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"We've been serving the community for over 30 years with cutting-edge technology and experienced technicians who respond to all of your service needs. We work on every project with attention to detail in order to get your air and heat back and fully functioning as soon as we can."

Jimmy Gusky | Owner
Company Information
Services Offered
Jimmy Gusky Heating & Air sells, services, repairs, and installs air conditioners, humidifiers, furnaces, heat pumps, and boilers for residential and commercial customers. Additionally, the company creates custom ductwork, sells and services plumbing systems and fixtures, and provides emergency service.
The company offers a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.
Company History
The local, family-owned-and-operated company was founded in 1984.
Additional Information
Jimmy Gusky Heating & Air services all major HVAC brands, including Trane, Rheem, Rudd, Carrier, Bryant, Burnham, Weil-McLain, and Utica.
Areas Served
Washington, DC

“I called the guy; he came and he gave me the quote, and he came and he got it done the same day. That was terrific to me. It was a new installation of an HVAC system. Overall, I would give them an A+. I just spoke to the owner, the guy who did it.”

“They did work on our humidifier. It was excellent work with no problems—A+. Although we continue to have problems with the humidifier, I don't think it was because of their lack of fixing it. It was just a flawed thing. And they came back actually and didn't charge me for it.”

“We've used them several times, and they've all been very positive. He's done some electrical, and he's done some plumbing. They did HVAC. The work was done thoroughly, completely, and the best part about it is when I call him, he comes over right away. He's a good guy and reputable. The work gets done. I don't hesitate to call him when I need him. I would give them an A+ at the moment.”

“Jimmy Gusky did an excellent job with no problems. All good. I'd recommend them to friends.”

“It was fast and efficient—in and out. It was like a vent cleaning and insulation. I'd give them an A+.”

“Jimmy Gusky responded quickly to what we needed. They went out there, inspected the issues that were on the inspection report, ensured what was going on, did the repairs, and got back to us very quickly. I can't remember what they did. I would grade them an A+. I didn't go back and look at the work, the people that purchased did that.”

“They came over. They were really, really quick. They even knew exactly how to bill me for my landlord. Nice crew, knowledgeable; I would definitely recommend them. They were doing an HVAC repair. They're 100% A+.”

“They worked on my air conditioning unit—HVAC. I liked their good responsive time; followed through and did a good job. Noteworthy was they were very polite and knew their stuff. They were very well informed. I would grade the overall experience with an A+.”

“He put a hot water heater in. I needed a hot water tank at four o'clock on Friday, and they were available. I would give them an A. It works.”

“I liked their same-day service. They did work on the heating/furnace. We have radiators. I'd grade them A.”

“It was done promptly, and they're very good with communicating when they'd be there, and they did the work promptly. It was our heating. I'd give them an A.”

“They bled our radiators, which was nice because they actually told us we didn't have a problem. We'd just bought the house, and they said, 'You just need to bleed your radiators. It's not a problem.' Then they ended up replacing our water heater when it went kaput. They were able to get us an appointment right away with the water heater. They came that day, confirmed the water heater was kaput, ordered a new one, and had it installed the next day. I needed an itemized receipt for documentation purposes with our construction company, and they were able to go back in their records many weeks later and pull me a copy. That was also good customer service. They get an A.”

“They cleared a drain for me. They snaked a drain. They came quickly, and they were friendly. They wanted to get the job done well. I'd give Jimmy Gusky an A.”

“Jimmy Gusky did a fantastic job. They replaced the H-VAC system at my house and water heater. The pricing was good. Communication was really good. They started and completed the work on time. They worked very clean. I would give them an A. Very likely to recommend them.”

“They did what they said they would do at the price they said they would do it, relatively quickly. They did both air conditioning and heating work for me. I'd give them an A-.”

“I had a great experience with Jimmy Gusky Heating & Air. They were on time and clean, and they came up with a quick solution. I'd give them an A+.”

“They did repair work for me. They came when they said they'd come, they found the problem, and they fixed it. You can't ask for more than that—A.”

“They've done work for me on and off over a 20-year span. Most recently, they installed an HVAC system.”

“They did air conditioning work. I'd say my overall experience gets an A+ rating.”

“They seemed very good to me. I would recommend them—A.”

“Jimmy Gusky replaced the whole HVAC system. I'd give the overall experience an A.”

“They were wonderful.”

“They repaired our furnace. I'd give them an A+.”

“They replaced a gas furnace. A+ for them.”

“They replaced the water heater. I'd give them an A+.”

“They did a good job. They did plumbing. I'd give them an A+.”

“They did air conditioning work. They're an A+ company.”

“They installed a new air conditioning unit. I'd give my overall experience an A.”

“They came out twice, they did something to my furnace. They got my furnace working. I'd give them an A.”

“It was fine. They did HVAC and plumbing work. I'd give them an A.”

“They installed a new HVAC system for me. I'd give them an A-.”

