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Trutech LLC has received 5 out of 5 stars (A-rating) based on 293 customer surveys conducted by Best Pick Reports.
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"We've been in business since 1984, and we offer guaranteed exclusion repairs to prevent animals from re-entering your home, removal and replacement of contaminated insulation, and a new, innovative gutter protection system. We're here to secure your protection and peace of mind."

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Trutech LLC handles nuisance wildlife that includes, but is not limited to, flying and gray squirrels, raccoons, coyotes, foxes, rats, mice, opossums, snakes, bats, birds, moles, beavers, feral cats, dogs, and hogs. The company also treats for bees, yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets. Additionally, Trutech performs relocation of animals and wildlife, insulation replacement, dead animal removal, and exclusion services.
Company History
The national company was founded in 1984 and now provides services in 26 states.
Employee Information
According to Trutech, all employees must pass background checks and drug tests. The company's technicians wear uniforms, and Trutech has a dedicated team that provides 24-hour service for wildlife emergencies.
Areas Served
Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Plano, The Colony, Dallas, Irving, Carrollton, Coppell, Irving, Richardson, Colleyville, Euless, Grapevine, Keller, North Richland Hills, Southlake, Flower Mound, Highland Village, Lake Dallas, Lewisville

“It's freaking awesome. They're very thorough, extremely thorough. He was very thorough, and he did his job extremely well. He's in Texas. They got rid of some possums and, possibly, raccoons. Overall, I would give them an A+, and 300 pluses behind it. The dude that came over here was awesome. I wish I remembered his name, but he did his job. He knew what he was doing; he knew all kinds of stuff. I had a barn out back, and he knew all about the droppings and what-not—about what was out there, the critters, and whatnot. I'd recommend Trutech for sure.”

“I guess I liked Trutech's communication and service. They were getting rid of gophers for me. I'd give them an A+. Extremely likely that I'd recommend them.”

“Trutech was very efficient, and they did what they said they were going to do. I have the highest regards for the technicians that did our work; they got rid of squirrels for us. I would grade the overall experience with an A+.”

“They're always quite good. They removed squirrels from my attic, and they sealed that off, so that I haven't gotten any more back in there. They have set out varmint-traps, so we're keeping the mouse and rat populations down. They're very nice people. They've done the job, and they're nice people: what else could I want? I would grade them excellent, an A.”

“We definitely had a positive experience; we don't have any problems with birds anymore. It was outstanding. I told them what I wanted, and they showed up and did it. I haven't had any trouble since then. I'd give them an A; I'm really satisfied. I've been fighting with these birds for years. They're fine on everything; they show up, and they do what they're supposed to do. I just leave the gate open for them, and they come in and do what they need to do, and that's it. I get a bill, and that's it.”

“I liked his courtesy, I liked his honesty, and I liked his availability. When I had questions, he always took my calls; I felt like I was important. They got a dead raccoon. I'd give them an A+, and I'd absolutely recommend Trutech.”

“I liked that they were very professional, explained everything very well, did a good job, and cleaned up after themselves; we couldn't have been more satisfied. They checked to find animals under our home. I would grade the overall experience with an A+.”

“The personnel were friendly, to the point, and professional. They got rid of gophers for me. I would say they deserve an A+. I have recommended them to a couple of people.”

“They came right over, took care of the problem, did the follow-up, and everything was good. Everything was good, like they said it would be. This was squirrels—attic squirrels. It was an A+. The person showed up on time, they did the work in a timely manner, followed up in a timely manner, and everything was very professional. The clean-up was very good; they never left a mess. Everything was good, and I don't think that there's anybody out there whose better—that I know of. I've checked with neighbors that have used other services, but they were never quite as satisfied. But this person turned out to be just as good as anybody as I've ever seen. They're better than the animal control people.”

“He just came out and checked it out and said, 'You don't have gophers.' It was a bad water problem. He was very nice, and he was dependable. He told me that he would call me before he came, which he did, and he was right on time. He was very nice. I would grade the overall experience with an A; no problem. I've already recommended them. I like people that stand behind their word.”

“I had some squirrel issues, and Trutech was doing some removal and repair. I liked that they are informative, they did what they said they were going to do, and it was pretty quick. I would grade the overall experience with an A.”

“I'm assuming that they were successful. I was out of town, and my pool guy said that there was a dead raccoon in decay. That meant that it had been there for several days; it had died and was in decay. I didn't think that was a good thing. I'm assuming they did it all at once. I don't know that, because I don't go underneath there myself. I didn't have any complaints with customer service.”

“Trutech delivered what they promised. They were good, and they knew what they were doing. They delivered what they promised; they got rid of snakes. I'd give them an A overall. They definitely did fine, and I'd be very likely to recommend them.”

“Trutech got squirrels out of my house for me; they got the squirrels out, and they haven't come back. They were nice to work with. I would grade them an A.”

“Trutech was positive because they were the only one we went to. In terms of customer service, they were sweet; they talked us through everything. I would grade the overall experience with an A.”

“Trutech got out to me very quickly and informed me of the problem and various solutions. We had squirrels; they fixed the problem and kept them from coming back. I would say they deserve an A.”

“They have done gopher and armadillo removal, and they do ongoing pest service for me. I'd give them an A rating.”

“We had some squirrels removed from the attic. The technician that worked on the house was very considerate and professional. He always kept me informed of when he would be there. He seemed to know what he was doing, and he took care of the job. It was A-level work.”

“Trutech did a lot. We had swallows making a mud nest, and he treated all that. He put out big traps for mice and rats. I'd give them an A. I've already recommended them.”

“They came around looking for snakes, put down some kind of repellent or something for snakes around the house, and set up traps. So far, I think it's good. I don't think we've seen anything since they did that, so I think it's doing something. I'd probably give them the highest grade—A+.”

“My experience with them was good. They did some snake repellant stuff. They got out there pretty quickly, and I haven't had any issues since. I'd grade Trutech as an A.”

“They did a skunk removal, and they were very knowledgeable. I'd give them an A or A-, only because they didn't catch the skunk. They were very good, and I'd call them again if I needed to.”