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Paver Connection has received 5 out of 5 stars (A-rating) based on 103 customer surveys conducted by Best Pick Reports.
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"Paver Connection prides itself on the hard work and dedication of our employees and crews. That, combined with our certifications and 29 years of experience, gives our customers the peace of mind that their project will be installed in a timely manner, professionally, and with the highest quality assurance in the industry."

Randy Carpenter | President
Company Information
Services Offered
Paver Connection provides residential and commercial paver installation and design services for patios, driveways, walkways, and pool decks using concrete, travertine, and permeable pavers. The company also specializes in the installation of retaining walls, decorative walls, fire pits, and drainage systems.
Minimum Job
All jobs require a $5,000 minimum.
Paver Connection offers a one-year warranty on all labor and materials.
Company History
The local company began in 1989.
The company is an Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) Certified Installer. Owner Randy Carpenter is an ICPI Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement (PICP) Specialist and an Authorized Instructor for the ICPI.
Employee Information
Employees wear uniforms, drive marked vehicles, and undergo background checks and drug testing.
Areas Served
Cypress, Katy, Conroe, Cypress, Spring, Tomball, Missouri City, Richmond, Stafford, Sugar Land, Bellaire, Houston

“They did what they said. They showed up on time. Their quality of work was excellent. Everything was pleasing. My whole entire experience with them was awesome. They did a patio and walkway all the way to my lake. They did a huge patio, a walkway on the side of my house, a walkway all the way down to my lake, and a little area down by the lake. They earned an A+. They were awesome. I've recommended them to several friends and friends already used them.”

“They did an excellent job. I liked everything about the company, their work, cleanliness. Everything about it was good. They did pathways around my house. I had another company that did work a few years ago, and they didn't quite do everything the way it should have been done, and these people corrected that. I'd rate them A+ for everything.”

“They did a great job. I really liked the guy who came out, Joe. He helped us with the decisions, and he did a good job. They put pavers down for an outdoor pavilion. Overall, I'd give them an A grade.”

“My experience was beyond positive. They were very fast, efficient, and they cleaned everything. I've never seen a crew like this, and I've had several contractors come out. I mean, they scrubbed the driveway. They cleaned the dirt off the street. They were excellent. I was very pleased with them. In fact, I've been recommending them to other people who want patios.”

“Their workmanship was very good, and they completed the project on time. They installed some water sprinkling systems in my backyard. I'd grade them A+ for the experience.”

“They were very informative during the process, and even though we had some issues afterward, they were very minor. And they promptly came back and fixed any issues that we had. I would rate them A+. We actually recommended them to several people in our neighborhood, and they used them.”

“They did what they quoted me to do, and everything was fine. There wasn't any issues. They did a patio, driveway, and some other stuff. I would grade them A+.”

“Our previous driveway was too steep, and we needed to flatten it out. And everyone else that we had to quote on it would flatten out the driveway, but the sidewalk that connected next to the driveway was kind of a band-aid approach. What Paver Connection did was rip out the whole sidewalk to match the driveway so that the elevation was the same—so the short term is a more complete solution. I would grade them A+.”

“I think they did really quality work. They did a walkway and patio and expanded the driveway. I would grade them A.”

“I liked the fact that they were on time, and they had enough work to do the job each day. They did a patio. They get an A.”

“I liked their respect for my property. I liked their workmanship on the product I bought, the paver patio, and deck. Overall, I would grade them A-.”

“It was very positive. They did what they said they were going to do. They came and finished the job on time. They cleaned up, and we were 100 percent satisfied. They were doing a little sitting area. I would give them an A overall. I am very happy with them, and I recommend them to everybody.”

“I've been using them for off and on for 18 years, and they've always been responsive and done a good job.”

“I had an unbelievably awesome experience with Paver Connection. They put a paver deck in for me. They showed up on time, cleaned up, and were professional. The work turned out beautifully. Everything has just been phenomenal. I would give them an A+ across the board.”

“We liked the work so much that we asked them to do some more. Originally, we had them put in a circular driveway. We were so impressed with their methods and thoroughness that we had them install pavers on our back and front porches. It looks amazing. I would definitely give them an A+.”

“They did a great job. They put pavers all around my trees and my house. It's looking good. It's the best yard in the neighborhood. It makes my yard look so much nicer—A+.”

“Paver Connection did a wonderful job. They deserve an A+.”

“They did everything they said in a timely fashion. Their products are fantastic, reliable, and dependable. Most of all, they were very easy to get a hold of. They're an A+ company.”

