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Rite Window has received 5 out of 5 stars (A-rating) based on 158 customer surveys conducted by Best Pick Reports.
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"Rite Window has been installing premium-quality, custom-made replacement windows and doors for homeowners since August of 2000. We don't sell 'off-the-shelf' products, and we have installed over 70,000 windows in the Boston area. At Rite Window, we sell a better window; professionally installed for the right price."

Ted Castonguay | Cofounder
Company Information
Services Offered
Rite Window sells and installs custom-made replacement windows, patio doors, and entry doors to residential customers in the greater Boston area.
Rite Window offers a lifetime warranty on products and labor.
Company History
Rite Window has been serving the New England region for over 15 years. Cofounder Ted Castonguay has a background in the window industry that spans over 20 years.
Additional Information
The company sells private-label windows that are locally manufactured in the Northeast specifically for Rite Window. Rite Window carries ENERGY STAR-certified window products.
HIC 138722, CS-070253
Areas Served
Arlington, Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Quincy, Malden, Medford, Newton, Somerville, Billerica, Lexington, Marlborough, Maynard, Waltham, Andover, Beverly, Burlington, Lynn, Peabody, Salem, Woburn, Framingham, Hopkinton, Medfield, Natick, Needham, Sharon, Stoughton, Wellesley

“They did a great job. They did exactly what they said they would. I was happy!”

“Everything went great!”

“We're happy with everything.”

“I was very pleased with Patrick. He was very knowledgeable, and everything he said would happen, did. Phil, his installer, also did a good job.”

“I'm thinking of having some more windows replaced. I may give them a call for an estimate.”

“I would recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone.”

“I'm completely happy with the product and service.”

“I loved Rite Window. They were excellent, and I would give them an A+. They were wonderful to me. They went above and beyond.”

“They were the best. Everyone was great—fabulous. I've owned this house for 20-something years, and I've had renovations, additions—everything. Never did I have a company so thorough and hands-on.”

“The quality of the windows is great, and the installer was awesome. He was very friendly and very professional, and he cleaned up after himself. I'd give Rite Window an A+.”

“Everything was gorgeous with the windows—beautiful. They did a great job, and I love my windows. The guys were great.”

“Everything was perfect—A+ all the way across.”

“I would grade them an A+ overall. It took a long time. It took a long time for the windows to come in, but they were punctual when they came the day they came. They finished faster than I thought. They left everything clean when they left. My husband was more here with them actually, but he was very impressed. No complaints.”

“Everything was perfect. No complaints. A+'s all the way across. I already have recommended them.”

“I'd give them an A+. For one thing, they came when they said they were going to. I was amazed at how quickly they got the work done and cleaned up after themselves. There were sometimes when you have workers in the house, you hear foul language, or you hear grumbling. There was none of that. They were all gentlemen and we are really happy with the experience. It'll be interesting to see what happens come winter. It's not the time of year to be testing them. The ease of sliding them up and down and the clean look - we're very happy.”

“I had a positive experience with the install, but there's been an issue with the billing and nobody's called me back to clear that up. I'm a little frustrated with the customer service. Again, to me, it's two separate issues. Their customer service—everybody I've talked to has been fantastic until afterward, when I've gone back to try to get this billing error worked out. No complaints on the quality of work. A's on overall experience.”

“They were wonderful. I had a positive experience.”

“They were very nice. They were very good, did an excellent job.”

“It was a wonderful experience.”

“They were great. Quality of work, I would give them an A. I did find a bunch of nails around afterward, but in general, they were fine. They installed windows. They gave me the lowest quote and they were the best quality I found, so I would recommend them to anybody who asked.”

“I'd give them an A+ rating. I'm very likely to recommend them.”

“It was fine. I'd grade them A+. Everything was fine.”

“I'd rate it as an A+. It was great.”

“That was about a year ago. I've had no problems with them. They deserve an A+.”

