Deciding on which dishes to prepare for your next holiday party can be overwhelming at times. You could easily spend hours poring over your cookbook collection, comparing recipes for the same dish. To make the process easier, we’ve compiled a list of the eight best holiday recipes to make this year. From appetizers to dessert, we have you covered.

Cheese Balls

cheese ball and cheese spreader with crackers on wood tableCheese balls have been a staple of get-togethers for decades—and for good reason. They’re easy to make, and they serve a crowd. Try this recipe for a cheese ball that will satisfy your guests’ cravings for something sweet, salty, and crunchy.

Slow Cooker Meatballs

meatballs piled on white plateUsing your slow cooker for these honey buffalo meatballs will free up the stove and oven for the rest of the meal.

Festive Green Salad

closeup photo of colorful microgreensAdd this green salad to your holiday party menu to balance out the richness of traditional seasonal fare. Jewel-like pomegranate seeds add tangy sweetness and a pop of color.

Beef Tenderloin

whole raw beef tenderloin on black backgroundA whole beef tenderloin is a luxury, but it is a definite crowd-pleaser. Try a bourbon-glazed tenderloin on the grill as a creative alternative to the traditional beef roast.

Roast Turkey

roast turkey in stainless steel roasting panA roast turkey is a staple of holiday meals, so be sure to have this reliable recipe up your sleeve.

Green Bean Casserole

fresh green beans in stainless steel colanderLove it or hate it, getting through the holiday season without encountering at least one green bean casserole is almost impossible. If any of your guests are vegetarian or vegan, try this green bean casserole recipe. It’s quick to prepare and sure to please everyone at the table, including the carnivores.

Dinner Rolls

basket of whole wheat dinner rollsWow your guests with homemade dinner rolls. These whole wheat rolls are the perfect complement to any menu.

Sugar Cookies

decorated sugar cookies in Christmas shapesLooking for the best sugar cookie recipe? Your search has ended. Whether you leave them plain or cover them in festive frosting, these cookies are the perfect end to a meal.