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"Our goal is always 100 percent total customer satisfaction. We eliminate the middleman by manufacturing the windows ourselves. We are completely accountable to our customers from their initial inquiry to project completion, and it's all backed by over 35 years in business and our No-Hassle Warranty and Buyer Protection Guarantee."

Rick Wuest | President
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Thompson Creek Window Company specializes in manufacturing, selling, and installing its own products developed specifically for the mid-Atlantic climate.
The No-Hassle Warranty and Buyer Protection Guarantee protects homes for up to 50 years.
Company History
Thompson Creek Window Company is family owned and operated and has been manufacturing and installing custom vinyl replacement windows and doors in the mid-Atlantic area for more than 35 years.
In 2016, Thompson Creek Window Company was ranked seventh on Remodeling magazine's list of the 550 largest replacement contractors in the US. The company is also an EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm. Additionally, Thompson Creek received a 2014 Dealer of the Year award by Window & Door magazine for Excellence in Community Service.
Areas Served
Prince William, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Arlington County
A selection of 700+ homeowner reviews:
“Thompson Creek Window Company replaced my entry door and did an outstanding job. The installers were punctual and did an excellent job on the removal of the old door and installation of the replacement door. I am very pleased with the quality of the product and the installation process.”
“The whole Thompson Creek team was fantastic. From sales to installation, they made the process easy. We had an extremely large job—several custom windows and a front door—and everything was done right. The new windows and door work great. I would highly recommend them—A.”
“We love Thompson Creek. The quality of the doors and windows is excellent. From the estimator to the installers to our coordinator, we could not be happier with the work, attention to detail, and service—two thumbs up.”
“The experience was great, every step of the way, including financing. We have asked them to come back, though, to tighten up a couple of screws and change a screen. But they did a good job even with that.”
“Door with sidelights are excellent in quality. The installation went as scheduled. The cleanup after installation was perfect.”
“The ultimate professionals. I would not hesitate to recommend to friends and family. I had all windows and doors replaced. They were efficient, precise, and I have had absolutely no problems.”
“They were great, professional to all extent until it came to one screen they forgot to install. It took them four months to finally get around to it.”
“The front door with storm door installation went very well. The quality workmanship with an eye for detail was completed on time, as promised.”
“Good job, but had to be there to ensure water damaged baseboard was removed, otherwise they would have installed new door on top of it without checking.”
“We first had our sliding glass door replaced as we were not using that room in the winter because of the cold - a year later we replaced all the windows in the house, and next year we plan on replacing another door. Repeating customer here, I think that says it all.”
“My experiences with Thompson Creek have been quite satisfactory. I have told many people about my positive experience with Thompson Creek and have recommended that they try them. The techs who installed my windows pointed out a few things about my windows that could cause damage by rainwater. They also advised me about the type of caulking to use around my windows or contact them and they will come out and caulk. That blew my mind. I didn't realize that they would come out for something so minor.”
“The windows and doors are very high quality and the installation team was very professional throughout.”
“Overall the workmanship was good.”
“I'm totally satisfied with the work Thompson Creek did of replacing new windows in my home. Really pleased with the work.”
“After another company came to our home and gave us an estimate of the work to be done, the gentleman was who came was only concerned with amounts and payments. I politely showed him the door, and call Thompson Creek that very same day, and am so happy I did.”
“I have already recommended them to several friends. I will be having them replace some additional windows.”
“Good solid company with quality products. Generally, I am not a fan of negotiated sales pitches, and Thompson was not too pushy, but I still would have preferred an approach where you do not have to decide immediately. Good installers, and when there is an issue Thompson Creek followed through which is appreciated. Thanks for a quality sliding door.”
“They did a great job installing new windows.”
“Thompson creek provided exactly what they promised, top quality workmanship on a timely basis. They went out of their way to ensure that the house was at least as clean when they finished as when they began. One of my neighbors observed their workmanship and said when the time comes for them to replace their windows, Thompson Creek would be first on their list to be contacted. We could not have been more pleased with this overall experience.”
“I highly recommend them. I am very pleased with my windows.”
“The salesman, scheduler, and installers were polite, personable, and professional. The young men who came to install my windows and door had an impressive work ethic, not stopping until the entire job was done. I'm delighted with the windows and door and have recommended Thompson Creek to a friend who is going to be having new windows installed this year.”
