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Insulation and roofing are not luxuries; they're necessities. With us, you get exceptional service, quality work, and premium products that improve your overall energy efficiency and curb appeal. We work hard to make the process pleasant and the results effective in order to earn a satisfied customer.

A Affordable Services Company specializes in insulation and roofing for residential and commercial customers.
3rd year as a Best Pick
Best Pick Guaranteed Insured
Our passion lies in keeping you and your family safe. As a family business, our team knows the importance of a healthy living atmosphere, so we pride ourselves in using completely organic solutions that leave your home and business fresh and protected while being safe.

Air Quality Express removes and replaces attic insulation, including fiberglass, batt, and blown-in.

About Houston Insulation Companies

Having the recommended amount of insulation in your home not only keeps the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter, but also has monetary and environmental benefits. Often homes don’t have enough insulation to fully protect from extensive heat-loss—in fact, the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association states that nearly 50 million American homes are insulation-deficient by current standards—so it might pay to contact a Houston residential insulation company for a checkup.

When thinking of insulation, you might envision the rolls of fluffy pink stuff, reminiscent of cotton candy. That style of insulation, often called blanket insulation, is only one of the kinds of insulating material available to the Houston homeowner. Other types of insulation include loose fill, spray foam, and radiant barrier foils and paint. Each of these insulations can be used for a specific purpose or area in the home. They also will have varying R-values, which is a measurement of insulation effectiveness, as well as varying costs and savings. Talk to your Houston insulation contractor to see what type of insulation, and what R-value, you should have installed in your home.

 Not only can increasing the amount of insulation—not to mention improving the current insulation you have—save you money with lowered utility costs, but it can have excellent sound dampening benefits as well.

Houston Service Areas

Best Pick Reports serves the Greater Houston metropolitan area across several counties including Harris County, Fort Bend County, Montgomery County and Waller County. Best Pick contractors serve many localities within this region including Houston, The Woodlands, Spring, Aldine, Tomball, Jersey Village, Katy, Sugar Land, & Missouri City. To find the best listings for your home, enter your ZIP code in the prompt above the company listings.

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