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"Our company focus is to provide the best-quality service for our clients. Our success comes down to our trade knowledge, showing up on time, and doing the work as promised. Our attention to detail has earned us a reputation for providing the most professional service for our clients."

James Nicolson | Vice President
Company Information
Services Offered
Tech Painting Co. offers residential and commercial interior and exterior painting, wall covering installation and removal, power washing, deck staining, and historic restoration. The company also offers light carpentry work.
Minimum Job
A $2,100 minimum is required.
Workmanship carries a two-year warranty.
Company History
Scott Burr and James Nicolson founded Tech Painting in 1987. Scott oversees all business operations as the company's president and owner. James is the vice president of residential sales and operations.
The company is a member of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America, the American Society of Interior Designers, the International Furnishings and Design Association, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, and the Capitol Hill Association of Merchants and Professionals.
Areas Served
Prince William, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Arlington County
A selection of 156 homeowner reviews:
“They were great. They were all very professional and perfect gentlemen, and the crew head was stunning. They painted three rooms and two decks, and they did a wonderful job. They made these rooms look beautiful. In every possible way, they went above and beyond. I'd give them an A+.”
“I think they were fantastic. They were very quick. They were super clean. I had wood floors that were freshly done, and they painted the base molding, door frames, trim, and everything. I couldn't even tell they were there other than that the walls were fantastic. Overall, I'd rate them A. The quality was superb.”
“They did external painting. I liked their attention to detail and conscientiousness. They did exactly what they said they'd do in the right amount of time and were highly professional. They're an A. They did an excellent job. I'd recommend them to anyone.”
“I am an interior designer, and I've painted over 800 jobs with him. Everything was a positive experience. I've worked with them for almost 30 years, since the first year they opened, and I was on two jobsites with their painters today. Last year, over at my own home, they did ironwork. They repaired and restored my historic thresholds on the front and the back of my house, which are wooden and original to the 1893 structure. They also repaired the back of my garage. They replaced some of the wood that was starting to fail and repainted everything. They've done the interior and exterior of my house. I'd give them an A+ grade. There's no one else on the marketplace like these guys. They have a painter for every job. If there's a job that involves carpentry, along with the painting, they have a crew for that. They look for the people with their strengths, and then they put the crew chiefs who are appropriate for that job. They're great at communicating. They're terrific. They've been a real godsend for me. I met them the first year they were in business, and I've never used another painter, or another commercial painter, other than a Tech painter.”
“They were good. It was about a year ago. They did an exterior paint job because some paint was crumbling. The house was in an historic district near the capitol. The historical society here is crazy, and it's got to be done absolutely perfectly or they will fine you. It'd have to be done so, and it had to be done with consideration for the fact the house was old enough that it could have had lead paint. They took care of it. It was very smooth, and there were no issues. It was an A.”
“They painted the exterior and interior of my home. It was A+ work.”
“They painted the exterior of my home, and that's the third time they've done it. They're very good. I'd give them an A+.”
“They did painting, inside and out. They're professional, clean, and punctual. They deserve an A+.”
“Overall, they were good.”
“They were great. They were good.”
“They did a very good job.”
“They did some exterior painting. I thought that they were responsive, and I liked the quality of the work. I'd give them an A.”
“They did a good job. They painted the entire exterior of the house. The house hadn't been painted for probably ten years. So I had a whole bunch of algae, mold, crud, and dirt. They cleaned the entire house. They primed it, painted it white, and even painted my gutters, which were moderately gross looking. They did a great job. I'd give them an A grade. They did a great job for all categories, all top marks. I already have recommended them.”
“They did a good job, they were efficient, and they did what they said they were going to do. They painted a number of rooms in our house, including a hallway, and there was some plasterwork, too. Everything was done to a high standard. We were pleased. I asked my architect about Tech Painting, and he said he had used them a couple times, so they came recommended. Once we identified them, we checked up on them, and they checked out. ”
“I have used them quite a lot in the past, and they always do a good job. I think they did some outside work this last time. Their customer service is good. When they come out, they're friendly guys, and they get the job done. They were recommended to me by a friend.”
“They were friendly, nice people. They did all interior work. It was a referral from my brother-in-law. They said they were going to show up, and they showed up. I got good communication both in the sales department and from the estimate point, and then the guys who were here were nice guys. I'd give them an A.”
“They were efficient, neat, and quick.”
“They painted our front porch. Their customer service was very good.”
“Tech Painting did a lot of work for me. It's been very positive, and I have hired them numerous times. They're very good. They come ahead of time and talk with you about what you want done. ”
“I was pleased with Tech Painting.”
“They painted all the trim on the outside of my house and my garage. They showed up, did their work, and went away.”
“They have done a lot of work for me. I like them a lot. They have painted inside and outside, and they've done my garage, my front door, and the trim on my house. They've been here a number of times. They're just very nice people, and they've done exactly what they said they would do. I think they get an A.”
“It was all exterior work that they did for me. They were prompt and polite, and they cleaned up.”
“Tech Painting was good. We have used them a few times.”
“We had a good experience with Tech Painting. They had done some work for a neighbor, and that's how we heard of them.”
“Tech Painting is always awesome. They always paint the interior, and they do an awesome job. We were one of their first customers back when they started. They're definitely an A.”
