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Jamison Home Services provides customers with brick and stone repointing and restoration, flagstone installation, concrete repair and replacement, and exterior masonry coating and cleaning. We offer a one-year workmanship warranty, and our owner, Stephen Weihing, has over 25 years of industry experience. From consultation to completion, we guarantee 100 percent customer satisfaction and promise that your home's patios, stucco, and other outdoor structures will remain stable and safe for years.

About Philadelphia Brick and Stone Masonry Companies

Masonry is a popular architectural choice not only for the durability of its structures but also for the beauty and added value those structures can lend to a home and landscape. While the cost of building the same structure out of brick, stone, and mortar is generally more expensive than building out of wood, masonry has numerous advantages over other methods of construction, including its longevity and resistance to fires, strong winds, and projectiles.

Brick is the most common material used in masonry projects, and it comes in a wide variety of colors and types. Because of this diversity, however, it may be difficult to exactly match new brick to older structures during additions or repairs. If this is a concern, discuss your options with a contractor before construction begins.

Generally more expensive than brickwork, stonemasonry presents another attractive and durable option. Its advantages are largely aesthetic, as many homeowners prefer its raw, natural look and texture for construction projects.

Brick and stone masonry are extremely popular design elements for beautifying both the interior and exterior of a home. Contact a Best Picks masonry, brick, and stone contractor with questions regarding your next masonry project.