“Thompson Creek did everything they said they were going to do, and their materials were top-notch. I got all new windows. They were installing them for the whole house, so it was maybe 20 windows. There was a problem with two windows, and they fixed them that day. They went back and got the right ones. They did siding and a front door, too. I chose them mostly because of quality and recommendations from others. They'd be an A.”
“It was good from start to finish. They installed two storm doors. There were two installers, and they were both outstanding. I chose them because of their reputation. They're a noble company. Thompson Creek deserves an A.”
“They were awesome. They put the windows in, and they look awesome—as if they were built with the house. They cleaned up everything very well, and they were polite and courteous. A friend of ours recommended them. I would grade them as an A.”
“We had some windows replaced. It was a half-day job. It was two windows, but they were large. I thought they were terrific. They left things clean, and they called to check and see if everything was going well. They really kept on top of things. I would absolutely recommend them. My daughter had used them in her house, and she was so pleased. They were an A-grade company.”
“They installed a bay window and two smaller slider windows. Their customer service was excellent. They came to measure and explain everything, and the installation went very smoothly with no issues. I would rate them as an A.”
“They changed eight windows in the basement. They left the job cleaner than it was before, and the customer service was excellent. I chose Thompson Creek because they actually did my windows before. I would grade them as an A.”
“My house had been broken into, and I needed a new sliding door, like, immediately. Thankfully, they had a door that was the exact same size that somebody had cancelled, and they were able to come out within just a couple of days and install it. I chose them because I'd used them the previous year for another sliding glass door. They deserve an A+.”
“They did basement windows. I called them back for something else, too. They were efficient and really good, and I was very pleased with them. I was pleased with their service and the people that came to the home. I would use Thompson Creek again, and I'd give them an A.”
“I liked their professionalism and attention to detail. They installed a new front door. I chose them for their presentation, and I thought the young men did a great job. They deserve an A rating.”
“Thompson Creek installed the doors and the windows. They were professional, they cleaned up the mess, and it was, overall, a good experience. I would say they're an A.”
“I just had windows replaced, and I liked their overall work. The customer service was good. I would grade them as an A.”
“They showed up on the date they said they would and installed my windows, and I haven't had any problems with them. They replaced all the windows in my home and two sliding glass doors. I had used them before and had a good experience. I would rate them as an A.”
“Thompson Creek replaced a window. It took probably three to four hours. Their customer service was very good. We've used them in the past for windows. They're an A-rated company.”
“They came and told me what they were going to do and how much it was going to cost, and they did the work. They did some doors in my house, and it took them one day to do it. They had a guy that came over and showed me the details of what they were doing. They get an A.”
“Thompson Creek put in a new window downstairs, and it's beautiful. Their customer service was great; they were very nice. I would say they're an excellent, grade-A company.”
“They've installed a total of ten windows, and we have been very pleased with the product and the execution. Everybody has been spectacular. They know what they do—they don't waste your time, they answer all your questions, and they are proactive. I'm a big fan of Thompson Creek, and I'd recommend them to anybody. I would give them an A grade. They do excellent work.”
“Thompson Creek did a fantastic job. I look forward to using them again. They replaced a major window in the front of my home. They left the job immaculate when they were done, and their customer service was well above what I had hoped for. I chose them because of their quality—they're A+.”
“I thought they were excellent. I had all of my windows changed and three storm doors put in. I would use them again, and I would give them an A+.”
“They replaced all of the windows in our home. I think the quality of the work was excellent. They were really professional when they came to give us an estimate, and the actual work team was really professional and did a great job. Everything looked really nice and clean, and they finished well. I think we would give them an A+, for sure.”
“We thought their work was excellent. We were very pleased with it. They did replacement windows and a door and window combination. The workers were competent, polite, and very personable. They deserve an A+.”
“They were on time, very professional, and very friendly, and they cleaned up after themselves. The two gentleman installed the bay window. The salesperson who presented the product was excellent. I would give them an A+ grade, and I would use them in the future.”
“I bought nine windows and two sliding glass doors from Thompson Creek. I would rate them as an A+ because I couldn't really expect anything more from the quality of work—I think it was the highest quality.”
