The holidays are a time of family and celebration. Guests will fill your home to share in the festivities, and you will want your dining area design to truly reflect the time of year. Seasonal decorations throughout the room will brighten your home and lift the spirits of your loved ones. Here are some great ideas to bring the holidays to your dining room.

Pick a Color

wintery blue themed place settingPick a color and use it to define your theme for the event. Selecting decorations in one color theme can make a room look put together with very little effort while retaining an elegant feeling. Choosing a simple theme when decorating for the holidays can help a room come together quickly.

Use Patterns

wooden christmas treesBuy multiples of the same decorative piece and set them evenly across a wall, windows, or a sideboard. Your dining area design will be simple and timeless, and as a bonus, if one item gets damaged, you can simply redistribute them, rather than having to find a whole new piece.

Go Natural

cookies in box with natural wreathWintery touches from outside, such as pinecones, sprigs of holly, or pine branches, can bring the feel of the season into your home. Just make sure that any natural pieces you bring in from the outdoors are free of little critters!

Light the Table

child lighting candles at Christmas tableCandles bring a warm light wherever they are placed, and using them to light the dining table will draw attention toward the center of the room, helping focus your guests on the company they’re keeping.

Decorate with Ornaments

place setting decorated with leaf and ball ornamentsUse extra ornaments as holiday table decorations to add pops of color. Consider using them in contrasting, vivid colors to brighten up a place setting or a centerpiece.

Wrap Presents

wrapped gifts and a rocking horse in holiday colorsHave some spare shipping boxes lying around? Wrap them in holiday paper and use them to decorate. Wrapped gifts are a traditional part of the holiday season and will bring that familiar holiday feeling to your dining room.