“It was absolutely a positive experience. We had an outdoor fire pit and patio worked on. We were impressed with the work. I would give them an A+, across the board.”

“I had a very positive experience with them. They laid bricks in the backyard, put walkways in, and enlarged my patio. I would give them an A+ rating. Those guys were wonderful. They cleaned everything up. I would recommend them to anyone.”

“They were very professional. They had their people here when they said they would. They had plenty of folks on the job, working on it. The quality of their workmanship is excellent. We were very pleased when they got through. It was an A+ experience.”

“I was very impressed with them. They were very professional, and did everything they said they were going to do. They finished everything in a very timely manner. They're an A+ company.”

“It was beautiful work. They were quick, and did exactly what they said they were going to do. I liked the reinforcement that they used. They did a concrete wall around rebar. It's been almost a year now and they still look fine. I'd give them an A+. They never contacted me back to see if was pleased or anything; that was kind of strange, seeing how good of a job they did. But, I guess they know what they're doing. They did the work and they were gone.”

“I had an excellent experience and I have no complaints.”

“They were very good, punctual, and did what they said. I would give them an A+.”

“They were progressive on expediting the work. They got out there quickly and finished within one day, I believe. The work looks great and still looks great today. They get an A+ from me.”

“I had some pavers around my pool that were uneven. They took them all off and replaced them. They did a great job. They were very professional, did it on time, and did good work. I would give them an A+.”

“We absolutely had a positive experience. They have great work ethics and are really easy to work with. I would give them an A+ for sure. We've already recommended them.”

“They built a patio for us. They did a very good job. I liked that they gave me a good clean price, and they did the job exactly as they said they would. I would definitely give them an A+. I've recommended them already.”

“Absolutely, I had a positive experience. They put a patio in the backyard. They were very thorough, professional, and straightforward. I would grade them an A+.”

“I would give them an A+ all around. I've already recommended them.”

“They did a good job and everything was fine. I would give them an A+.”

“I liked everything. Their communication and the quality of the work was great. Randy, the owner, was involved. I can't say anything bad. I would give them an A+.”

“They showed me how to do embossing. I liked their customer service and their product. I would give them an A+, overall.”

“We were happy with the job. They paved a patio for us. They were prompt, professional, and they completed the job in the time that they said they would. I would probably give them an A+.”

“They extended a patio for us. They were very professional. They used lasers and everything for measurements. They were very exact on everything. I just think they did a great job and gave a lot of personalized service. I would say they deserve an A+.”

“They did pavers for us. They did a great job. They cleaned up the site afterward, so we were pretty happy. They were A+.”

“They worked on our back patio. It was great service and great quality. I would give them an A+.”

“They did some work on our patio on the back of our house. It was done well. A+ for them.”

“They paved a patio in the backyard. They did a really nice job. There was one little thing that we were not happy with, and they came back and fixed it right away, to our satisfaction. I would give them an A.”

“It was pretty much a positive experience.”

“They paved a patio in my backyard. Some of the pavers moved after they finished the job and they came out quickly to correct it. I would give them an A.”

“They paved a patio for me. They did a great job. I would give them an A.”

“They were efficient. I would grade them an A, overall.”

“It was a positive experience.”

“They were thorough. I would give them an A, overall.”

“My husband handled most of it, I didn't. They put all of our pavers in, but that was a long time ago. We enjoyed it and they did fine. As far as I'm concerned, I would give them an A. I'm fine with it.”

“They did what they said they were going to do. It was very positive. It hasn't quite been a year yet, but it really still looks very good. They paved our big patio, about 40 x 10 feet—something like that. I know it's not a huge job, but it's a big job for us. I could get almost anybody to do that, but the sales guy made me feel like they were experts at what they did. They also had the product, did a lot of work for their customers, seemed to be experienced, and really seemed to know what they were doing. The salesman was very good and very knowledgeable; I believed what he told me, and it came out to be true. It is nice because there are a lot of people in this business just because they decided they wanted to do something, so they do it, and they're just not that good at it. They were definitely an A+. They met my expectations, which were pretty high.”

“We used them to put a new patio in. The work was OK, so I have no problem so far. They did a patio in the backyard, and it made a big difference. I think the work and everything was good. They deserve an A.”

“They were probably the most professional group of people that I have ever had here. We had the patio around the pool completely redone and extended, walkways redone, and had a watering system put in. We tested out their whole system. We even had landscaping done with them. We called them because we thought they had a paver that wasn't being done anymore. In reality, the paver wasn't being done anymore, but they offered us a good second option. I would give them an A+.”

