Bathrooms can get cluttered quickly, and traditional vanities don’t always provide as much storage space as you need. If your bathroom space is especially small, you might not even have the luxury of a vanity for storage. If you’re finding that your towels and toiletries are migrating to different parts of your house due to lack of room, here are some bathroom storage ideas to help you create and reclaim places to stash your stuff:

1. Create Wall Storage

While you could test out your drywall skills by cutting storage nooks in your bathroom walls, an easier (and less labor-intensive) alternative is to purchase and hang a wall cabinet or shelving unit. These storage solutions are an excellent place to put extra toiletries and towels for yourself or for guests, and you can also subdivide the shelves with boxes or baskets for smaller items. Wall cabinets and shelving units are available in a variety of materials and finishes to suit your decorating style, and you can always paint them to further customize your space.

2. Maximize Counter Space

If you have some counter space—no matter how little—plan carefully to make the most of it. Small boxes and containers can help you organize small, easily misplaced items, and countertop drawer systems can add much-needed storage space. Let your imagination run wild. Cake stands and other pieces traditionally used for entertaining can display small jars and bottles while keeping them off the counter and out of the way, and unusual cups, mugs, and glasses can serve as clever places to stash makeup brushes or toothbrushes. If your vanity has drawers, use them to store large or seldom-used items, and use boxes or drawer dividers to help further maximize the space. If you have the luxury of under-sink cabinetry, consider hanging hair dryers, hand mirrors, and even hairbrushes on small hooks to keep them hidden but still accessible and to free up more drawer space.

3. Don’t Write Off That Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sinks are common in small bathrooms because they don’t take up much space. The only problem with them is that they don’t provide any bathroom storage space—at least, not without a little creativity. Sink skirts are an easy sewing project, or they can be purchased from home decorating retailers. Once the skirt is attached to the sink, the plumbing won’t be visible anymore, and you will have a hidden—but still easily accessible—space for storage racks and containers.

4. Consider Free-Standing Furniture

Storage ladders that offer open shelves of different depths can add a lot of extra bathroom storage space in a relatively small room, and they can be moved around easily to accommodate your needs. Stackable wooden or wicker boxes, while perhaps not strictly furniture, can also provide attractive, moveable storage space for towels, linens, and extra toiletries. And don’t think you need to look only at bathroom furniture. Bedside tables, small occasional tables, and side tables can also stand in when you don’t have a lot of bathroom vanity storage—just bring a tape measure along on your shopping trip so you can make sure that a particular piece will fit your space.

5. Look Into Custom Shelving

Anything custom—especially when it comes to home design—usually comes with an elevated price tag. Don’t immediately assume that it’s not an option for you, though. If your space is irregularly shaped or has nonstandard angles, custom shelving may be a more cost-effective option than purchasing multiple off-the-shelf storage solutions that never truly meet your needs. A Best Pick contractor who specializes in bathroom remodeling will be able to help you design your ultimate bathroom vanity storage solution.

Small bathrooms pose a challenge when it comes to storage. A cluttered space is difficult to keep clean, and hunting around for necessary items can make your morning routine take twice as long as it should. Taking a few minutes to identify which bathroom vanity storage solutions will work best for you will help you turn your bathroom into a more welcoming, usable space.

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