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Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc., is a locally owned-and-operated HVAC company whose corporate headquarters are located in Rancho Cordova, California. Our company was founded in 1984 and is now one of the area's largest full-service home energy-improvement providers. We currently operate four divisions and employ well-trained experts who are skilled at energy-efficiency upgrades for homes and offices. We are uniquely qualified to assist our clients to understand and implement a variety of improvements that will reduce their energy consumption and cut, or even eliminate, their monthly electric bills. We have built an impressive client list of over 24,000 who have benefited from improving energy efficiency in their homes.

HVAC and heat pump installation, replacement, maintenance, and repair
Ductless mini-split installation, replacement, and maintenance

About Sacramento Window & Door Replacement

Sacramento Door and Window Replacement Services

Replacing windows and doors

Termites are common in the Sacramento area, and raw, untreated wood is attractive to them. Solid wood doors and window frames, if they're not properly maintained, can invite termites and insects. The best materials to stand up to the climate are composite, vinyl, or fiberglass for windows and composite, wood veneer, fiberglass, or steel for entry doors.

Energy efficiency is a factor that you must consider as well, as older windows and doors often allow drafts and leak interior temperatures out. You have two choices when having windows installed:

  1. Replacement window installation, which simply replaces the window unit, not the frame or trim
  2. Full, new-construction window installation, which replaces all parts of the window, including flashing, frame, and trim

Remember that old wood window frames can be already affected by termites, weather damage, or mold growth. Installing new windows from the frame up ensures a tight fit and better energy efficiency.

Older doors made of solid wood can sag, allowing drafts, and also are vulnerable to rot and insect damage. A better alternative to solid wood entry doors is a wood/vinyl blend or fiberglass. Vinyl and fiberglass can now be made to mimic wood patterns, which is a beautiful option for traditional home styles.

Steel can be very heavy and pull the door out of alignment, so while it's ultimately safe, steel isn't always the best choice. New materials increase energy efficiency and are safe and fire resistant.

How to know if your windows or doors need replacement

Energy efficiency is not only something that can save you money on your utility bills, it also increases resale value in a home. When you're ready to replace your home's windows and doors, it is a good idea to go ahead and upgrade to the most energy-efficient products possible. Look for an ENERGY STAR rating on the products you decide on.

If you have noticed any of the following signs, it is time for new windows or doors:

  • Drafts indoors
  • HVAC system running continuously
  • Termite damage
  • Wood rot
  • Foggy windows
  • Difficulty closing or opening windows or doors

The age of your home is also an important factor in the decision to install new windows or doors. The possibility of lead paint in older homes built prior to 1978 is both a great reason to replace your windows and doors and an important reason you must hire a professional contractor.

Lead paint can be released into the air by sanding, cutting, or simple demolition. Hiring contractors who are EPA lead-safe certified is a good practice. This means that they have been trained properly, and you can rest assured any contaminants will not reach the environment or your family.

Look for memberships and certifications as you're choosing a great contractor:

  • EPA Lead-Safe certification
  • National Association of the Remodeling
  • Industry (NARI) certifications and accreditations
  • National Glass Association membership
  • International Door Association membership