“They did what they said they were going to do and did a good job. They were on time, on budget, and did quality work. They did the front and back driveway. I chose them based on a referral, but also their showroom has probably 50 different types of pavers laid out in different colors and shapes, so you can see it, as opposed to in a brochure, so I was able to pick out exactly what I wanted. I would give them an A.”

“For the most part, everything was great. I liked the quality of work. After the first time, we went with them again because we liked the result of the work they did. They put down pavers around our driveway and patio. They get an A.”

“We had no problems. They did what they said they would do. We gave them a design, they designed it, and they were timely. We had two large patios done. There were some pavers that came a little bit loose, but they came right back out. I would rate them A.”

“They are responsive, and the quality is fine. They did my whole back around my house around the whole house. They did a sidewalk and patio. They're an A company.”

“We agreed on the job he was going to do, he did it in a timely fashion, and I liked it. He put in a new driveway for me. I think someone in the neighborhood had used them. The guy was real easy to work with and very quick to respond. Not that I had a lot of need for responses, but he answered my phone calls. I would give them an A.”

“They recently did some repair work for us. We had some tree roots coming up through our pavers, so they came and spent the day repairing those. They did what they said they would do. They said they would get it fixed on time, and it took a full day to do it, but they did it. We used them when we initially put the pavers in. They did that work for us a long time ago, we had two or three people bid on it at that time, and they're the ones we chose. I rate them A.”

“They took out a wooden deck in the backyard and put in a brick paver deck. It was positive because they came when they said, they leveled it properly where it drains, and there were a few too many blue bricks in an area, so they came back, checked it, and redid some of the bricks for us. They finished the job properly. Our contractor about ten years ago had used them, and we wanted to add to the patio, so we used the same guys the contractor did. When they finished it, it was an A all the way.”

“They're good. They did some paving work around my house. They did good work. I will grade them an A.”

“I liked that they were fast. They did two sidewalks for me. They get an A.”

“I liked everything; they were very professional. They built a 750 square-foot patio.”

“Paver Connection was wonderful, and the product is just perfect for our home. We really enjoy it; pavers are such a good product. They were absolutely A+—they did a marvelous job.”

“They were great. They did an excellent job and were very thorough. They went above and beyond, so we were very pleased. They did about 1,400 square feet of brick pavers in our backyard, and I would give them an A+.”

“Paver Connection was extremely reliable. They're some of the best people I have ever dealt with on a service level, and I would highly recommend them to anyone. They put a paver driveway in the front, and they completely repaved our backyard. I met with the owner and liked him immediately. I felt really strongly that he would do a good job for us. He was very thorough, and he followed up after we visited with him.”

“Paver Connection is?probably the best paver around this area. They did 1,600 square feet of a patio. I heard about them from word of mouth, and my son recommended them—he told me to use them if I was going to do pavers. They're an A+.”

“Paver Connection?built a patio in my backyard. They did it really fast and clean. It was a really nice experience. I don't remember the name of the person that came to check what we wanted and what kind of stones they had, but he was really good with us. He explained a lot and helped us a lot. He had his catalogue and his samples, and he gave us pretty good ideas. I'd definitely give them an A. It was excellent.”

“They did a pool deck for us, and they did a beautiful job—no problems whatsoever. In fact, the owner of the company was on-site every single day with his foreman to make sure that everything went smoothly and was done correctly. They did a very nice job. They get an A for sure.”

“They put in a large paved driveway and an outdoor patio area. The product was great, they were quick and efficient, and they did a great job. They're an A—excellent.”

“Paver Connection was?great. They put the original pavers down, and I had them back out recently to make some changes because we had a patio poured, and it changed the layout. They were able to still get the old pavers, which other people told me were discontinued, and they fixed everything up. They're A+.”

“Paver Connection did a great job. They were fast and efficient. I think they put in a paver patio for us, and they did a really good job. I would recommend them. We've already referred people to them.”

“I liked their efficiency and that they did the job as promised. They put in a patio and some sidewalk. It's a great product, and they did a great job. Other people made recommendations to use them. I'd give them an A. I have no complaints.”

“They're good people, and they do a good job. They put in a patio for me. They did what they said, they did it on schedule, and they stayed in budget. I would give them an A.”

“Paver Connection was great. They put some paths in around our garden in our backyard, and they did a great job. The whole process was very positive. I give them an A.”

“I'm thoroughly satisfied with them. They did what they said they were going to do, they were on time, they did the job in a day or two, and they did a great job. I think the owner of the company also came out here and talked with me, and I liked the gentleman. He's been in business a long time, and I thought he did everything he said he was going to do, so they're a good company.”