2018 was a big year for Best Pick Reports. We joined the EverCommerce family of companies, and we combined forces with GuildQuality, the building and home improvement industry’s leader in third-party customer satisfaction surveying, to offer homeowners the best, most accurate information about outstanding local home service companies.

With EverCommerce and GuildQuality on our side, Best Pick Reports is now a powerhouse of independent, objective consumer research, and we want our brand to reflect our recent growth. We’re excited about these positive changes for Best Pick Reports and what they mean for our customers. To celebrate, we’ve updated our signature certification badge and our logo.

Best Pick Reports 2019 logo and ribbon

The badge and logo you’re accustomed to seeing have been part of our brand for the 22 years we’ve been serving homeowners, and it’s time for our branding to better reflect our mission of connecting homeowners with quality home service companies. So what’s new?

  1. Our updated certification badge, logo, and company name use a shade of blue that highlights our partnership with GuildQuality without straying from our roots as the dependable, reliable source for great home service providers you recognize and trust. Keep an eye out for the phrase “Powered by GuildQuality,” which will often accompany our new logo to call attention to our best customer satisfaction survey system yet.
  2. While the old badge, or ribbon, employed a very traditional design that included the certification year, the new, streamlined ribbon design shifts the focus to our improved, easy-to-interpret five-star company rating system.
  3. Our new logo modernizes our signature house emblem—the blue-and-white speech bubble—that tells you exactly what we’re passionate about: Providing homeowners with unbiased ratings and the resources they need to find the best local home service companies.
  4. The three dots inside our house emblem are now front and center to remind you of the three reasons you can be confident in your choice of a Best Pick company: All Best Picks are researched, verified, and guaranteed.
  5. The signature block letters that have adorned Best Pick Reports publications for over 20 years are now found alongside the house emblem, creating a seamless branding experience for our users.

With our new brand design, we’re bringing together the best parts of Best Pick Reports and GuildQuality. The high-quality online and print content you expect from us will not change; in fact, we’re committed to continually improving your experience with both our digital and physical products.  

We know that finding good, trustworthy home service providers isn’t always easy, and our purpose for over two decades has been to make that part of your life simpler and less stressful. We’re thrilled to continue serving you by keeping our standards high and our products fresh and modern—including our branding.