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At UltraFix Appliance Repair, we guarantee the high professionalism and quality of experienced technicians who can make a thorough diagnostic and repair. The technology used at UltraFix is the most advanced, and our technicians are there for you at the first call. We are here to provide you an exceptional service.

About Boston Appliance Repair Companies

Running a household means relying on your appliances, and when they aren’t functioning correctly, many aspects of your daily routine can be affected. Few things are more frustrating, for example, than a dishwasher that won’t clean the dishes or a dryer that leaves the family’s clothes and linens damp. Through our methodical research process and interviews with thousands of Boston homeowners like you, EBSCO Research has found the best of the best Boston appliance repair companies to help get your appliances up and running and your daily tasks back on track.

If you’re experiencing problems with an appliance, make note of the behavior of the device and when you started noticing the malfunction. Giving your Best Pick™ Boston appliance repairman as much information as possible can help get the problem diagnosed and solved more quickly. And there are a few fast checks the experts recommend doing before making the call to a professional. If the appliance won’t turn on, check the plug to make sure it is fully seated, and test the outlet by plugging in another device. Then check the circuit breaker to make sure it hasn’t been tripped. Even though these simple steps seem obvious, they’re easy to forget when you’re surprised with a malfunction that you really don’t have time to deal with. You may find, though, that your repair call should be to a Best Pick™ electrician instead of an appliance repair company—or that you don’t need a repair at all.

Sometimes what seems to be an appliance problem is just a matter of adjusting the settings or checking its ancillary equipment. For example, a refrigerator that doesn’t seem to be cooling may simply need to have its temperature setting turned down. A dishwasher that’s no longer cleaning effectively might be helped by an adjustment to the home’s hot water heater. A dryer that takes much longer than normal to dry clothes could have a lint clog or an obstructed exhaust vent, which will prevent an otherwise functioning appliance from being able to heat air effectively.

Another common culprit in washing machine and dryer malfunctions is overloading. If the drum in either machine won’t turn, or it makes loud noises while spinning, try removing part of the load, evenly distributing the remaining clothes in the drum, and then continuing the cycle.

Before tackling any and all problems yourself, however, keep in mind that some appliances can present safety hazards if they’re not operating properly. For example, if you’re experiencing problems with your gas stove, and you smell gas, leave the house immediately and call the gas company. In the event of gas leaks and electrical dangers, have them addressed first, and then call a Best Pick™ appliance repair contractor as soon as possible.

EBSCO Research found the best appliance repair firms in Boston by talking to people just like you. We interviewed thousands of local homeowners about their experiences with home service providers and determined which companies earned the status of Best Pick™. When you use a Best Pick™, you can be confident you’ll get quality workmanship for your money.