“I would give them probably an A+ rating. Everything was great. I'm actually going to use them again for the rest of my windows when I have the money.”

“They get an A+ from me. They also did a follow up. I asked them to do some caulking and they came back and did it immediately.”

“I'd say it was an A+ rating.”

“It was fine. They actually came back and replaced some things, so we're pretty happy.”

“It was positive.”

“I'd give them an A grade.”

“I had a positive experience and I actually filled out a survey online as well that said it was a good experience.”

“They get an A from me.”

“I'd give them an A rating.”

“I had a positive experience.”

“That was some time ago. We did have a positive experience.”

“They did a very nice job. No complaints. It was a full window installation, for the whole house.”

“I would grade them an A.”

“From what I've seen so far, I would say it's an A. I would recommend them.”

“No problem with it.”

“The overall experience was great.”

“I would grade them an A. It was a little bit of stuff kind of outside, some nails and things, but overall, it was fine.”

“I would say it was positive.”

“It was a positive experience. I'm still checking two things that gave me a little bit of trouble, but my wife and I haven't been able to figure it out. They were very, very nice both the installers. Having trouble with the slider door and they came out and kind of fixed that, so I would give them a five star rating.”

“It was fine. I'd give them an A rating. They were very good.”

“It all worked fine. I would grade it an A I guess. It was a lot better than I figured it would have been, so it was fine. I don't even remember how many windows it was, 15, or 16; it took them like six hours. It was all done and they cleaned up after themselves. It was great. It was good.”

“That was a while ago. They deserve an A.”

“I'd give them an A rating.”

“It was positive.”

“It was the smoothest home remodeling project I've actually gone with, which is awesome. I got burned for windows two years ago, and I got screwed over by Home Depot with a front door about three years ago, but this time was very pleasant actually. I got a new roof put on and replaced five windows. The initial phone call to the call center was very easy. They weren't high pressure. Both of the homeowners didn't have to be here. The salesman who came here was really no pressure. He only took about an hour where others took almost three hours. He actually encouraged us to get other estimates. Then I called them back three weeks later, and he still had the same price for me, and no sales gimmicks. It was much appreciated. I'd give them an A++, one hundred percent. It's five stars across the board. I've already had two coworkers go with them.”

“They put in some windows. The guy that came out was really nice. I don't remember his name, but he was a really, really nice guy. Everything was excellent. They were just really friendly. If I had any questions, they answered them right off the bat. I have two little girls running around the house, so it can get a little crazy, but they were really nice. I would give them an A+ all the way.”

“I got windows replaced by them a couple of years back, and this time around we did the roof and the siding. It was excellent. I would recommend them to anybody. I always tell people about them. They're really excellent, even their customer service. I had a broken window a couple of years back, and they fixed it right away, so they're really good. They cleaned up excellent after themselves. They all represent themselves really good. They're all well-spoken guys. Any issues I had during the installation, they were able to answer it in a timely manner, and it wasn't like I was hanging out there to dry like some contractors are. They're excellent in all areas. I don't have any complaints with them. I honestly don't give A+ on a lot of things, but they are pretty good. I'd definitely give them an A+. They're a really good and a really reputable company. I would recommend them. I recommend them to everybody. Actually, my brother used them as well. They're really great.”

“They were on time. They were respectful. They cleaned up after themselves. Everything was good with them, no complaints. They did windows, roofing, and siding. I'd give them an A.”

“I have a very old home with drafty windows. Rite Window's measurements were perfect, and there are hardly any drafts inside to speak of, even in a storm. I chose them over another company because when I called the corporate office, they were able to get my information out to someone in my area. I really liked the quality of the windows—actually, I've placed another order with Rite Window. It's an A+ company.”

“I chose them because they made it easy to buy. I liked that the price was as advertised and that the guys showed up on time, were here when they were supposed to be here, and were gone when they were supposed to be gone. They gave me a thorough explanation of the way that the windows work. They cleaned up when they were done. There were no problems with the work—everything was satisfactory. A to Z, everything was cool. I would give them an A rating.”