“Thompson Creek did windows for me. They would get an A+ rating, because the windows are draft-free and terrific.”
“I had all of my windows replaced. They came when they said they would, and they were finished in one day. They thought there was a problem, so they came back in two days to check it out. It was a very, very hot day, so they were very accommodating to work around that. They put everything back where it was supposed to be, and I would give them an excellent rating.”
“They've done windows for me. Thompson Creek did a great, excellent job. They did a great job with cleanup, too. I've used them in the past, and they always do a good job.”
“Their ability to get the work done in one day was pretty impressive. The cleanup was fine—it was very good. We had about 25 double-hung windows installed, and they're working out very well. I would give them an A.”
“I was very pleased with all of the Thompson Creek employees I interacted with. I'm actually going to use them again at some point—I just had to put the project on hold. The sales people and the support people came out and made all the appointments, and the gentleman who did the installation was right on time. He did a really good job and cleaned up after himself. I've been really happy with the product. They installed replacement windows. It's a big project—financially, it was huge, so I was really happy that they offered me the option of doing a couple windows at a time. The idea of doing the whole house at once was a little intimidating. Last year, I did just the first floor. I was hoping that shortly thereafter, I'd be able to get to the second floor, but that's not quite in the budget yet. I will definitely use them again. I got double-hung windows, and they taught me how to use the mechanisms and clean the windows. I would give them an A+ based on my experience.”
“They did all the windows and doors for me. I liked the quality, the craftsmanship, and their customer service. Everything about the experience was great. I would certainly use them again, and I would give them an A+.”
“My experience with Thompson Creek was fine. I had windows replaced. I heard about them through a friend, and I would give them an A+.”
“We had the windows installed by Thompson Creek, and they work great. They did a very good job of installing them, including having to deal with the problems that come with replacing windows in a 100-year-old building. It was a little more than an average window replacement. Most of them are double-hung, but there are three that are casement windows. They showed me how to use them. They did what they said they'd do, when they said they'd do it, so I'd give them an A+.”
“They were very prompt. We had a patio sliding door and screen replaced. They did a very good job installing them—we've never had an issue. I would give them an A+ rating.”
“They were great. They did all the windows. They arrived on time, and they cleaned up behind themselves. I would give them a grade of A+.”
“They replaced my windows, and they did a very good job. I am very happy with the work they did. I chose double-hung windows, and they showed me how to use them for easy cleaning and security. I would give them an A+. I chose them because I had heard good things about them, and I'd decided that I wanted to go with a local company, as well. They also do custom windows, which was important to me.”
“I liked Thompson Creek's work. They did windows for me, and they were very professional. I have been using them for a couple years. I have no reason not to use them—their quality of work is fine, and I enjoy working with them. I'd give them an A.”
“They installed windows and doors for me, and I thought the quality of the work was great. The technicians were fine. They were good and courteous, and they worked hard—there was no dilly-dallying. They cleaned up, and they showed up on time. They did everything in one day. I would give them an A.”
“Thompson Creek installed some windows for me, and they did a great job. I would rate them as an A.”
“They were very professional. They came out to look at the door and take all the measurements, and then they eventually got somebody to do everything. I don't think there were any problems. They replaced the front door, and they finished the work in a reasonable amount of time. The technicians were fine. I would give them an A grade.”
“Thompson Creek did a good job putting in maybe 20 windows. The windows are holding up fine—very well. I would give them an A rating.”
“Thompson Creek's service was good, and they got it done in one day. They put in a patio door and a window. The quality was good. They were neat and cleaned up. I would give them an A.”
“Thompson Creek was absolutely wonderful. They did an excellent job installing windows. They showed up on time and finished the job in a timely fashion, and they cleaned up after themselves. I'd give them an A+.”
“They replaced all our windows, and everything has held up very well. From top to bottom, Thompson Creek was super professional, extremely clean, and very organized. The technicians were very knowledgeable—they knew exactly what they were doing, and they finished the work in a reasonable amount of time. They get an A+.”
“We had some windows replaced by Thompson Creek, and we are very pleased with the quality and the installers. They were professional, responsible, conscientious, friendly, and kind, and I think they did a wonderful job. They earned an A+.”
