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"My people know how to get the job done and make sure everyone is happy when the job is finished. The guys go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. 'One happy customer tells three to four people, but one unhappy customer tells twenty.' I've lived by that saying for our 34 years as a locally owned-and-operated company."

Steve Cleary | Owner
Company Information
Services Offered
Spectrum Painting offers interior and exterior painting, power washing, and rotten wood replacement for residential and commercial customers. The company also installs HardiePlank siding, repairs drywall and carpentry, and refinishes decks and doors.
Services Not Offered
Faux painting is not offered.
Minimum Job
The company has a $350 minimum.
Spectrum Painting offers a two-year exterior paint failure warranty on most homes and a one-year warranty against mold. The company issues cards explaining all warranty details to customers.
Company History
Spectrum's foremen have over 20 years of experience with the company. Painters average over ten years of experience with the company.
Additional Information
The company uses products from major manufacturers.
Areas Served
Fort Bend County & Southwest Houston, The Heights/Midtown
A selection of 147 homeowner reviews:

The project with Spectrum Painting was good. It was an exterior painting job. We had a little bit of a complicated door request, so I appreciated their willingness to work with us in terms of the price and in terms of customizing the antique glass that our door has. They completely sanded down the door and then painted it. Their customer service was very good, and they were very responsive—I could ask questions and expect a response fairly quickly. The painters were very nice and easy to communicate with, too. Really a pleasure to work with. I'll give them an A rating, absolutely.

Spectrum Painting did some interior painting for me. We had two houses—one they painted the exterior, and the other they painted the interior. I think it took three or four days to finish each job. For the interior painting they did, I never really saw the finished results; they did it after I moved out of my house. But their customer service was good. The owner dealt directly with the clients and was very thorough. I'd recommend them. The work they did should get an A.

We used Spectrum Painting for painting the inside of our whole house—over thirteen rooms, if you count closets. I feel good about the overall job. They brought in a whole team of people. They worked clean, and they cleaned up every day; after they had left, they didn't leave any junk. They came every day—there was none of this 'no show' business. They followed up as it went along, and they came back, or at least offered to come back, if there were any gouges or anything. They said they would come back and repair those at no cost. Just really good service. It was just a straightforward paint job, and I'm very happy with it.

I thought Spectrum Painting's painters were quite professional. They did a good job. It was interior painting, and the work looks good. Also, they picked up after themselves. They were just tidy and to the point, so I'd use them again, absolutely. I would give them an A+.

Spectrum did good. They were always timely and friendly, and they did what they said they were going to do. They've done both interior and exterior painting for us in the last year. The interior painting probably took a week or two, and the painters who came out to do that were professionals—A+ for those guys. I'd use them again for more projects, absolutely.

I had a good experience with Spectrum Painting. It was an interior paint job. They were very careful, and they took care of our place like it was their own house. There were no drops of paint anywhere. The workers were very good. It was my first time using them, but I'd definitely use them again in the future. The job took about a week to complete, and the work deserves an A+.

Spectrum Painting did exterior painting for me, and it was a job well done. They did quality work. It was my first time using them, and I've already used them again since. The painters who came out were very professional and detail oriented. They cleaned up after themselves, too. I'd like to give them an A+.

They had really good customer service, and they were very professional. They discussed the job before we started and went over the contract. It was just a very thorough, professional job. They were thorough when they were setting up to do their work, and they made sure that when they finished, they came back and cleaned anything up that was overlooked. It was all good. They painted the interior of my house, but they didn't just paint; they also refinished a couple of walls that needed removal of the existing wood and replacement of new sheetrock. They did the entire inside of the house. The work they did, I'll give them an A+ for all that.

I liked everything they did. The quality of their workmanship, the estimated time frame, the cleanup, and the price were all good. They changed the placement of the drywall. I had a narrow niche that I wanted to be widened. They completed everything to my satisfaction. There was just one worker, and he was very competent. I think the job took two full days, and it was well done. They get an A grade.

Spectrum Painting gets an A grade. Their work was fine, and I don't have any complaints.

I'm going to give Spectrum an A+ rating. They did interior painting for us, and they did a great job. They've done work for us before. That's why we had them back. The people from the company were thorough and cleaned up after their work every day. They got the work done quickly, too. I actually didn't meet the painters, but my wife was there every day. Anyway, they do quality work. They're probably more expensive than what you can get done at other places, but it's worth it. They earned a recommendation.

Spectrum Painting—I'll give them a recommendation. They were very professional, and they did a very thorough job. They did interior walls and exterior door refinishing. It was my first time using them, and it went good, so I'll use them again at some point. The painters who came out were friendly and professional—they get an A grade from us. The only thing is that they are a little more expensive, but you get what you pay for.

It was good. Spectrum did a good, thorough job with our exterior paintwork. I have some little chips here and there—it's a humidity issue, I think, so I'm not blaming them for that. The painters who came out were very nice, and they did the job in a total of eight work days. I would definitely recommend the company—in fact, I already have recommended them.

I would use them again and again. The painters were all clean, they showed up on time, and they were just very professional. They did both interior and exterior painting. It all looks good.

