If Harry Potter could survive in the cupboard under the stairs, then surely, you can figure out suitable space solutions for your home. These storage tips will put you on the path to a spacious arrangement in any room—no matter how tiny.



four pairs of shoes on wooden shoe shelf

  • Use the vertical space. A hanging organizer for t-shirts, leggings, pants, and other non-bulky clothes will eliminate the number of hangers needed and will free up some closet space to hang other items, like sweaters and coats. Don’t forget to use any extra space above the shelf in your closet too.
  • The door is a functional part of your closet—and not just to hide all the items you threw in at the last minute while cleaning for guests. You can hang shoe pockets on the door or put a mirror there to aid your morning routine.
  • The floor is your friend. Build shelves in the lower part of your closet for shoes. This way, shoes don’t take up space in other areas of the home, and you can utilize the floor space that would otherwise be occupied by shoes.


  • A repurposed wine rack can serve as a towel holder on the wall. It’s a decorative solution for those without a linen closet, and it ensures you and your guests will always have towels at the ready.
  • Bookshelves aren’t just for living areas. Putting a repurposed bookshelf in your bathroom gives you lots of decorative options, additional storage for items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, and toilet paper, and easy access to items for your guests to use, such as lotions and hand soaps.



entertainment center with tv, shelves, and closet space

  • Old drawers can be used for other purposes, such as jewelry shelves, wall art, or rolling storage units for under the bed. If you go the storage unit route, use them for pieces you’ll access infrequently or for clothes that are out of season.
  • Find multifunctional furniture. An ottoman serves as a seat and a storage container that can be stowed away as needed. An entertainment stand that can hold books and movies as well as the television will be much more versatile than a stand with only enough room for one large object or several small items. This tip can also be applied to other rooms in the house.

In a small space, you want to make use of all the hidden storage you have. These ideas will help you learn what to look for to maximize your home’s space-saving potential.