and very honest in their pricing approach, and they seem to have the customer's interest at heart. I heard about the company through a referral, and I would recommend them myself. It's really hard to give out an A+, so I'd give them an A-.”
“The family that I work for had the carpet cleaned through them. They came out, took the carpets, and cleaned them. They came back nice and clean, so I assume that was good. We did not have to call them back for any problems. The service deserves an A+.”
“The last time they did work for us, it was carpet cleaning in every room. We've used other places, but Cornerstone Chem-Dry is who we use now—always. We've been using them for eight years. We won't switch unless there is a problem, so clearly they do a good job. The people are nice. They get an A+ rating.”
“They did carpet cleaning for the whole house, and I had no problems. I liked that the detergent that they use is not very toxic. I would give them an A+.”
“When the carpet cleaning company came, it looked like A+ work to me.”