“We got windows from Thompson Creek. My experience with them was very good. They were wonderful. The person they sent to us was terrific. From the beginning until the very end, they just did a super job. I would definitely use them again. The cleanup was perfect. I'd give them an A+.”
“I would highly recommend them to anyone. From the very beginning with the contact phone call, they followed through with everything they said they were going to do, and they did it when they said they were going to. It far exceeded my expectations. They reinstalled a kitchen window for me that was installed by someone previously. The workers were first-class. What stood out was that they were extremely clean and very sensitive about how they walked in the house—just how everything was left when they were done. I would give them an A+.”
“It was all excellent. I love the windows from Thompson Creek—they look good. They were clean, they were fast, and it just worked out very well. I'm just very, very happy. I would give them an A+.”
“They were the best people I ever dealt with. They did windows for me. They have a fabulous product. They deliver it right, and they deliver it on time. The people are great to work with, and it couldn't be better. I would give them an A+.”
“Thompson Creek did first-class work. They made custom windows and doors for me, and I'm very happy with them. They did windows throughout the whole house. The overall quality of the windows was excellent, or I wouldn't have ordered the doors. I would give them an A+.”
“The work they did was excellent. Everything was great. I used them to put up all the windows in the house. The work was finished just when they said it would be. The cleanup was wonderful—they took their cloths in, and they swept them up. I'm very happy. I would grade Thompson Creek an A+.”
“Thompson Creek Window Company did an exceptional job. They have exceptional windows—the quality of the windows is excellent. In fact, we went back and finished the rest of the windows. I liked the service—the right hand knows what the left hand is doing, if I could put it that way. I would grade them A+.”
“They're outstanding in every way. Their installers were very efficient. They were excellent, and they cleaned up nicely. Everything was done very professionally and done extremely well. We're very pleased with their quality product, the service, the company—everything about them. A+.”
“We replaced every window in our house, and it's fantastic. I would recommend them. The technicians that came out were great—very polite and helpful. The cleanup was fantastic. They washed all the windows, and then they vacuumed everything up. I would rate them A+.”
“The people that they sent out to do my work were excellent. They came in, did what they had to do, and were gone—no problem. They did maybe nine or ten windows. The windows are excellent. They look good inside and out. I'd give them an A+, because I always requested the same guy. I'm going to use them again to get the door.”
“Thompson Creek Window Company put in a sliding glass door in our basement. The quality of the work was excellent. The technicians were fine. I have no complaints. I would rate them an A+. I would recommend them.”
“I was very pleased with the work. They did a beautiful job. They put a picture window in, and it turned out beautiful. All we wanted was that one big window. The workers were very nice and professional. I would use them again. I would recommend them to someone else. I'd give Thompson Creek an A+.”
“They've done all of my work at my house. I haven't had to call them back to redo anything. Once they installed, it was perfect, and I had no problems with it. They did maybe 10 or 12 windows, I guess. Before that, I had a bay window and two other windows installed. The cleanup was good. I'd give them A+.”
“They were wonderful. I like the fact that they came in, showed the product, and explained everything to me. The guy was very wonderful. They were clean. I was very satisfied because I had two sliders and a front door put on all in one day. They did it and took care of it. I was really concerned about making sure that everything would work out all right, especially because it was around Christmastime and getting cold. We were going to be having family and all that. They came in and did a wonderful job. I was very pleased with it. My neighbors asked about it, and they had work done as a result of my having had work done. I give Thompson Creek an A+ grade. If I have any problems from now on, I can just call them, and they will take care of it.”
“Thompson Creek did windows for me. The quality of the work was excellent. I would absolutely recommend them. They were definitely A+.”
“We had a lot of windows installed both upstairs and downstairs, and the work was done in a day. Their employees were great, the supervisor was great, and they cleaned up well after their service. They were very knowledgeable as well. Thompson Creek was just really a good company to work with. I would grade them A+.”
“We've used them three times, and it's been a positive experience every time. They have done a good job, and their product's been good. They installed two new doors, and they did it very well. The workers were excellent—they were professional, they knew what they were doing, and they were friendly. I would grade them A+.”
“I used Thompson Creek Window Company to install a window at a home. I thought the customer service was excellent. They were reliable and finished the work on time. I'd give them an A+.”