“They did my windows, and they were very good. They came on time, they finished up quickly, and they did a good job. A+—they were great.”

“They were very timely and knowledgeable. I'd rate them A+.”

“Rite Window had to replace a broken windowpane for me, and I have no complaints at all. They showed up when they said they were going to show up, they were friendly, and they cleaned up after themselves. They did a great job. Rite Window deserves an A+.”

“I'd rate Rite Window with an A. They were in and out very fast, and they were nice and clean. They did the windows for the upstairs level, and they did a good job.”

“They did windows for me, and they finished the job in one day. It's an A from me.”

“I have a lot of windows in my house, so I've started a project of replacing five windows every year. A friend of mine had used Rite Window, and they recommended it. I found them very quick. They were also clean—they clean up right after the mess that they make. I would give the company an A.”

“Rite Window replaced all of the front windows in my home. They're very good, and I intend to use them again. I sensed that the person who installed them is a real pro—he's obviously done it a lot before. The quality of the windows was very good, right up to my expectations. They were able to put a color coating on the outside that exactly matched the trim that I already had. He earned an A grade.”

“I had a marvelous experience with Rite Window. They're very efficient and very professional. I'll recommend them to anybody. They've just done the windows for me. They made it very convenient for us to stay on top of them, and the service I got from them was excellent. I would give them an A+, for sure.”

“Rite Window was fabulous—my windows are great, and I've seen a real change in my heating bill. The workers were great, too—really clean. They deserve an A+.”

“Rite Window was very professional. They did a neat job, they cleaned up well, and the product is great—I love my windows. I couldn't be happier. They're an A+.”

“Rite Window provided excellent service. The guys that came out did a great job. I used them over other companies because of the level of service. I'd grade them an A+.”

“It was awesome. They did a fantastic job, and I love my windows. They're A's across the board. They were fantastic. They were good people—good kids—and they did a nice job. I'm really impressed. I recommend Rite Window to everybody.”

“So far, we are very satisfied with everything that went on. They installed about 18 or 19 replacement windows in my house. That was in December. I think they delivered exactly what they promised, and they delivered a good product. They got it done on time and did good, quality work. I work a lot that time of the year, and I was never there when the technicians were, but my wife said everything went off without a hitch, and there were no problems. I would say it was good quality work and would recommend them. I would grade them an A.”

“I had a very positive experience with them. They replaced windows. I had them do one floor first and the second floor the following year because I wanted to see how it was going to work out. The first year, I had them replace windows on one floor. I was very impressed with the quality—how well they lasted and how well they held up against the wind and everything else. I was also impressed with how easy it was to operate the windows and how much they took care in making sure they had plastic down over everything, so they didn't get any dirt, and they cleaned up immediately. The following year, I had them do all of my second floor. They finished the work in a reasonable amount of time—quicker than expected. The work was superior; I had no problems. I had no communication problems with the crew whatsoever. They let me know when they were going to be there, which was going to be a mutually agreeable time. Everything was wonderful. They're very reliable. I'm going to be using them again on my mother's house this fall. I would go with straight A's for them. I'm going to be hiring them again. I was very impressed. I love the quality, I love the workmanship, and I love how well they treated everything.”

“They changed all the windows in my house. They did an excellent job. They had 17 windows, and they did it in one day. I'm very satisfied. Their customer service was good. They cleaned up after themselves. I would use them again. I would give them an A. I would refer them to someone else.”

“The salesman came out and explained to us all the properties of the window, what they were going to do in the installation, and stuff like that. The installers were really great. They put tarps all over the floors; there was no debris anywhere in the house. They were very clean, how they worked. My wife is a bit of a neat freak, so when she saw that going down, it was a big plus. It was absolutely good, quality work. They had good customer service. I think the best part was the installers. When they came down and put everything all around the house and cleaned up after each window was installed, it just spoke volumes. They finished the work very quickly; I think they did, like, 15 or 16 windows in about a day. They're an A. I would use them again.”

