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Since 1974, Alpha Fence & Rail has been Boynton Beach's best value for quality, affordable fencing. We've provided thousands of satisfied commercial and residential customers with high-quality fencing and gates. Our expertise in all types of fencing makes us a one-stop shop for all of your fencing needs.

Alpha Fence & Rail installs vinyl, PVC, wood, aluminum, ornamental, and chain-link fences in a variety of colors and styles, as well as exterior gates, for residential and commercial customers.

About South Florida Fencing Companies

Whether you’re trying to corral pets or are interested in gaining some privacy in your backyard, adding a fence is a worthwhile investment that increases the value of your property as well as your home’s curb appeal. In terms of home service projects, it’s one of the best decisions you can make.

As you decide which companies to contact for quotes, try to get an idea of the kind of fence you might want. Different companies have different offerings, and the size of your job may narrow your options, since some contractors have minimum job requirements. If you want a matching arbor, hire a company that performs that work. Also be aware that not all installation companies offer land clearing, painting, staining, or repairs.

Interested in something a little more high tech than a standard fence and gate setup? Many fencing companies will also install access control devices as well as gate operators.

Types of Fences

You don’t need to know exactly what you want before you pick up the phone, but it’s good to have an idea of the style and material you’re looking for before contacting a contractor.

Stockade fences are similar in style to a picket fence, but the vertical boards are taller and closer together, making it more difficult to see through. As such, stockade fences are great as privacy fences and for keeping dogs and children contained.

Picket fences are often used as decorative features in front yards. Compared to stockade fences, the vertical boards are shorter and arranged farther apart, leaving gaps.

Chain-link fences are usually the most cost-effective option and come in a variety of colors, which allows you to add a relatively low-profile fence to your property. Chain-link fences are good options for those looking for pet containment and added security.

Rail fences, also known as split-rail fences, consist of posts and horizontal rails and are common on farms and rural properties. Split-rail fences are installed for a number of reasons, including decoration and property line delineation.

Challenges of Building a Fence in South Florida

When it comes to choosing fences in a hot, humid climate like South Florida, some fencing materials fare better than others. The regular humidity, heat, and heavy rains as well as the possibility of strong winds from tropical storms and hurricanes should factor into your final decision.

Aluminum fences include chain-link fences as well as those made to resemble wrought iron fences. Manufacturers often apply treatments to aluminum fences that prevent rust, which is especially helpful in humid climates. If the fence posts have been set in concrete, they’ll remain sturdy in high winds. One negative associated with aluminum fences is that they become hot to the touch in the sun.

Vinyl fences, made out of plastic-like materials, have become popular since they were introduced to the market in the 1970s. They’re available with either a smooth or textured finish, replicating many types of wood fences. The plastics used to create vinyl fences are strong enough to be durable but flexible enough to resist cracking, making vinyl fences a great choice for South Florida’s hot and windy weather.

Wood fences are commonly made with cedar or pressure-treated pine (though redwood and cypress are also used) that can be stained, painted, or left to weather naturally. Because of the humidity and heat, contractors may suggest anchoring posts in concrete to reduce the risk of rot and insect infestation. Due to the nature of their construction, wood fences are the most vulnerable to damage in heavy storms and winds.

Licensing Requirements for Fencing Contractors in South Florida

Miami-Dade County fencing contractors are required to hold a Contractor License issued by the Miami-Dade County Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources or the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation.

Broward County fencing professionals are required to hold a Contractor License issued by the Broward County Environmental Licensing and Building Permitting Division or the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation.

Palm Beach County fence companies must hold a Contractor License issued by the Palm Beach County Construction Industry Licensing Board or the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation.

The Best Pick for Fencing Companies in South Florida

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As part of the certification process, we survey past customers to receive feedback in addition to verifying license and insurance information. When you call a Best Pick fencing contractor, we guarantee that you’re calling a company you can trust.