“They fixed my air conditioning unit. I'd give the overall experience an A.”

“They came out twice. They did gas pipe installations. I'd give the overall experience an A.”

“They fixed a sinkhole on the pipe. I'd give them an A.”

“I rate Jimmy Gusky Heating & Air highly.”

“We've used Jimmy Gusky Heating & Air twice, and it was fine. They were pretty efficient and didn't charge us for unnecessary time. They fixed our heater first and then our air conditioner. Their customer service was very no-nonsense. They showed us how to fix it for next time instead of just opportunistically coming back to fix it. They were pretty responsive, and they seemed trustworthy. I'd give them an A.”

“They did what they said they were going to do. I had them look at a boiler situation for me and assess some radiators in the house. They did an inspection, and I was satisfied with what they did. They earned an A grade.”

“They came by and serviced my A/C. It was really good and really professional. They showed up on time and fixed my problem. My heat was out, so they found the source of the problem and fixed my heater. I'd give them an A.”

“I had my heating fixed several months ago. I would give them an A rating.”

“They were very responsive and could come right away, so that was good. My air conditioner needed Freon—pretty simple. I wouldn't say it was an emergency situation, but they did come out really fast. I would recommend them, and I'd rate them as an A.”

“I didn't have to call them back to correct any mistakes. I would recommend the company—they're an A.”

“Jimmy Gusky Heating & Air was timely. They fixed my air for me, and I haven't had any issues since. I chose the company because of my landlord, but I would recommend them. They get an A in my book.”

“The problem ended up being something that wasn't a big deal at all, but Jimmy Gusky Heating & Air didn't look for any extra problems. He just fixed it and left. I'd give them an A.”

“I'd grade Jimmy Gusky Heating & Air as an A.”

“Jimmy Gusky Heating & Air did a great job. I would give them an A.”

“They fixed the A/C. They kept us informed, and when they came in, they were pretty tidy and cleaned up. We don't always get that when it comes to the construction industry. We chose them because they came recommended through our previous contractor. They deserve an A.”

“They helped us unfreeze our air conditioner in late summer. The person explained what needed to be done and why. He pointed out what was wrong, and he showed us there was ice in there. They're an A.”

“Jimmy Gusky Heating & Air was great. I chose them because they were local, and I knew it was a smaller, midsized company. They completed a new air conditioner for me, and I'd have to give them an A.”

“They were great. They were very responsive—came the same day that I called—and very fast. They gave me all the information I needed. They serviced my air conditioning unit. They got it working, and I haven't had any issues since they came out. I would recommend them, and I'd rate them as an A-.”

“Jimmy Gusky Heating & Air was a good service. They were really personable, they took care of my issue in a timely manner, and they also gave me suggestions. They went above and beyond. I called them out for one issue, but then they looked at my whole machine and went beyond what I had called them for. I would rate them as an A.”

“Jimmy Gusky Heating & Air delivered on what we hired them to do, and they were quick in an emergency situation. The heat had gone out in the dead of winter, and they had to replace the motor of the heating system. I felt very satisfied with what they did. I'd say they earned an A.”

“The sales rep was great. It was a really cold night, and I couldn't get my pilot light lit. He lit it, and then a week or so later, I had a new boiler put in. I'd give them an A.”

“They repaired a faulty switch. They're very quick to respond to any communication—it was a quick process overall. I would give them an A for their excellent work; I had no complaints.”

“They did a wonderful job. They replaced my heat and air conditioning unit. They came out and gave the estimate, he came out the next day, and he did the job. I'm really happy with it. They are efficient—they came out, gave me an estimate, said what time they'd be there the next day, were there, did the job, and weren't out there until it was complete. They get an A—they were excellent.”

“They did a change of the air conditioning and furnace. I chose them based on references—he was highly recommended by my boss, who's used him in the past. I'd rate him as an A.”

“We had a water heater replaced, and the workmen were excellent. Jimmy Gusky was able to have people come to our house the day we needed help. I'll give them an A.”

“They did HVAC work for me. They checked over our heat pumps, and they looked over our furnace. They were very quick and efficient, and they came on time. I would give them an A. They were excellent. They were really good.”

“They did some work for me. They solved the problem—the igniter had to be lit. They had done some work for us before, too, and they came recommended. They're excellent.”

“They did a very good job, and he explained very important information to me, so I really liked what he did. He was very honest. He explained things in simpler terms and told me what to do in the future, so he's an A+.”

“They solved the problem, and the communication was smooth—a sewage pipe was clogged, and they unclogged it. I chose them because it was urgent; we found another guy who came in and tried something, but it didn't work, so he recommended the Jimmy Gusky, and then that's how we got to know him. I would grade them as an A.”

“They are responsive, the person came in when he said he would, and they completed the installation on time. They get an A from me.”

“Everything was fine. Everything was good—they were on time, they were prompt, and they did the job well, so we were happy. I would give them an A.”

