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About Maryland Lawn Maintenance

A beautiful lawn can complement any home perfectly, but caring for your lawn is no walk in the park. If you find yourself struggling to find the time to mow, or if yard work simply isn’t your forte, a lawn maintenance company can help you keep your lawn looking lush and green

The best way to maintain a thriving lawn is to choose the right types of turf grass for your climate and landscape. Ryegrass, tall fescue, and Kentucky bluegrass are all popular varieties of grass that grow well in the metro area; all three are well suited to cold weather, and each species has its own ideal growing conditions. Be sure to mow regularly—letting your grass grow too long before mowing your lawn may result in damaged roots and could leave the lawn susceptible to parasites and disease.  

Caring for your flowerbeds, trees, and bushes properly is also essential to sustaining a healthy lawn. Flowerbeds need a layer of mulch or ground cover to protect them from weeds and erosion. Bushes and trees can be pruned according to your personal taste, but pruning at the wrong time of year may prevent your plants from blooming. Get in touch with one of our Best Pick lawn maintenance contractors to make sure your lawn receives the attention it needs in order to flourish.