“We were very pleased with Tech Painting. They were on time, and they did a very careful job all the way through. They did the front exterior. Their customer service was very good, and they have a good reputation. I would rate them as an A.”
“Tech Painting Co. is fantastic. We have only wonderful things to say about them.”
“They did our interior painting, and their customer service was excellent—they were superior. I have used them for many years.”
“We always have a great experience with Tech Painting. They're always on time, they do great work, and they are responsive.”
“There was some rotten wood that needed to be replaced, and they understood what I needed done and did that very well. They did everything they said they would do, and it looked very good when they were done. The cleanup was perfect. I didn't have to do anything. I was very pleased. I would give them an A+.”
“They did exterior painting. They did the fence and the entire home, and they did an excellent job. They bent over backwards for anything we needed, so they were great. I would recommend them, and I'd give them an excellent score.”
“It was exterior work, and they did a great job. I suggested a couple of things, and they took care of some things that I hadn't really thought about, and they could do all of it as part of the original cost. It was already in the contract. I liked the idea of getting an estimate from them and them sticking with it. They were here when they were supposed to be, and they cleaned up every day. You'd never even know they were here. The company is A+.”
“It was exterior work on the front of the house and then trim work. I think probably the best part of it was their communication. The sales guy was kind of out of it once he did what he needed to do, but then we dealt directly with the crew, and the crew chief communicated well. They kind of stuck to the schedule they had originally laid out. They were in and out, and the work was done quickly. They did everything they had promised when they originally sold the project. I would say they earned an A.”
“Tech Painting painted our deck. They did what they said they were going to do, and the cleanup was great—there was no mess. I would give them an A+ rating, and I'd recommend them.”
“They did interior painting of three rooms, and they paid attention to details. I liked Tech Painting's on-site manager. He was very informative and very friendly. When he said they were coming to do the job, they weren't late. Everything was great. This was my first time using them, but I will be using them again. I'd grade them as an A.”
“I'd done something with them years before, and their quality of work was fine. That's why I called them again to get an estimate. I'd call Tech Painting an A.”
“They did exterior painting work. We were under a time crunch, and they were really good about making sure we got the work done in the time that we needed. I would recommend the company, and I'd give them an A.”
“They did interior painting, and I was very happy. They were professional and did a good job. I would give them an A, and I'd recommend them.”
“Tech Painting did a very good on interior painting. They were very professional. I've used them before and always had good results, so they've earned an A grade. I would recommend them.”
“It was exterior work. They were on time, they did a very meticulous job, and they cleaned up very well. They did a great job. I would give them an A.”
“They painted the exterior of two houses for me. I think they were efficient, and they did a very good job. I found them originally through a referral from someone else. I would go with an A for Tech Painting.”
“They did exterior work. They were responsive, they arrived on time, and they cleaned up well. Their workmanship had quality. I'd give them an A.”
“We've used them a couple times. They do a great job. They are prompt in coming out and doing the estimate, and they give specific information about when they can do it. One time, it had to slip, but it was totally understandable, and they were as accommodating as they could be. I found them from my neighbor's referral. I'd say that the company is an A.”
“It was interior work, and the quality of Tech Painting's workmanship stood out. They were clean and up to my expectations. I would give them an A rating.”
“They did a great job. Actually, we're going to have them do more work for us. I liked the approachable attitude of the painters; the way they handled themselves; the way they kept the house clean, neat, and tidy; and the quality of the workmanship and final product. I'd give them an A.”
“Tech Painting stripped some paint off our front door, repaired some of the damaged wood around it, and then repainted it. They did what they were supposed to do, so I'd give them an A.”
“They were very professional. They showed up, worked instantly, and didn't make a mess. They were very polite and easy to work with. I would give them an A grade.”
“They were great. We had someone come in and kind of help us pick out colors. The foreperson knew exactly what they were going to be doing every day. They were on time in the morning and worked around our small child. They were definitely an A. I really don't have complaints about them at all.”
“They did some interior painting. We actually added some work to what we wanted done after they came in, and they were more than willing to do it without having to come back at a different time. They were very good about cleaning up after themselves. Overall, it was a good experience. We got them out of Best Pick Reports; we've actually gotten a couple of referrals from there. I would say they are an A.”
“Tech Painting's punctuality stood out and made it a positive experience. I would give the company an A rating.”
“Tech Painting did interior painting. They did the job when they said they would at the cost they quoted. They were very professional. I would recommend them, and I'd give them an A.”
“They did the job, which was painting, very well. I would definitely use them again. The technicians and customer service were fine. They did it on time, they were very clean, and the quality of the work was very good. Everything's held up well, for the most part, but I think I have a spot on my roof. I'd say they're an A.”
“Tech Painting is excellent—I've used them again and again. They've done both interior and exterior painting at our home. They are experts at painting, they give accurate estimates, they perform the work in a timely manner, and they're very professional. I would highly recommend them—A++.”
“Tech Painting was great. The fellow in charge was fantastic—he was really responsible and very responsive to me. They were very neat and clean, and they did a terrific job. I would highly recommend them.”
“They did a good job, cleaned up excellently, and they were very professional and friendly. We felt we could trust them. The lead guy was a very good communicator.”
“They did exterior work, and they did a terrific job.”