We were very pleased with it. They were wonderful, and they were neat and clean.

Spectrum Painting does a very good job. They’ve done both exterior and interior painting for me. Everything still looks great. I would give them an A+.

Looks wonderful—I would absolutely use them again.

I thought Spectrum Painting did a great job. They had good people working for them. They did interior painting and a couple of outside doors. It all looked really good. I would be happy to recommend them.

Spectrum Painting did very well. The staff’s commitment to detail, the owner’s personal observation of the job, and his ensuring that his level of quality was attained all stood out.

Spectrum Painting did a very good job, did what I wanted, and I was very pleased. I would recommend them. They made sure all the details were taken care of.

Spectrum Painting is good. They had good workmanship, they did what they said they would, and they were on time. They’re very neat and clean and easy to work with. I would recommend them.

Spectrum Painting did a good job. The people were really nice. They were always very accommodating, which is what we needed.

Spectrum was very good. We’ve had them paint three or four times. They do a good job, which keeps us coming back.

They are terrific. I totally trust the people, and they are very conscientious about their work. I’ve had them do both interior and exterior work for me. They are very thorough—they did pressure washing and window caulking along with the exterior work. I would highly recommend them.

They just used the best quality of wood to replace the parts that were rotted out. They were meticulous. When they left, everything was spotless. Outside, the painters did an amazing job. The painter touched up some spots for me and repaired a crack in my closet above the garage. You couldn’t even tell where he’d worked on it. It was so perfect.

Spectrum Painting was good. Nothing in particular stood out; I was just satisfied with the work and their attitude. I already have referred them to other people.

Spectrum Painting did our last painting, and we're very pleased with them. They did a little of both interior and exterior, mostly outside, but some inside. They did painting of the trim work.

I feel great about Spectrum Painting.

Spectrum Painting did a fine job. They did the job on time, and they kept everything neat. This was an interior job. I would recommend them to others.

I liked them. They did a good job for me. I was pleased with their work. They came in and got the job done. And they cleaned up after themselves.

It went very well. They did good work. I would recommend them.

Spectrum Painting was great. The timeliness is huge to me, because I have three little kids. If they say they're going to be there at a certain time, I really need them to be there at that time, and they were perfect. I have not had to call them back. I have recommended them.

For painting services, we used a company called Spectrum. They did both interior and exterior work. That worked out very well. I would refer them to other homeowners.

I thought Spectrum Painting did a great job. They're always willing to come back, take care of any additional things quickly, and they've always been prompt and done a good job, so I've been pleased with them. No major issues.

We like our painter, Spectrum Painting. They're out of Sugar Land. They do both interior and exterior painting. The work is always very nicely done, and they do a great job of cleanup. They're really good at communicating with you about what's going on.

Spectrum did some work. They're very good. We've used them several times.

They did a good job. They just did a good job, and they were pretty efficient.

They're very professional. They paid attention to details, and they did a very neat, clean job for us. We were very happy.

Spectrum Painting did a very nice job. Nothing really stands out, but they did an excellent job at my house.

I thought it was a very positive experience, and I think Spectrum did a very good job—very satisfactory. They were just very professional. That's the one thing that kind of stands out.

I was satisfied with them. Everything that I remember was just fine.

They painted the exterior of our home a year or two ago. It's been over a year now; we haven't lived there in a year. They did a good job, and we're really happy with everything they did. It was the exterior of our home. It was great dealing with Steve. He was great to deal with, up-front, and took care of everything. We were pleased with everything.

They did the work last year. It was very good. They were very prompt. They were finished when they said they would, and it was very good.

I thought they were great. They were very efficient, they were very tidy, they were prompt, they knew their business, and I would highly recommend them. It was an exterior job and actually interior too. Mainly the outside. Extra stuff went along with the exterior work, like pressure washing and window caulking. They did great with that.

They are very reputable, and I've used them a number of times. I would recommend them. They did exterior work for me. They did some additional prep work on the exterior before they painted.

I would recommend Spectrum. They just have always done a good job, and I've used them several times now.

They did a great job. They painted my whole house on the inside, and they did good work. I'm pleased with it. It was more than a year ago now. I just remember that the workers were really good, and I trusted them in the house. The were really conscientious about giving me, like, phone numbers or whatever if I needed to get updates. I just don't remember many details.

They did a very good job; they really did a good job. The paint looks as if it was new. It was fine; it's only been a year. They just did the outside.

We used Spectrum Painting for the first time about 15 years ago, and then they've done about 4 other projects for us over the years—interior and exterior painting, a little wood rot repair, and trim replacement. They're great. I love Steve Cleary. He's just always Johnny-on-the-spot for us. He's been really good. I've had a couple of their crews, a couple of their different crews, and I've been happy with every one of them.

They did an excellent job. They did excellent work.

Spectrum did work in 2009. I think they did a very professional job. I think the job was well planned; there were no surprises. And it was done on time.

They're terrific, and they do great work. They show up when they say they're going to, they clean up when they're done, and I'm entirely satisfied. They have done exterior work for me. They are a complete service; they didn't do any extra exterior work for me. I had a great experience with them.

