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Mr. Clean Power Washing offers a variety of services for residential and commercial customers, including house washing (low-pressure technique used on siding); roof cleaning (low-pressure technique used); concrete, paver, flagstone, deck, and fence cleaning; oil stain and rust removal; gutter cleaning; and full-service Christmas light installation.

About Window Cleaning Companies in Baltimore

If you put off cleaning your windows every spring, you’re not alone. Window washing is a labor-intensive chore, and if your house has multiple levels, it’s really not something you should be doing on your own.

Nonetheless, clean windows make a world of difference in the amount of sunlight that enters your home, so window cleaning is a worthwhile task. To make sure that it’s done correctly and safely, hire a professional window cleaning expert.

Residential Window Cleaning in Baltimore

Window cleaning services

Professional window cleaners typically use one of two methods to clean your windows to a sparkling shine:

  • Hand washing
  • Water-fed pole cleaning

Hand washing is popular among residential window cleaning specialists because it allows the window cleaners to work on each window up close and clean dirt and debris from any tight corners or decorative areas.

With this method, window cleaners use a combination of a squeegee, a soft cloth, and purified water to remove grime and dirt from the window panes. Any caked-on dirt or paint overspray is removed with a rigid-edge scraping tool.

Water-fed pole cleaning, on the other hand, is a technique more commonly used on commercial buildings or residential windows that are very difficult to reach. With this method, purified water flows through a long, extendable pole with a brush at the end. This configuration allows the window cleaner to scrub away dirt and grime and rinse the window panes at the same time.

Most window cleaning companies will also remove and wipe down window screens. Cleaning window screens, sills, and tracks may be available for an additional charge, so be sure to clarify the scope of the job before work begins.

Hiring a Baltimore window cleaning company

Window cleaning companies often give quotes over the phone based on the number and style of your windows. If you decide to change any details about the job once the cleaning team is on-site, be sure to request an updated quote.

Because of the heights involved in window cleaning, the company you hire should hold current general liability and workers’ compensation insurance. If an uninsured worker is injured on your property, your homeowners’ insurance policy will likely refuse to pay the claim, putting the financial burden solely on your shoulders. Don’t take risks with an uninsured company.

The Best Picks for the Top Baltimore Window Cleaning Companies

Brighten up your home and improve its curb appeal by having your windows cleaned by an experienced, professional window cleaning company.

Best Pick window cleaning companies will get your windows shining and your house looking its best, and you’ll be pleased with the entire experience—

we guarantee it.