“They were great. They took care of my heating issues. They responded, they were easy to work with, and they were good guys. I called them based on a recommendation from someone, and I'd give them an A.”

“I used him six months ago for my heat pump—I wasn't getting any heat. He went out there, and there was a wire that was bad; he showed me what was wrong, he replaced it, and it works fine. Then, I used them again for my shower; they replaced the faucet in my shower, and they did a good job on that. When I needed him, he showed up. He showed me exactly what was wrong with it, replaced it, and did a nice job. It was clean. I heard about him from other people, and I tried him, so I heard about him through word of mouth. I'd give him an A rating.”

“There was a giant hole in one of our pipes, and we were freaking out because it was just pouring out water over the entire basement, so we called them up—it was a Sunday, too. The guy came, saw the problem, went to the hardware store, got all his stuff, fixed it, and we've had no problems since. I'd give them an A.”

“It was fine. They were polite and quick—they were great. I'd rate their work an A.”

“The guys that came out and did some work on my gas range. They were prompt and professional—that's all I ask for. I'd give them an A.”

“They serviced the end wall-heating unit. The service person was very friendly and helpful, and they answered all my questions. I would give them an A.”

“The overall service was good—there was some air conditioning service that they did; it was both installation and repair. I was recommended there by a friend, and I'd say they're an A grade.”

“He did some work for me. I needed some Freon, so I called the office, and someone came out and took care of it. The work has been satisfactory. When I called, I got immediate service—it was a quick process overall. I would use them again. I had no complaints.”

“We had a situation over a flood with our valve; we couldn't stop the valve, and he was able to help us out with that. They're an A grade.”

“They had to put a heating stat on, because the one I had wasn't working. They were on time and came out when they said. They did the job, and the service was pretty good. I would give them an A with no complaints.”

“Jimmy Gusky did some work on the A/C unit. He did a great job—an amazing job, actually. I was very satisfied with the work that was done, and I will definitely use their services in the future. I was happy—it was splendid. They're an A+.”

“I've had a lot of contractors come out to the house, and they're probably the top of the list. They came out three times for my heating and also for the air conditioner. They're an A+. I couldn't recommend them any more highly.”

“Jimmy Gusky did a wonderful job—I'm really happy with it. They are efficient. They came out, and they gave me an estimate. They said what time they'd be there the next day, they were there, they did the job, and they were out there until it was complete. They replaced my heat and air conditioning unit. They were excellent.”

“They were fantastic. They came out when I had an emergency, and they took care of everything. I just moved into a house, and I had a new heater that they did some repairs on. I chose them because they answered the phone and were willing to come out at the last minute. They're absolutely an A+.”

“The experience was extremely positive. First of all, the owner came out—we were having a problem, and he personally came out the same day, within two or three hours. I never would have expected that. There was a problem with the motor in the HVAC unit. I think it was called a capacitor, but he replaced the part. They're an A+.”

“He was great, and the service was great. We were very happy. He ordered the part quickly, they came, and the technician was very knowledgeable. We were really happy. We would give them a high rating. We had to replace a part in our air conditioner, and that's what he took care of. They needed to replace a part, the generator or the fan, and it was a scorching hot day. He quickly ordered the part. Within I think a day, he had a guy out here fixing it, which we were really, really pleased with. And again, the technician was very good. He explained what he was doing and explained why it went bad. He was real knowledgeable, so everything was good. I'd give them an A+.”

“Jimmy's a responsible guy. He does good work, and the people that work for him did a good job. I had no problems. He did what he had to do. He's the best. He's the on highest level.”

“He did a very good job. I'd give him whatever the highest score there is. He's very good. He's always on time and always takes care of our air conditioning. Twice a year he comes over and adds the coolant and all the stuff, so that's what he does. I've been using him for a while. I used some other people, but someone recommended Jimmy Gusky to me, and I've been happy. I've used him for like probably last seven or eight years. I would give him an A.”

“It was a good service. They did what they were supposed to do, when they were supposed to do it, and they did it in a good way. They put in three new toilets, and I was having some water issues, so they also adjusted that. I chose them because they were recommended to me. I'd give them an A.”

“Everything's fine. He comes right out, they respond to you, they take care of whatever repairs you need, and it's done in a timely manner. It's a good service, an all-around, good service. They installed a furnace one time, plumbing, and air conditioning—we've got three or four rental properties, so he's worked on everything we have. I chose them because he was referred to me. He's done work for my brother also. I'd give them an A.”

“He quickly found and resolved the problem, and he appeared on time. He got the heating and air conditioning system up and working again. I chose them because they were recommended by a friend. I would give them an A.”

“He was prompt and seemed like he knew what he was doing. He helped repair a boiler to functioning capacity. We chose them because of location and because they were an owner-operated firm. I'd give him an A.”

“They solved the problem that we needed. It was something with the HVAC system. The workers were professional and efficient. I would give them an A.”