“Rite Window changed all the windows—about two picture windows and one floor of windows. They were excellent. We've had no problems so far, so I don't expect any, because they really are energy efficient; they don't let any air come in. They did a wonderful job. The salesman and workers were great. I have nothing but praise for them. I'll give them an A.”

“They were replacing some windows; I think it was six. The work Rite Window did was fantastic. They showed up on time, and they did the work in a day. They stayed to make sure it was finished before the end of the day, and they cleaned up fantastically. They left phone numbers and said, 'If you aren't enthusiastic about the work, or if you have any problems, call us back,' et cetera. I didn't have to, because everything was fine. They're an A+.”

“Rite Window put a bay window in for me. They were very good—fantastic. The quality of work was very good. They were excellent. I'd give them an A. The technicians were very good. I liked the window.”

“Rite Window is fantastic. They've been here twice. They put in the windows for my business, and they just did my windows in my house. The first time, we were looking for a company to do our windows, and it had to get done in very quick time because it was a grant from the state. Then, because I had a great experience I ended up calling them again the second time. There were no communication problems with the crew—never. The workers were excellent. I just called them again; they are going to be coming back in September to finish all my windows in the house. I felt the work was good quality. They finished in a reasonable amount of time. I think I would give them an A.”

“They did a great job. They installed four windows for me and took four windows out. It must have been back in November or December, I think. They have a good product. They did what they were supposed to do. I think they were way above average. The technicians were very capable and did a good job. The windows work fine. They threw stuff away and didn't leave a mess behind; they did a nice job, and I've gotten windows from other companies before. Rite Window called me on the phone a couple times; they followed-up to see if I was happy. The salesman did a good job coming down; he measured the windows properly, so they're very capable. They were very customer-oriented; I like those guys. They're an A, absolutely.”

“Rite Window replaced five windows for me at my home. That was after a salesman had come by; he did a terrific performance of explaining the windows and the quality of them. Then, they continued to follow up with setting up a time for installation, the explanation, and then the installation itself. After that, they followed up to make sure that everything was done in accordance to what I had expected, and they followed up a couple of more times. They'd be an A+.”

“It was very good; I was very happy. I had two windows replaced by one. The technicians who came out were very good. Their customer service—everything was perfect. They get a triple A all the way.”

“It was a good experience with Rite Window. They replaced three windows. What made the service good for me was just the response I got and the men who were here who did the windows. I would definitely use them again and refer them to my family and friends. I would give them an A.”

“I was happy with their work. I had seven or eight windows installed. I just thought they were very professional, and they did a good job. Everything seemed fine to me. I'd say I'd give them an A.”

“I was more than satisfied. My house is almost 100 years old; it was built in the 1920s. I had the original windows, and they were old and cranky and crotchety. They installed replacement windows on my first floor—I think it was ten. I liked the person who came to the house to make the presentation and do the measuring. The installers and the promptness with which they delivered also stood out. I'm really very happy with it. They look good and work well, and they told me I could open them up with one finger, which I can. I'm really very happy with them. I would recommend them any day, because I have had an experience with another company a number of years ago, and it was totally the opposite. I would give them an A, absolutely.”

“They installed several windows. They did a great job. They had done some work on my daughter's house, and that's why I had them do some work on my house. I'm very pleased with both the people who did the installation and the salespeople. It was a positive experience. I have no issues at all with them. Overall, I would use this company again. I would grade them an A. That was a referral from my daughter to me, and I would refer them out to my other family and friends; in fact, we already have. I have another member of the family that's going to be calling them.”

“They replaced windows in a house for me. It's a one-level house, so they did the entire first level. As I recall, the job was completed sometime in April. Everything went fine. As far as I know, everything was as they said it would be. They did a very good job. They set up an appointment; they were on time. It was out of state, so I had to drive there, so they were on time. They ordered the products, they came in when they said they were going to, they installed it, and they cleaned up after themselves and left. I would say it was excellent, at least at this point. It's a long-term investment, so hopefully it will continue, but at this point everything was excellent. I give them an A.”

