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"At Home Remedy, we are a team of craftsmen who are dedicated to service and customer satisfaction. We provide our neighbors with the highest level of professional quality at the best price possible."

Mike Crigler | Manager
Company Information
Services Offered
Home Remedy performs residential bathroom and kitchen remodeling; custom cabinet construction; flooring, painting, and roofing services; window, door, and patio cover installation; siding and wood replacement; and attic insulation. The company also offers handyman services.
All workmanship carries a five-year warranty.
Company History
The company has been serving the Houston area since 2002, and manager and director Mike Crigler has over 35 years of industry experience.
Additional Information
Home Remedy claims to recycle all salvageable materials and donate unused surplus materials to Habitat for Humanity. The company offers free estimates.
Areas Served
West Houston Suburbs, The Heights/Midtown
A selection of 202 homeowner reviews:
“It was great. It was all exterior work. Home Remedy redid the roof and the gutters, and they rebuilt a balcony. They were fast and clean. I'd grade them the highest I could.”
“Home Remedy was excellent, and I would recommend them.”
“They've always done a good job with anything I've asked them to do. I've always had a good experience, and I've recommended them to other people. I'd give them an A+ across the board.”
“They did a bunch of handyman work. There was some Sheetrock repair, and they redid a roof on my porch, some columns on my porch, and some painting. I like the quality of their work; it's always really good—there are extra little touches. They're A+.”
“They put a ceiling fan in our bathroom. They were very thorough. We were very happy with their service. I'd rate them A+.”
“I have nothing negative to say about that company. They did excellent work and I would recommend them for a home remodel.”
“They remodeled our kitchen and some other areas they did some work on. They were on time and they completed the work as they said. I'd give them an A+ rating.”
“They repaired a garage, a chain kind of thing. I liked their workmanship. I'd give them an A+.”
“He replaced a storm door for me. They were prompt, on time, and did it for the price they quoted me. They get an A+ from me. ”
“They remodeled our rental duplex. It's a rental, so they did everything on schedule and we didn't have to make any changes. They were able to take care of everything by themselves, so that was good. They're an A+ company.”
“I had a positive experience.”
“They did some woodworking around windows for me. It was a nice, neat job. I'd give them an A.”
“They replaced the bathroom master bath. They did a good job and communicated well. I'd give them an A.”
“They repaired a side door that was leaking and had water coming in. They did the roof, it had a small leak; so they repaired that and redid some of the paintwork. It had started to come inside the house. They did a good job. Even after they'd started the side door, it still started to leak, but they came back out and fixed it within a day or so. I thought they did a good job. It's been several months and I haven't seen the leak come back, so it seems like the fix is permanent. I'd grade them as an A.”
“They did pretty extensive remodeling: floors, took out walls, put in beams, molding, put in a shower, and put in new plumbing—a lot of stuff. They seemed like they were very attentive. They were always checking with me to see how it was going. Some contractors I've had before dump some workers on you and won't ever talk to you, but they were very communicative with me about what was going to happen. I liked being kept up to date about what their plans are and when they're going to be here. They did some really nice custom woodwork. I'd give them a solid A.”
“I had a positive experience.”
“I think they were very professional. They did what I wanted them to do, and it was done right the first time. They were very responsive—if I wanted something, they came out to look at it, gave me a quote, and we went from there. The quote was exactly what I ended up paying. This was a fourth bedroom that was originally a game room when the house was built, so they added a wall and a door, sheetrocked it, and painted it. I looked at the Best Pick Reports and chose them. I'd give them an A+.”
“It was excellent. They were very thorough and always on time, and the work completed was beyond satisfactory. I had water damage, so they replaced several panels, several baseboards, and some cabinetry that was damaged by the water. Home Remedy gets an A.”
“They did some work on my deck. I liked that they were responsive. I had an issue that wasn't the easiest to solve, but they worked through it, coming up with some alternatives and helping me manage the cost of the project. They helped me rebuild the deck on the back of my house. I would give them an A on the work that they did. I think they did the best that they could within the scope of the project.”
“Home Remedy did bathroom remodeling and the floors. They were very responsive, the time line was perfect, and the work was pretty decent.”
“They were very easy to deal with, they were very reliable, their workmanship was good, and they came in on budget—it was a positive interaction. They built large cabinetry in our living room. They were a personal recommendation. Home Remedy deserves an A+.”
“They were here on time and did what we asked them to do, and they left the premises all cleaned up afterward. There was really nothing to dislike about them. They replaced some siding for us and repainted it. They followed up, and there was no trouble at all. I'd give them an A+.”
“I liked everything. I liked the young man that gave us the estimate for the remodel and the way he managed it. It was done exactly when he said it would be done, and we were very pleased with their work. We have a three-car garage, and they turned the one-car garage into a storage room. They added windows and a closet to give us an extra bedroom. Home Remedy was recommended by somebody in our neighborhood. I'd say they're A+.”
“I liked that they were prompt, reliable, and honest, and they did good work. I found out about them from a coworker. They get an A+.”
“They came in and did the job we wanted. They cut an archway for us, painted two rooms, and did some sheetrock work, too. I'll give them an A.”
