Fence improvements don’t have to be reserved for simply boosting curb appeal during a home sale. By upgrading or replacing your current fence, you can give your house a facelift that can make it feel homier as well as more inviting and memorable to guests. Keep in mind the following four guidelines when approaching a fence update.

1. Use Traditional Fence Styles

The typical American dream home is often pictured with a white picket fence. A picket fence is definitely the most iconic type of fence, and it will appeal to the widest range of visitors. However, there are many other kinds of fences that can be aesthetically pleasing. For instance, wrought iron fences work best to create an estate vibe for large homes, and split-rail fences are a fitting addition for country homes. Be sure to take into account the style of your home when making a fence selection, because choosing one that clashes with your home can be off-putting.

2. Get Creative with Decorative Fencing

wood fence with stone posts in front of houseOnce you’ve decided on a fence style you’re happy with, you should figure out how to decorate your fence. Pick out any pillars, columns, gates, or other accent pieces you may want to incorporate. Accents contribute a unique flair that can set your fence apart. Next, think about colors. While white is a classic color choice for picket fences, coordinating fence colors with the home’s trim can also work well and increase design cohesion. Alternatively, experimenting with unconventional colors—particularly on backyard fences—can really bring a playful air to a garden or play area for the kids. If you want to get really whimsical, drill small holes into wooden fence panels, and fill each with a colored marble. When sun reflects off the marbles, your yard will be bathed in multicolored light beams.

3. Think Beyond the Fence

Sometimes, the prettiest fences are most attractive because of the creative ways they’re used. Hanging an arrangement of colorful potted plants along the fence or weaving flowering plants through a lattice fence is a great way to make a fence seem like a natural part of the landscape. Decorative mirrors can be hung up on the inside of the fence as well to make your yard seem larger. If you’re very ambitious, think about changing your fence decorations every season; it will put you in a festive mood and dazzle visitors and neighbors.

4. Practice Proper Maintenance

hand painting a wood fence brownThis may seem obvious, but good upkeep is the ultimate key to a welcoming fence. Peeling, cracking, leaning, or faded fences are an eyesore and will not impress anyone—not friends, neighbors, or prospective buyers. Keep an eye on your fence, and be diligent about getting it cleaned, painted, or stained as needed in order to keep it in pristine condition. Talk to one of our Best Pick contractors if fence maintenance is something you need help with.

A fence is often the part of your property that makes the biggest impression on visitors, so make sure yours is visually appealing. Choose a fence that both enhances your home’s style and reflects your personal design preferences.

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