If you’re looking for a unique outdoor setting for your big day, these wedding locations will get you thinking outside the box. Whether you get married in a botanical garden or choose to say “I do” in a state park, your wedding will be one you and your guests will remember forever.

Don’t wait too late to book your favorite venue. Selecting the location is one of the first items to cross off your wedding checklist.

Weddings at Farms

wedded couple stands in large wheat fieldFor a casual wedding, a refurbished barn makes a great setting. Since it’s refurbished, it won’t smell like the livestock that used to inhabit it. You can also have the reception in the barn, which makes for easy transition from wedding to reception.

Alternately, you can have the ceremony in a neighboring field and move the reception into the barn later. How you coordinate and decorate a farm or barn wedding is really up to you.

Weddings at Gardens

wedding seating in botanical gardenAs long as you and your guests don’t have any allergies, a botanical garden will make a great setting for an outdoor wedding. Coordinate colors with what’s in season to create a cohesive theme. Plus, botanical gardens are usually open all year, so you can make plans to get married in your favorite season among your favorite foliage.

Bonus tip: you’ll save a ton of money on flowers if you don’t have to buy flowers for the ceremony.

Weddings at Country Clubs

tables set up for wedding reception outside at country clubMany country clubs offer outdoor spaces that overlook a body of water or mountains, and some have gazebos for ceremonies. You can also coordinate with the club to set up a space for your reception that keeps you covered in the event of bad weather. Rain on your wedding day might be good luck, but it’s always good to have a sheltered option just in case.

Weddings at Public Parks or State Parks

wedding ceremony at gazebo in wooded state parkParks have lots of space to accommodate your guests and plenty of room for the younger guests to run around. State parks often offer a scenic view of mountains or other natural formations.

If you decide to go with a state park, make sure you complete any special use forms that might be required to have an outdoor wedding on the property. Alcohol may also have forms and fees associated with it, so make sure you know about all requirements before committing to a regulated venue.

Weddings at Old Mills

bride in the distance at an old millIf you’re looking to host a vintage wedding, an old mill is the place for you. This space may limit the number of guests you can invite, but that’s not always a bad thing, especially for lower-budget weddings.  

Weddings at Vineyards

bride and groom kiss in vineyardFor a bride and groom who enjoy wine, a vineyard is a great spot. It’s a quiet setting, and, like old mill venues, it may also have a limit on the number of guests you can bring. This location lends itself to an entire vineyard theme with creative options for invitations, photos, and decorations—plus, the alcohol selections will include locally made wine.

Weddings at Ruins

wedding party stands in center of old ruinsIf a historical setting is your style, ruins might be a good option. Ruins of old churches or other historical buildings make great wedding venues.

Research landmarks in your area to see if they can accommodate a large party. If they aren’t accustomed to hosting weddings, they might have a lower rental rate than other venues.

Weddings at Beaches

couple kissing behind wedding bouquet on the beachThe beach is a classic and enjoyable—but not-too-overdone—setting. While you might not have as many guests at a destination wedding, you have the option of going a bit more casual with attire and decorations in this setting. It’s just a matter of finding the right beach.

Wonderful Wedding Locations

bride tosses bouquet to crowd at outdoor weddingThe venue will be the foundation for your wedding’s theme—colors, dress materials, decorations, and favors, and will define how you use your budget. From ruins to beaches to vineyards to gardens, make your wedding perfect by finding the right location.