“I thought Rite Window's work was very good. They put in new windows. I would say they're an A.”

“The job was last year. We are going to call again probably in the fall and get more windows. We only had four; we're going to do another four. They did them quick, and they did a great job. They cleaned up everything after themselves. They're definitely an A. I think they were very good; that's why we're going to have them again.”

“I had a great experience with them. They replaced all the windows. They did exactly what they said they were going to do, and they did it in a timely fashion. They cleaned up everything when they were done. They were replacing windows, so the job was pretty straightforward. I would give them an A.”

“I had a very positive experience with Rite Window. They did replacement windows. The process couldn't have been smoother. I would grade them an A. I would refer them out to my family and friends.”

“I thought Rite Window was great. I thought the work was done very well and efficiently, and we really like them. They replaced old windows for their new windows. We plan on using them again. I'd give them an A.”

“It was great. Rite Window installed a new sliding glass door. I felt their customer service was excellent. They did this a year ago, so it was kind of a while ago. They were professional; they were fine. Everything was done on time. They cleaned up well afterwards. They're an A.”

“Overall, we had a very positive experience with Rite Window. They replaced three windows in our office. I was very happy with everything. They did a good job, they did it on time, and they cleaned up. I would give them an A.”

“Rite Window was excellent. The guys were excellent, and the window's excellent. I've had no problems at all. I would grade them an A.”

“I had a very positive experience with Rite Window. They did windows upstairs. They did it right away; everything was done quickly. They were in and out, and everything was left clean, so they did a very good job. I'd grade them an A.”

“I had a positive experience with them. They did the normal sales spiel—told us about their products and so forth. We went along with it. The crew that came out was adequate and put the windows in relatively quick and easy. So far, we haven't had any problems, and we're satisfied with the windows. They had good customer service when they came out. They finished in a reasonable amount of time for me. Nothing went wrong; everything is fine so far. I would say they're an A.”

“They did 33 windows when they came out. Everything went excellent. I recommend them to other people. I think they did an excellent job all around—the quality of their windows, their labor, the people that they sent, their sales help. I had a great experience with them. I would give them an A.”

“The person that showed up was knowledgeable and knew what he was doing. He took the window out and put it in. He was gone in no time. He had good customer service. It's good, quality work. Everything is holding up okay for me. I give them an A. I would use them again.”

“I would say I had an excellent experience with Rite Window. They installed two sliding glass doors. It was over a year ago; I think it was a year and a half ago. I've used them before, and I was glad to use them again. It was great, and they made sure I was satisfied; like, I asked for locks, and they did that at no extra charge. They showed up on time, and they finished the job within a reasonable amount of time.”

“Rite Window is fine. They did a good job. I would give them an A.”

“They replaced nine windows in my house. It was a great experience—no issues with the technicians. Everything went exactly as they said it would. They were up front about how much it was going to cost. How we paid was all set ahead of time. The people came on time; they did the job. It was clean, it was done in one day, and it was perfect. I've had no issues with the windows since; it's been great. I would give them an A.”

“I had a very positive experience. They replaced just one window, which was above the kitchen sink, and even though it was the same size as what they removed, it really opened up the room. They have great workmanship. They picked up everything they came with, and it was clean when they left. The window works beautifully. I'd give them an A.”

“Rite Window was good. They replaced a couple of windows in my rental. That was completed about a month-and-a-half ago, and I'm very happy with them. They've done work for me before. It stood out that they were there when they were supposed to be. I'm happy with customer service. I give them an A.”

“I had a positive experience with them. They put windows in. Their technicians and their customer service were very good. They finished the work in a reasonable amount of time—one day. They cleaned up after themselves. They were considerate of me and the others at my home. They met all my expectations, and they're an A. I would use them again.”