Spectrum did a great job. I like them, and I'd use them again. They did exterior work for me. I don't remember if they really did any pressure washing on the exterior work.

They did some power washing ages ago. It probably was within the last three years. They do fine work. I've had them do several things. I keep coming back to them because they do a good job.

I was very happy with what they did. I liked the guy a lot who runs the company. It was an exterior job. They didn't do anything extra along with the exterior this time, but they have in the past. But not this time.

I thought they did a great job. Very high quality, very professional. I think I'm a very picky person, and when we came through for the final inspection of the work, they pointed out a couple of things that they planned to correct that I hadn't even noticed, so I was very impressed by that. They've done both interior and exterior work for me. For the exterior work, they pressure washed and painted for me.

They did a fine job, and I don't have any complaints. It's been a while, but they did a good job. I think it was both interior and exterior work. We had some windows that had to be replaced and so forth, and we had to do our porch underneath. They pressure washed before they started the outside work.

Spectrum was the one that did the exterior of the house—Steve. They did good work. We were pleased with it. The work crew stood out, the attention to detail was good. They finished promptly, and they were pretty precise.

We've had Spectrum paint. I thought they were professional, and they did a good job. They've done exterior and interior. I don't recall if they pressure washed.

I used Spectrum. They do excellent work. I really like that they're very hardworking, honest people.

They painted my house, the exterior of my home. I think they're solid people. They don't dilly-dally around; they just tell you how it is.

They have done work for me for many years. They're absolutely incredible if you hire them for your house. I like everything about them. They're friendly. You feel like you can trust them, and their work is just totally incredible. It's just wonderful. Inside and out, it's just great.

They did work in 2009. Spectrum's work was very good. They were just professional, and we trust them.

Spectrum did a very good job. I think they are very good. I liked the way they did their painting. They were efficient with their time, and they did a good job. They were good, and I would use them again.

Spectrum was excellent. They did a good job. They worked for my neighbor across the street and my neighbor next door, and everyone was pleased. They did my home. They painted the outside of my home and some inside. They did a lot of work.

They did fine work, and we were happy with what they did. It was an exterior work. Pressure washing or sealing windows for prep work wasn't required, so they did fine.

They've done a lot. They actually painted the outside and the inside of my house, and they did an outstanding job. They're professional and trustworthy, and we've been very pleased with the quality of their services. I think that they were dependable and reliable. They cleaned up well after the job, and it was a very pleasant experience. We were very happy with them.

I thought they did a very good job.

The work was good. They just did a good, professional job. It was interior work. I was pretty pleased overall with the quality of the job. They did it on time, on budget, and it was a good job.

Spectrum Painting has done on and off work for me. It was wonderful. It was all good and neat and clean, and exactly what we discussed, and I didn't have any issues, so it was all good. They have done both interior and exterior work. I've had them for years on two different houses, both interior and exterior. For the exterior work, I think they did some extra work, but it's been so long; on the outside, that was a previous house, I do believe they did pressure washing or caulking.

I think Spectrum always does a great job. They've done work for me for many years, and they've done a great job. I think that they have reliable people that are just trying to do the best job they can do.

I'd use them again, and they were excellent. They're painters; they're very clean, very neat, and they do beautiful work. It was the complete house. They're very honest and very dependable.

They did work in 2009. It was very good—first class.

They did a great job.

Spectrum's done a lot of work for us, and I think they're terrific.

You know, they were great. They painted the exterior of my house, and they did a fabulous job relative to quality, meeting my expectations, cleanup, courtesy, and everything. I would highly recommend them.

They did a nice job. It was exterior work. They did pressure washing and some wood repair along with the exterior. The overall experience was very good.

They've done a fair amount of work for us in the past, both inside and outside. They're very easy to work with, so we have used them. When we did the remodeling of our house 15 to 20 years ago, they came and did all the painting in the house during the remodel. We've used them off and on since then. They're prompt, and the foreman is the same guy since the last time we used them, same one that we'd used earlier. He is very efficient. They keep track of their workers, and they do a good job. We will continue to use them.

I thought they were great. I just thought they did a good job, and I felt like I could trust them. It was an interior job. But it was very difficult because in some parts we have 30-foot ceilings, and they also stained an extremely high part of the house which had to have scaffolding, so they did a good job.

The guy that owns it is Steve; he did some work for me. It was good, and they did a good job. For the most part the people that worked on it were really, really good people.

We've had them do many things for us and obviously, we think they're excellent. Well, they've painted the entirety of the outside of our house and selected portions of the inside. They're responsive. The work is generally done on time and with good quality.

They did an excellent job. They were as meticulous as they could be because I'm extremely particular, and for me to say they were excellent is saying something, trust me. I am about as picky as they come, and they did about as good of a job as anybody could have done. So, I would give them an excellent recommendation. It was an excellent job. They did a very good job. They were very meticulous—clean, neat, and they even dusted my furniture when they put it back. They were very thorough, and I can tell you, I'm about as picky and particular and they come; I really am. And for them to please me, they did a good job. If anybody asks me for a recommendation, I would give Spectrum an excellent one.