“We love the windows they installed. The technicians that came out and the quality of work were fine. They did a very good job, and I would recommend them. They get an A+.”
“About two years ago, we got windows for the full house, and my wife and I were extremely pleased with Thompson Creek and the quality of the work and the windows. Since then, we've had a front door and storm door installed. Again, we were very pleased with the quality of the work. I'd recommend them. They were great—A+.”
“Thompson Creek is an overall top-notch organization. The quality of the windows, the scheduling for the installation, the cleanup—everything was as promised. This is the type of company I might use again in the future. I would give them an A+.”
“I was very pleased with how Thompson Creek Window Company represented themselves. The folks who came out and checked where the windows would go and explained everything to me were not invasive or intrusive. The installation was quick, and they did everything they promised. The windows are as good as they promised, and I would definitely consider them for other replacement windows. I don't usually give out A+'s, but I would give them an A+ for this work. I've had other work that was not. There's nothing that was misrepresented or left messy.”
“I think Thompson Creek did an excellent job. They were very professional. We really needed new windows—we had the original windows that were in the house, and they were leaking. You could feel a draft, so it's a vast improvement. I'm very pleased with it. They installed 11 new windows in January. I liked the quality of the windows. The crew was very efficient, and you could tell they knew what they were doing. They did a really good job and cleaned up after themselves. The windows have really reduced the amount of heat we had to use in cold weather, and now that it's warmer, we don't have to blast the air conditioner when it gets hot. I would recommend them to my neighbors. I'd give them an A—excellent work, no complaints.”
“They replaced windows, and they were super. They had good quality, good service, and good people—no problems. This was the second time I used them. I went back a second time because they gave us quality the first time. I would give them an A+.”
“I would grade them A+. I think the quality of the material Thompson Creek provided and the workmanship stood out. The people who did the install were highly qualified and very professional. They installed windows and did some trimming around the front of my house. I would recommend them. I had an A+ experience.”
“We got windows done. The experience was excellent. The workers were very efficient, and the workmanship was excellent. We were very pleased with the job. I would recommend them. I'd give them an A+.”
“I'd give them an A+. They replaced windows for me. The quality of the work was excellent. They were prompt. When they were done, I didn't even have to vacuum, I didn't have to pick up outside—nothing. My house looked just like it did when they got here.”
“It was just a pleasure to work with them. They installed a steel door in the last year or two. I had others come out prior to them who didn't seem to know how to do the job. But Thompson Creek's estimators seemed to know how to do it, and their people who came to do the installation knew exactly what to do and did everything really neat. I'd grade them whatever the highest is—A+.”
“They replaced all the windows in my house. It was excellent. It was a positive experience. It was my first time using them. A+.”
“My experience was extremely positive. They were on time, they were neat, and they got everything done like they said they would. The windows are fabulous. I'd rate them A+.”
“Thompson Creek replaced the whole frame and everything and put in a new front door. It's got glass on the side. The quality of the work was good. They did a great job. I would recommend them. I would give Thompson Creek an A+ grade. They were fast and efficient.”
“They put a sliding door in my deck. The quality of the work was very nice. I would give them an A+.”
“Thompson Creek installed three windows, and they did a good job. They showed up when they said they'd show up, and the product was what we thought it would be. The time frame the work was finished in was good. They cleaned up well. I'd give them an A+.”
“It was easy getting somebody from Thompson Creek out there for a quote. They did a really good job with the presentation, and we were happy with our salesperson. The guys that came out to do the work were very professional, and they did a great job in the work, so I have no complaints. They replaced two windows. Everything was really easy—as opposed to our roof, with another company. Everything was just really easy and positive in general. I would give them an A+.”
“The fact that they were in and out stood out about Thompson Creek Window Company. They did the work efficiently, and Clark was good. I would recommend them and rate them A+.”
“It's been a while since they've done work for me, but what they've done I've always found to be quite good. They put in a sliding door for me, and I think they've done windows. I found their workers to be good, and I found their attitude to be very positive, polite, and professional. I would recommend them to anybody. A+.”
“I used Thompson Creek. I had some new storm doors put in. The quality of the work was very good. I would recommend them. I would give them an A+.”