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We are a 24-year-old customer service-driven business. We strive for 100 percent customer satisfaction so that we can develop a long-term relationship with our customers. We are not looking to do your windows only one time. We want you to use us over and over again, so we aim to provide top-quality service.

Sabrina's Atlantic Window Cleaning provides exterior and interior window cleaning and pressure washing for both residential and commercial customers.

About South Florida Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing Companies

South Florida window cleaning and pressure washing companies can bring new life to a home. Shiny windows and a clean driveway may seem like little things, but they can make a big impact on the appearance and lifespan of your property.

Window cleaning and pressure washing professionals have the right equipment and knowledge to help homeowners spruce up and maintain their homes.

Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing in South Florida

Why is window cleaning and pressure washing important?

An obvious reason to get windows cleaned is curb appeal. Nobody wants to look at the exterior of their home and think, “Wow, my windows are filthy.” When that happens, it’s time to call a professional. All that dirt and grime prevents natural light from entering your home, and weathering and oxidation can cause your window frames to leak air and water.

If you’ve invested in impact-resistant windows, it’s a good idea to make sure they’re properly cleaned and maintained so that they are in good condition when storms hit. Professional cleaning can help ensure that your windows are working efficiently and protecting your home from the elements. 

Dirt, grime, salt, and mildew can build up on your home’s siding, deck, and driveway and damage those surfaces. If you want your home to look its best, arrange for pressure washing services. Your house will look great for that big party you’re hosting, and your driveway, deck, and siding will last longer.

Window cleaning

The general recommendation for window cleaning is to have your windows cleaned, inside and out, at least once each year. Since ocean air can leave salt residue on windows, however, you may want to have your windows cleaned more frequently to help prevent wood trim and window frames from deteriorating.

Many South Florida homeowners choose to hire a professional window cleaner to handle windows that are difficult to reach or tricky to clean. Window washing companies can clean patio doors, double-hung windows, skylights, arched windows, sliding doors and windows, bay windows, and other types of glass panes. Some companies will clean protective screens, too, for an additional charge.

Pressure washing

Pressure washing can remove dirt, mildew, salt, and algae that builds up on driveways, sidewalks, patios, decks, and siding over time. Pressure washing companies can also wash a home’s entire exterior using a “soft” pressure washing process that is tough on grime but easy on siding or other exterior cladding material.

Since the humid ocean air in South Florida can be tough on home exteriors, have your house washed as often as once every two years, or more frequently if you are concerned about the corrosive effects of salt on concrete and siding. 

Why hire a professional?

Professional window cleaners and professional pressure washers have better, more powerful equipment than the average homeowner, and they know which methods and tools should be used to properly clean different materials and surfaces.

Hiring a professional with expert knowledge can save you from a DIY disaster, accidentally damaging property or injuring yourself. Window cleaning and pressure washing typically involve ladders, which can be dangerous. Avoid injury by hiring a professional company that is trained and equipped to tackle the job.

The Best Pick for Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing Companies in South Florida

At Best Pick Reports, we have researched quality window cleaning and pressure washing companies and compiled a list of the best professionals in the area, based on our interviews with South Florida homeowners.

These interviews give us a picture of the most experienced, timely, and competent pressure washing and window cleaning companies in South Florida, and we are proud to present that information formatted for easy consultation by homeowners. We conduct our objective research annually, and it is our guarantee that we are confident that the companies we present to you represent the best of the best in the area.