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Keeping America Clean isn't just our tagline, it's our pledge. At Baker SoftWash, we merge age-old washing traditions with cutting-edge technologies. Our commitment? To rejuvenate every facade, restore every surface, and revive the beauty that time tries to fade. Every wash is a testament to our dedication to quality, care, and excellence.

About Roof Cleaning Companies

Roof cleaning in the Charlotte area isn't just a matter of curb appeal, it's an important part of maintaining your roof. Overcast and rainy weather can cause moss growth and leaf accumulation on roofs. Water damage caused by moss and debris can lead to a host of issues with your home's exterior and interior.

Any damage you notice on your roof should be addressed as soon as possible, but to help prevent your roof system from getting to that point, a professional roof cleaning company can provide services like roof washing, moss removal, moss treatments, and annual cleanings. Some companies offer additional services such as gutter cleaning and yard debris cleanup.