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Chimney & Wildlife Specialists performs animal removal services, including animal trapping and relocation services for a wide range of animals, such as bats, opossums, raccoons, rats, and more. We provide full home inspections to find and eliminate entry points, and we also clean, sanitize, and deodorize attics. Founded locally in 2010, we are a family-owned-and-operated company.

About Houston Animal Removal Companies

Even the biggest animal lover doesn’t want a rodent infestation. Especially during winter, common household pests, like rats, opossums, and raccoons, like to make themselves at home in attics, walls, and basements. Unfortunately, that introduces the possibility of animal diseases such as rabies and hantavirus being transferred to family members via contaminated food or directly through animal bites.

If you find yourself in need of animal removal, it’s better not to try to fix the problem yourself. Professionals are trained to take appropriate measures to remove critters without harming the animal in question, themselves, or household members. After the creature is removed, it is important to close any gap that may allow other animals inside. Inspect the siding, roof, and weather stripping for small holes. Additionally, if there are any overhanging trees or bushes in close proximity to your home, a professional can trim those back for you.

Wildlife relocation is another part of the animal removal process. Some animals may need to be released locally, but others can be released far away from where they entered your home. A Best Pick animal control professional can solve your hairy problems before they get out of control.