“They were lovely—truly lovely. They've worked for me many times over the years. In this case, the only outside elements that needed painting were columns. I have a very modern house, and the columns are nearly three stories high, and they were rusting. So they had to scrape them down, treat them, and repaint them. I think they do very high-quality work. They painted my last house, too. I've had them paint several times—I've been working with them for maybe 20 years. I feel comfortable with the workers in my home, and they do fabulous cleanup. They deserve an A.”
“I used Tech Painting. The workers were knowledgeable in what I wanted. The trim work that they did was excellent, and the cleanup was excellent, too. I would absolutely use them again. I'd give Tech Painting an A+.”
“They're a wonderful company. They do what they're supposed to do, and they do quality work on time. They did painting and ceiling repair as well as repair of some water damage. I would give them an A+. I would absolutely use them again.”
“I've used them twice. They do excellent prep work and a very neat, very professional job. They did interior and exterior work. They did some ceilings on the inside. They were referred to me by a carpenter who worked for us. I didn't get any other estimates besides theirs. They paid attention to detail, and they were able to get the correct colors, as I desired. I would give them an A.”
“I liked the quality of the work and the people. They've done a lot for me over the years. They've done indoor and outdoor painting. Most recently, it was an outdoor job with five colors. If there's an issue, they always come back, and they always fix it. The people they have on their crews are terrific. I have a designer who used them, and I used them as well, and it was great—it made a change. I haven't had any difficulty with the company at all. I'd rate them an A.”
“Excellent—Tech Painting was an excellent contractor. They did exterior and interior painting. They were probably a recommendation from somebody else. It was an excellent experience.”
“They're fabulous. They do commercial painting for me, and they do residential—they've done several of my homes. I'm the facilities director, so they also do my business. They're professional, and their painting is fabulous—they're fast, and they do great painting. They'd be an A.”
“Tech Painting did some work for me. They were nice workers, and they were clean. They spoke English, and they were prompt every day. They showed up early, and they left the house neat when they would finish for the day, which was important to me. They painted a lot of the interior of my house. It was recommended by a friend who had had them, and the paint store that I consulted with about paint color also had given me their name. I'd give them an A+.”
“Tech Painting did some work for me a good while ago. They always do a very fine job. They did some touch-up work on some trim for us. Their customer service was just fine. I had seen other work they've done for other people, and we have a friend who's an interior decorator and recommended them. I'd give them an A+.”
“They painted my deck and some exterior woodwork, and they kind of had to work around the weather. I had them match some paint for me, and that went pretty well. I had them put some plastic out under the deck, and they picked all that up and made sure all the stuff was gone. I think that was an A+ job. I had three or four people look at it, and everybody but them was kind of complaining about what they would end up doing. Everything looks OK to me.”
“We were very pleased with what they did. There were no problems at all. They were timely, did a good job, and used quality products, so we're happy. They did exterior painting. The workers were very good, neat, clean, personable, very nice, and easy to work with. Give them an A+.”
“They installed wallpaper. We had some issues, and they came back and corrected the problem so that you couldn't tell that there was ever any issue at all. Their response time was excellent. Everything that they did was fine. It was great—very professional. They were recommended by an interior designer that I was working with. They did an excellent job, and by the way, the problem that arose was not their fault. It had something to do with the wall surface. They were very professional, and the job that they did was very high quality. I would give them an A+.”
“Tech Painting did a very nice job. They painted three or four rooms on the inside of the house, and they did some carpentry—they made some repairs. I'd give the work an A.”
“They've painted my house twice for me, and both times, they did a very, very good job. It didn't take any longer the last time than it took the first time—I'm going to say it took about a week. They paid close attention to detail. I knew them when they were in the neighborhood, and that meant a lot to me. I used to leave here, go up through the alley, and come right out at their business. I went in, I noticed how clean it was in there, and they were washing all the materials. I found them to be very nice. I really hated to see them leave out of the neighborhood. Of course, they had different people painting—I noticed that. I'm going to say an A-.”
“They're a good company, and I like everything about them.”
“They removed all the paint on the brick outside of my town house. Someone had painted over the bricks, and they removed all that so that it could be repainted. They did a very nice job. They were very respectful, and they cleaned up after themselves. They also did some interior work for me, and when there was a problem inside, they took care of it. I felt comfortable with the workers in the home even when I wasn't there. They're an A.”
“They painted the exterior of the house. They did it in an appropriate amount of time. It was just fine. I would say an A.”
“They just did really thorough work. They were very neat, very detailed oriented—which is great to be in painting—very polite, and did a good job. They painted the entire exterior of our house and also restained and redid the deck. Everything has worked out great. I'm going to have them back to paint the interior. For painting, they really pay attention to detail—neat, careful, precise. I would rate them an A.”
“They got there on time, they took the right preparations, and they cleaned up. I mean, I really had no complaints at all. They absolutely finished the job in an appropriate amount of time. They did antique cast-iron steps, and they had to use a special kind of paint that they knew all about. Most people think iron is iron, but you use different products for wrought iron versus cast iron. I give them an A. I would absolutely use them again. I'm thinking about calling them back this spring to do some painting on my brick house.”
“They showed up on time, did the work well, and were professional. They did some exterior painting for me. It was black wrought iron. The technicians themselves listened to my concerns. I'd rate them an A.”
“They did very good work, they kept the area clean, and when they left, it was clean. They just did very good work. They had to strip the paint off the brick, so stripping the house also affected the porch, and they repainted the porch for free. Everything turned out the way I expected. I'd give them an A-.”
“I think it was Tech Painting. It was a positive experience. It was the quality of work that I was pleased with.”

