Food is an integral part of the holiday season, but how can you keep your kitchen space organized? With a holiday every month and social gatherings in between, you’re going to need strategic food organization tactics. Follow these tips to maximize space in your pantry this year.

Hanging Shelves

hanging spice shelfStart your space efficiency mission as soon as you open the pantry door. Install hanging shelves for spices and other small bottles on the inside of your pantry doors so they are easy to see and retrieve for quick use in the kitchen. This frees up space on other shelves for larger items that might not be able to fit on a hanging shelf.

Wall Organizers

If you like to buy several kinds of snacks so you can munch throughout the day but you just don’t have space for all the boxes, a wall organizer such as a simple hanging shoe rack will allow for easy differentiation. If it has clear pockets, you’ll know what all of your choices are. They’re good for portioning out kids’ snacks too so they don’t fight over who gets the last pack of gummies.

Food Storage Jars

food storage jars with grains in small pantryFood storage jars eliminate the problem of needlessly large boxes, and jars will keep your food fresher for a longer period of time. As an added bonus, you can buy clear ones to see exactly how much of what is in each pantry container. These are particularly good for cereal, rice, flour, and other grains.

Lazy Susans

A lazy Susan isn’t just good for the kitchen table. You can also use it to store spices so that they don’t take up more than one shelf. Since it rotates, you can access more spices than if they were all crammed on a shelf—no more buying five jars of cinnamon accidentally because you lost the first four in the cluttered cabinet.

Rolling Carts

rolling wooden kitchen cartRolling carts are compact to easily fit in your pantry, and some options have three to four baskets for maximum storage capacity. They make great storage space for potatoes, onions, bread, chips, or anything that might take up more room on a shelf than it’s worth. If your pantry is oddly shaped, but you have six inches of underutilized space, try building your own roll-out shelf pantry.


red potatoes in wicker basketIf you’re worried about a little one or a pet knocking over a rolling cart, you can use baskets to separate the food on the shelves—canned vegetables, beans, rice, grains, etc. Baskets come in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures, so you have lots of options to choose from. Find small chalkboards to hang on the baskets for labeling so you won’t forget what’s in each one.