More and more people are repurposing old furniture or materials to be used in different ways, and repurposing is also good for the environment, so think before you throw away those old suitcases you don’t have room for or those bottle caps that look like trash.

Here are a few items that can be used in ways you may not expect.

Sandwich Holder from a CD Spindle

empty CD SpindleWho needs a lunch box when you can put your sandwich in an old CD spindle? Just wash out the plastic container, use a bagel or a bun with a hole in the middle, and you have a sandwich holder. Grab a bag of chips, and you’ll be ready to go for the day.

You can also use the spindle container for snacks if you’re more of a normal-wheat-bread kind of person. Either way, you’re reducing the waste you contribute to the environment.

Guitar Picks from Old Credit Cards

stack of credit cardsGuitar picks are notoriously easy to lose. Buy a hole punch that creates cutouts in the shape of a guitar pick, and you can make new picks out of old credit cards whenever you need them.

Tea Lights from Bottle Caps

metal bottle capsMelt wax into an old metal bottle cap with a wick in the middle. You’ll have a quick and easy craft that can serve as a light source in desperate times or when you want to set a mood. You can also choose to use scented wax for your candle.

Chair from Vintage Suitcase

stack of three brown suitcasesNo one wants to throw away their grandparents’ old luggage for reasons both aesthetic and sentimental, but there aren’t really many practical uses for it, either. If you need an extra seat in your living room, turn a suitcase into a chair.

Easy Pancake Tools from Ketchup Bottles

ketchup bottle with tomatoes behindWash out an old ketchup bottle and fill it with pancake batter, then squeeze the batter into the pan from the bottle for a quick breakfast tomorrow morning. Since the batter is premade, all you have to do is cook the pancakes.

After you’ve used the bottle, wash it out and recycle it. This project isn’t the best for repeated use, but it still maximizes the bottle’s potential.

Cable Organizers from Binder Clips

scattered binder clipsAttach a binder clip to the side of your desk, and thread charger cords through the metal loop. You won’t get all your wires crossed anymore.

If you go on vacation, binder clips are easy to pack and use when you reach your destination, so you can stay organized at home and on the go.

Loveseat from a Stand-alone Bathtub

man sitting on bathtub seatIf you have an old stand-alone bathtub, repurpose it by cutting it in half and adding some upholstery for a new loveseat that will also make a great discussion piece. It does take some time to turn a repurposed bathtub into a loveseat, so you might want to recruit some experienced help. At the very least, get some advice from a local bathroom remodeler.

Are You Inspired?

Try these repurposing projects to add some functionality and decoration to your home. These unlikely sources of inspiration can save you time, money, and materials. Plus, they’re great conversation starters, and you can share your projects with friends.

That old suitcase that’s been in the attic might be perfect for additional seating space in the living room, or the old CD spindle could reduce your usage of brown paper lunch bags and plastic sandwich bags. We’ve all heard of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” but maybe it’s time to add a fourth R to the phrase—Repurpose.