Tech Painting works so carefully and so quickly. They just do impeccable work. It's done beautifully. They painted the exterior, and the small details and trim were perfect. I've used them for over 20 years now, so I know that their work lasts. I'd give them an A+.

Tech is a good company. They've done a number of jobs for me, and they did some painting on my exterior metalwork. I couldn't have asked for anything better; it looks perfect. They did a phenomenal job. Everybody tells me how great my steps look. I would give them an A+.

They've done a lot of excellent work for me—taking wallpaper down, painting bathroom walls, scraping my front door. I have double doors, and they brought the wood back to its natural state. Everything turned out beautifully—A+.

Tech Painting is the top of the line. I think they are the best. They were really on top of their game. The final outcome itself was just a fantastic job. I would definitely use them again, and this is a company that I would recommend, absolutely. I would say they’re an A+.

Tech was outstanding in every respect. They had previously done some work for my son, and he was very, very pleased with them, so I hired them. I was very pleased also. They were very patient and thorough and very skillful. They painted all of the wood part of my house. It was excellent. They were very efficient, and the quality of the painting was very good. I would hire them in a minute for another job.

They did a beautiful job, and we had a beautiful result. They painted the exterior. They were definitely detail oriented, and they met all my expectations. A+, definitely.

“It was great-quality work and just an overall excellent experience. They repainted the whole exterior of our house. The cleanup was fine, and they were great. I'd give them an A+. They were efficient, high quality, and just a good company.”

Tech Painting did some work for me. They were very responsive, and they did the repairs they said they would do. Last spring was the last time they did work—some interior wall repair work. It was an extensive job, and it was very thorough—good, quality work. I would rate them an A.

I have used them in the past, and they were very, very good.

Tech Painting did some work for me last year, both interior and exterior painting. I found them through a referral. What made me choose this company over another was their thoroughness. The workers were very professional—it seemed like they knew what they were doing—and my experience as far as customer service went was excellent. When they left my home, they respected my property as far as cleanliness. I'd rate them an A+.