“I liked Richard. He always called me back, and he did whatever he said he was going to do. They remodeled the interior of our house, so it was basically drywall and paint. I would give them an A.”
“Home Remedy painted the whole house, did some sheetrock repair, and put in a screen door for me. I was very pleased. They were very responsive, and my project manager was very helpful. They did everything they said they were going to do, and they showed up on time. They earned an A.”
“They were on time and very clean. They actually went beyond the original scope of work and painted my whole ceiling. It wasn't just patchwork. I had a hole in the drywall in my living room ceiling, so they removed a large portion of that and replaced it. I would give them an A.”
“They are pretty experienced, and they were pretty responsive, too. They installed some windows and doors, and they did some renovations. It's good.”
“I like that they're trustworthy, I like the quality of their work, and I like that they do what they say they're going to do. They did work in the garage and the bathroom. The customer service was good, and I'd give them an A.”
“We have some various odd jobs from time to time, and most recently, we needed somebody to come in and caulk some tile. Home Remedy finds the person, and they do a good job. That has always worked out very well. There have been other types of things like that—specialty people that they've found for us—and it has worked out very well. It's not been a major remodeling job per se, but they've done some painting and fixed some wet drywall. We were about to contact them to take a look at refinishing some wood floors. It's been good work, and we've been pleased with it. They earned an A.”
“They were good. They were on time, and they did a good job of cleaning up.”
“Home Remedy did air conditioning vents, and they did a good job. I would give them an A.”
“The guy that I dealt with was really nice, the work that they did was professional, and they cleaned up after the job. They repaired some sheetrock damage and did some repainting in my garage. I'd say they're an A.”
“They did quite bit of work for us last Christmas, and it went really well—we were really pleased. I liked that they kept appointments and that they were prompt and on time. I also liked that the estimate was professional. It was emailed to me so I had it up front, and then I signed a little contract. They were very professional and easy to work with, and everything went well. They did resurfacing work. We had a leak, so we had to tear out sheetrock and have it all replaced and repainted. They moved the furniture and cleaned up. I would give Home Remedy an A.”
“They built a front porch on the house, and it was done really quickly. I have no complaints. I'll give them an A.”
“They are very professional, and they clean up after their job. They did a couple of things for us, including repairing part of the roof. We've used Home Remedy multiple times, and I would give them an A.”
“They were great. I liked a couple of things. They were really quick on following up with the estimates, there weren't any additional charges, all the work was done promptly and on time, and what they quoted is what we paid. They did maintenance repair around our kitchen sink, which had basically fallen apart, and they also fixed some issues with water leakage on the back porch. Home Remedy is an A.”
“It was great. I'm actually trying to contact them again. They took out part of a wall and leveled out some flooring on the second level of our home. I thought they were very professional. We had some questions about some of the flooring on our second floor, and I think it was the general manager that was there the first day to really get an idea of what was going on. It was nice that one person came out to take a look. He quoted some things and said what he thought was going on, and then the first day, there was another confirmation of that. I liked knowing that they were double checking and taking the extra step to verify what they were seeing.”
“Home Remedy did some bathroom remodeling, and it still looks good today. I think I had a couple of issues, but they did correct them.”
“They put up some siding on the house. I liked that they followed up with the checklist at the end. A neighbor referred me to them.”
“We had a small project, but we weren't looking to spend a lot of money, and they were really up front, saying, 'Well, you could do this, or you could do this.' They were easy to work with, and when I had problems with the finishing touches, they came back to take care of it. They painted my kitchen cabinets, they put in new laminate, and they replaced the countertops in my bathroom and kitchen. Home Remedy gets an A.”
“Home Remedy was good. We got what we wanted done. They said it would cost a certain amount, and it cost what they said it would. They did a good job. They did a number of things, including sheetrock and some work on our deck and fence. They also reroofed our garage and our balcony. I'd say they get an A.”
“We thought the Home Remedy guys were great—they were unfailingly cheerful. I liked the fact that they were quick, clean, efficient, and flexible. It was all done in a timely manner—absolutely. I would give them an A, and a gold star besides.”
“I liked the supervisor; he was very knowledgeable and very focused on trying to make sure that we got what we wanted. We definitely give Home Remedy an A+. We recommended them to several of our friends, and they've had positive experiences too.”
“I liked Home Remedy's customer service and timeliness—they were awesome. I've called them back for additional work, and I would give them an A+.”
“I liked that Home Remedy was very straightforward with the pricing and time line. They always showed up on time; they're very reliable and trustworthy. I'd give them an A for excellent.”
“I've used Home Remedy twice. Their work is good. They did an entertainment center for me in my living room, and I like and enjoy it. I'd recommend the company, and I would give them an A.”
“They replaced a shower, the tile, and a bathtub. They responded quickly to my needs and worked from morning to evening. It was awesome. I'd recommend them, and I'd have to grade them as an A.”
“Home Remedy revented a master shower and ripped out a floor and wall. They followed through with what they said, and they were accurate with their quote—that's what you want. I have already recommended them. I'd give them an excellent rating; they get an A.”