Creating a welcoming atmosphere for visitors takes little time and effort if you approach it well prepared. Part one of this blog offered home decorating tips for specific rooms in your home. Part two offers six tips that will make every area of your home more inviting.

Interior Décor Ideas for a Welcoming Home

  1. Declutter the home. A cluttered home can make guests feel ill at ease. Fortunately, a little organization can go a long way. Utilizing shelves and storage boxes can free up space and make your home look and feel bigger. Although the task may seem daunting, there are nine Best Pick steps that can help you organize your home bit by bit.

  2. Control LightControl the light. Natural sunlight can liven up a room. However, too much direct light can create additional heat and make visitors feel uncomfortable. Window coverings and treatments are great solutions for this problem. For instance, vertical blinds provide shade but also allow for some air circulation and sunlight. If you have a room that lacks a window, hang a mirror on the wall—it will brighten up the area by reflecting light.

  3. Use pleasant fragrances. Nothing deters guests more than unpleasant odors. Keep your home smelling fresh with candles, air fresheners, or potted plants like lavender. Also remove any odors from the home by changing out the garbage bags and tackling difficult pet stains.

  4. Pick the right colors. Paint and wallpaper can completely transform a room and create an inviting atmosphere. Cool-toned colors—like blues and greens—will help your guests relax, and warmer colors—like reds and yellows—will create a more intimate environment. Beyond painting walls, you can also add color to the room with pillows, throw blankets, and rugs.

  5. Use GreeneryUse lots of greenery. A few potted plants are a welcome addition to any home. You can place plants in corners or on bookshelves, or you can even make them a focal point, such as a dining room centerpiece. Window boxes will also add greenery to your home. With the blinds or shades up, they can be seen from the inside, and the fragrances from the plants will help create a welcoming environment.

  6. Add some personal touches. Your home is an extension of yourself, and your personality is reflected in the photographs, souvenirs, and old family heirlooms you display throughout your house. By displaying these things, you will make your home feel cozy for your visitors.

These few welcoming updates will not only benefit your visitors, but they can also benefit you. Reducing clutter, using lots of color, and adding personal touches will make your residence feel like a home. These easy home decorating ideas should help you create a more relaxing place for both you and your guests.

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