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Hoffer Pest Solutions, Inc., provides tree and shrub care, lawn fertilization, and fungus and weed control, as well as pest control services. Our local, family-owned-and-operated company was founded in 1975 and serves both residential and commercial customers. We are a member of the Coral Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Business Associates of West Broward.

About Metro- Lawn Treatment

If you’re worried about the health of your grass, it might be time to hire a lawn treatment company. Warning signs of unhealthy grass include discolored grass, insects, and weeds. Discoloration may be a sign of under watering, injury, stress, nutrient deficiency, or disease.

Because there are so many potential causes, homeowners should contact a lawn care professional, who can diagnose the problem and propose the most effective remedy. If you have brown spots in your yard, you may have an insect infestation. Some insects, like white grubs and chinch bugs, cause large brown spots and will ultimately kill the lawn if left untreated. Lawn treatment companies can enact both preventive and post-emergent measures to control weeds.

To keep your lawn looking its best, it’s important to practice proper seeding, fertilizing, mowing, and watering methods. Whether you have warm-season—Bermuda, centipede, St. Augustine, and zoysia—or cool-season—fescue, fine fescue, bluegrass, and perennial ryegrass—grasses will determine the ideal time for seeding and fertilization. Fertilization helps grass recover from environmental stresses and encourages thickening. As a general rule, you shouldn’t mow more than one-third of your grass at a time. Experts recommend watering your lawn with at least an inch to an inch and a half of water during the growing season and more during hot and dry spells. Hire a reputable lawn treatment company to take care of your yard. For more information, contact a Best Pick.