Tech Painting came when they said they would come and brought me what I needed to make decisions. I think it's probably been a year or so since I used them. They stained my back fence. We entered into an agreement, and they did the job right. A+. The quality of their work was very good, and the amount of time they finished the work in was as promised. The cleanup was very good also. I'll work with them again in the future.

I thought that Tech Painting was very professional. I contacted them and was immediately set up with somebody to come out to my house. He looked around and spoke to me about what I wanted, and he sent me a quote that day via email. He actually offered a special that was coming up—the special wasn't being offered for another few months, so if I wanted to wait, I could do the project when the special was being offered. He was happy to do that, and so he just let me know a couple months in advance, and I waited for the special. He didn't have to do that—he could have just let me go right then and there and pay the full price for it. When the time came for the painters to come, they were great. They really needed no hand-holding or anything. They knew exactly what to do, and everything came out great. The cleanup was very good, too. No problems. It was pretty easy on my end. They put tarps—clear plastic covers—over everything and moved everything to the center of the room and then put it all back. I would give them an A.

Tech Painting painted the trim on the outside of the townhouse. I think I located them through the Best Picks catalog. Everything looks fine. The painters seemed like they knew what they were doing—they had to match the existing paint—and they seemed efficient. Everything worked out OK communication-wise. I would give them an A+.

Tech Painting did a really good job. They painted the exterior of my house in the spring, and they did a good job. They seemed to be really nice and very professional. I wasn't home most of the time, since I work, but they were extremely friendly and pleasant. They seemed to be very detail oriented, and they cleaned up well after their services. They didn't have to do any type of follow-up for me. I'd use them again. I didn't receive a rebate, but they said that if I wanted further work done that they would give me a discount on the interior. I'd definitely give them an A.

I had an extremely good experience with Tech Painting. We had commissioned a remodeling company to do some exterior work, and when it turned out to be under what their benefit was as far as profit margin, they recommended that we just contract directly with Tech Painting. They just did exterior. They worked with us to pick the right color for the house, and they really didn't pressure us. Even in certain things where they made errors on the estimate, they were happy to come to terms with us to find the solution that best fit our needs. The technicians were extremely professional, very work oriented, and very detail oriented. They communicated with me every day about what they were doing and how they were going to do it. I'd probably give them an A.

Tech Painting's work was fine. I liked the quality of the work very much. They painted the inside of the house. They did the walls that the interior decorator pointed out to them, and they did a good job. They were very good at cleaning up each day before they went home. I'd give them an A.

They painted interior rooms, and I thought they were very good. They dealt well with the customer, they came when they said they would, and they were very careful and delightful to work with on all fronts. They were fairly priced market-wise—pretty expensive, but you got value for what you paid. So I'd use them again sometime. I'd give them an A+.

Tech Painting was quick and did the job really well. It was an interior paint job. I felt that they did the job in a good amount of time, and they were very clean and very detail oriented as well. My wife is the one who found them. They were very mindful of their surroundings. We would use them again. I would give them an A.

I'd recommend Tech. I had a very good experience with them. It was maybe a year ago since I used them to paint a bathroom. The painter was very careful in covering up everything that he was painting. He did everything very carefully—no smears on the side, that kind of thing. In the future, I will call them again. The painter was also a very pleasant fellow and very polite. Since then, the bathroom has held up just fine. I'd give them an A+.

They just did a super, super job. They had three or four men working on the job here. They showed up on time every morning, they gave it a full day's work, and then they left at whatever their quitting time was. They used quality paints, and the manager of the unit, the overall manager, he was on site checking out the work. The exterior was last painted maybe ten or twelve years ago, so it's kind of hard to match up the paint now, but they went out and found a paint store where they could go in and use the sample of mine, and they came back and blended everything in. All the painters seemed to get along as well. I had heard of them about seven or eight years ago. I called them, they came down and did the interior, and I was highly satisfied with the work that they did at that time. It wasn't difficult for me to go back to them. I would give them an A+.

Tech Painting did some work for me in June, and they were dependable and easy to work with. They repainted the outside of a three-story house with wood siding, and they also sanded and refinished all the porches. It's been fine so far. It was the weekend house, so I didn't really interact with the workers very much. But they did do quality work, and I didn't have any problems. They had to come back and work on the porches some more because they weren't quite as good as they should have been, but they did that with no problem, and it was good, quality work—grade A.