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Founded in 1973, Fiber Clean offers a full range of carpet and upholstery cleaning services. With a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee, we also clean hardwoods, remove stains and odors from textiles, and provide water damage restoration work. In addition to our green cleaning methods, we created and use our trademarked cleaning process called Fibertizing. We maintain a membership with the Restoration Industry Association and the Main Line Chamber of Commerce.

About Philadelphia Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Companies

Clean carpet and upholstery is an important part of a clean, tidy home. Carpet and upholstered furniture can be expensive purchases, and regular cleaning and attention can keep them in good shape and looking nice for many years to come. It is also important to remember that fabrics and textiles can harbor allergens, so if anyone in your family suffers from seasonal or chronic allergies, regular cleaning is even more essential.

Carpet cleaning companies use a variety of cleaning methods, depending on the type of carpet and the stains that need to be removed. Steam cleaning is a popular method, but dry methods, such as encapsulation and dry extraction, are also effective ways of removing carpet stains. Most carpet cleaners also know how to clean furniture upholstered in a variety of materials, so if your couch or favorite armchair is looking a little worse for wear, consult your carpet cleaning technician for advice and an estimate. For more information, contact one of our Best Picks below.